Ichiryuu is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Ichiryuu, President of the IGO and one of the three Disciples of the legendary Gourmet God Acacia. Regarded by many as one of the strongest men in the world.


Ichiryuu began his story as the first adoptive son of Acacia and Frohze, 2 of the most notable and powerful people in history. He and his two "brothers", Jirou and Midora, were Acacia's disciples whom Acacia himself taught and trained in the hopes they would carry on his legacy and ideals for years to come.

Ichiryuu would prove his immense strength during the events of the Gourmet War when he fought the mythical Four Beast, who had been sent by the Nitro's to gather humans as food for themselves. Ichiryuu fought and forced the Four Beast back into the Gourmet World where his younger brother Jirou used his incredible Knocking skills to seal the beast away so that it could never return to attack the human world again. It was around this time that Frohze, his adoptive mother, became ill and died as a result. After this event Acacia sealed his own Full Course Menu away and intrusted Ichiryuu with the task of observing and learning about the mysterious "Nitro"

A few centuries after this event, Ichiryuu became the IGO President and devised a plan to feed the hungry children of the world using the guise of the "Gourmet Santa". It was on one of these expeditions when he met Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra, children he would adopt himself and train due to the great potential he saw in each of them. His four children would later go on to become the legendary Gourmet Hunters of their own and form the group called "The Four Heavenly Kings".


Ichiryuu was created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character in the Toriko series.

Character Evolution


Ichiryuus appearance has changed over the course of the series. Overall he is a generally well tanned, muscular older man, with light blonde hair and a long blonde mustache.

During his time as the president of the IGO, he wore a dark blue formal dress suit, with an orange shirt and purple tie. This changed into a more casual set of attire after he started to regain his former strength thanks to Setsuno's cooking, now wearing a short sleeved shirt with a popped collar and sunglasses.

His hair was briefly longer than his shoulders after eating Setsunos cooking, likely due to the nutrients in the cooking stimulating hair growth. It was cut short by the time he and the rest of the 0th Biotope started to venture out into the Gourmet World.

Major Story Arcs

Ozone Herb Arc

Sometime after Toriko was healed in "Life" by the Saiseiya Yosaku, Toriko travels to a small island with a small cottage in the middle of an ocean paradise, where the IGO president Ichiryuu is currently living out his "vacation". After Toriko had talked to him about his recent exploits, he began questioning him as to why he was summoned, to which Ichiryuu told him that he was currently seeking the ingredient GOD. He gave a brief history lesson to Toriko about his life as the Disciple of Acacia and explained that the resurgence of GOD could start another war. Ichiryuu also decides to test Toriko, to see how far his student has come and challenges him to a duel. After powering up from his old body into a much stronger version of himself, Ichiryuu skips across the water to find a suitable battleground, which happens to be an island floating on the water near them. One Toriko finally arrives they have a little back and forth before they begin fighting.

After a spectacular duel between the two, in which Ichiryuu didn’t even break into a sweat. Ichiryuu decided to finish the battle off with a single punch to Toriko's face, which sent him skipping across the water and onto another island in the distance. Ichiryuu tells him that he has got much stronger now but he is still not ready for the Gourmet World just yet, but he gives him a task that he believes will help. When they arrive back at Ichiryuu's house, he tells Toriko about the O-Zone Herb and tasks him to go and get it for him as part of a request but also as training for the Gourmet World. Ichiryuu also recommended that Toriko bring along his chef Komatsu and form a Combo team with him as Chefs are invaluable to Gourmet Hunters with Full Course Menus, he then hurries him off to get the Herb which grows far above sea level.

Not long after Toriko and Komatsu returned with the O-Zone Herb they paid a visit to the IGO Headquarters to see Ichiryuu. Upon seeing them he congratulated them both on a job well done and even praised Komatsu's skill as a chef being able to preserve the O-Zone Herb in a Gourmet Case without the relevant data, arriving at the conclusion that he must have been able to hear the "Voice of the Ingredients". Ichiryuu reveals that he was already in possession of an O-Zone Herb and that this was given to Toriko as preparation to be able to enter the Gourmet World and survive, he then hands him a list and tells him to seek out and find each ingredient on it with the help of Komatsu and the Four Heavenly Kings. Before Leaving Toriko told him about the Nitro he had seen in Vegetable Sky, and Ichiryuu thought it strange that they would travel into the Human World like this, he mulled over this knowledge and told himself that they should hurry with their tasks.

Melk Stardust Arc

While Toriko was geting aquainted with Melk the First in the Heavy Hole and in the process of aquiring the Melk Stardust ingredient on the list Ichiryuu gave him, Ichiryuu and the Saiseiya Yosaku took a trip to the human worlds largest prison, Honey Pirson, a giant beehive shaped structure situated over the "Death Season Forest". They arrived there in order to negotiate the release of the Zebra, one of The Four Heavenly Kings.

Meteor Garlic Arc

After his negotiations with Love for the release of Zebra were concluded he headed into the Gourmet World to not only meet with the 0th biotope and begin their plans of creating Acacias Full Course, but to also try and assuage Midora the Boss of the Gourmet Corps and his adoptive brother from his plans.

He moved towards the Gourmet Corps Headquarters in the Gourmet World on his own and arrived in the midst of many of its powerful members, much to their surprise. He stated however that he was not there to fight them and that he only wished to talk to their Boss.

The members present however decided to test his strength to see if he was worthy of getting past them to meet with Midora, much to the umbrage of Ichiryuu who casually stopped them in their tracks and walked through their defences simply stating once again that he is not here to fight. However Just as Alfaro raised his hands to attack, Midora appeared and started to question Ichiryuu’s sudden appearance here of all places.

Ichiryuu told him that he wished to invite him to have a meal at Food Sink Cape, a training ground where the 3 of them trained in the past, and talk with him about the possibility of them sharing GOD. Midora however grinned and told him that it would not happen as he planned to keep GOD for himself. Ichiryuu, annoyed by his answer told him that if he did that then there would be another war, but Midora was unconcerned with the consequences of his actions.

After the short exchange Midora told his brother that it was time he left lest he be killed, to which Ichiryuu agrees, stating that there was little point in his overstaying his welcome. As one last warning he released a wave of intimidation and told them that if war does break out, that he will not be taking things lightly.

He left the Headquarters on the back of his Janis Unicorn and shed a single tear for his lost brother as he flew off into the distance.

Bubble Fruit Arc

After returning from his meeting with Midora in the Gourmet World, Ichiryuu sends word to the Four Heavenly kings that Pot Pond has frozen over and that he requests the capture of the “Madame Fish”, the ruler of Pot Pond. As the Four Heavenly Kings begin their search for the Madame Fish, Ichiryuu is seen in the IGO Headquarters talking to Setsuno and her disciple Nono about the recent events. Ichiryuu thanks Nono for freezing over the pond with her unique ability and begins to talk to Setsuno about what occurred during his meeting with Midora.

The news annoys Setsuno, who calls Midora an idiot for refusing to talk, but Ichiryuu tells her that it’s not something to worry over saying that he can no longer eat as his dining table. He explains further that the world can only be entrusted to people like the Four Heavenly Kings, those who can sit around the same dining table together as friends and allies. Ichiryuu continues eating the food Setsuno had kindly prepared for him, leading her to worry over the future noting that he must be eating so much in order to fully awaken his gourmet cells, wondering to herself if Midora’s growth is really greater than they expected it to be.

Ichiryuu headed to the Gourmet World 0th Biotope Headquarters, where he called all the members for an urgent meeting. After everyone had arrived, a few of the members were wondering as to the absence of Master Chin, and Ichiryuu informed them that he had been attacked and heavily injured, but that is not the reason as to why he summoned them. He tells all members present that the Gourmet Corps have uncovered information as to the loocation of CENTER, Acacia's legendary Hor D'oeuvre dish. This news shocks all of the present members, and the Gourmet Hunter Sakura asks him how they could have found out about its location. Ichiryuu then informs them that the information must have come from inside the 0th Biotope, which shocks them all further, only for him to say that he is only kidding. Rapp however states that there is someone who is new to this organization and that leaves him as the most suspicious, referring to the Gourmet Yakuza Boss Ryuu. Yosaku however states that he was the one who brought Ryuu and that he would never pull anything of that nature.

Ichiryuu moves the discussion along states that it no longer matters who revealed the information, the only thing that matters now is that they acquire the ingredients before the Gourmet Corps do, saying that it's time they start to gather all the dishes on Acacia's Full Course Menu. He turns to Rala, the Gourmet Astronomer, and asks him as to the date of the Gourmet Eclipse, who in turn tells everyone that it will occur no earlier than in 6 months. Ichiryuu worried about how soon this is asks Yosaku if he will have Acacia's Dessert EARTH revived by then, to which Yosaku tells him he will have it done in about a month so there is nothing to worry about. Ichiryuu then asks Melk if he has finished creating his knife for preparing AIR, Acacia's Salad Dish, which Melk confirms as finished. Ichiryuu then finally turns to Kousairou and asks him if he has finally cracked the location to Acacia's Drink ATOM, which Kousairou tells him is also cracked, Ichiryuu tells the Gourmet Surgeon and Chef Atashino that he is counting on him to prepare it.

After getting all the information he needs, he tells them all that there is likely going to be a war breaking out between them and the Gourmet Corps, and if it does happen then they will all be needed here in the Gourmet World. Ichiryuu tells them to make preparations to pass on all the work they have in the Human World to their successors and tells them all to move out.

After the meeting Rala, approaches Ichiryuu telling him that the Four Beast and "He" will awaken soon and that if they will all be preoccupied here then what is to happen. Ichiryuu tells him not to worry as the Four Beast will be the Kings final training ingredients, and that the Human World will be safe in their hands. He also asks Rala about the Chefs that the Gourmet Corps have been recently abducting, which Rala tells him is likely linked to a possible attack on the Human World after they have gathered enough skilled Chefs. Rala tells him that they will likely attack on the day of the "Cooking Festival" which leaves Ichiryuu with no other option that to send in someone to protect them, but before he can chose someone Kousairou volunteers to go stating that chefs are the treasures of the Gourmet Age and that they must protect as many as they can. Ichiryuu tells Kousairou that he is counting on him to protect them as he turns to Kuriboh and calls him aside for an unknown reason.

Four Beast Arc

Ichiryuu briefly appears in a recorded message left for the Four Heavenly Kings. Rin brought it with her to Chef Yuda's "Zen Ou" Restaurant when Komatsu had finished cooking the Bubble Fruits. After their Gourmet Cells evolved through eating the Bubble Fruit, Rin started to play the message for them and Ichiryuu appeared on screen.

After a brief introduction he started to explain the nature of the four beasts and their best method of ambushing it successfully, noting that they always enter from either the North South East or West of the human world and that the pattern has never changed. He also notes that it’s because of this pattern that they have gathered every human at the centre of the human world, in an area of around 1000 square kilometres, stating that if they are going to ambush the four beasts, then they should do it outside of that area. He tells them that should any one of them fail in their battle, then the entire human world is lost and several billion humans will die.

He then goes on to say that he is extremely proud of how far the Four of them have become, which makes him happy as their father, and that he knows the Human World will be safe in their hands. Just as he is about to mention something else, Zebra turns the message off abruptly much to their annoyance, stating that its time they get a move on and not listen to worthless talk.

Later, while the Four Heavenly Kings are battling the Four Beast, Rin plays the final part of the message, in which Ichiryuu further explains that the Four Beasts are actually part of a single larger beast and that the Four of them are little more than its limbs and their general capture level is around 100. The second thing he mentions is that the Four Beast is being controlled by someone behind the scenes for a nefarious purpose and that he is the person who must be defeated in order to stop it.

Mid fight with the Four Beast Toriko remembers the final part of the message that Rin told them about, where Ichiryuu also explains that the main body of the Four Beast, when it absorbs damage, sends that damage through the body and then finally emits it back out, and he explains that the more it does this the taster the meat of the Four Beast gets. He explains that it’s due to the muscles creating a certain amino acid when damage it takes flows through the muscles themselves, increasing the savouriness of the meat and maturing it simultaneously. He summarized it as the more damage you deal, the taster it will be.

After the Four Beast was defeated by the Four Heavenly Kings, Mansam called Ichiryuu to tell him the good news, who was currently at Slow Rain Hills in the Gourmet World with members of the 0th Biotope, Melk the First and Atashino.

He is pleased with their victory over the Four Beast, noting that he would have been worried if they couldn't kill it. He then turned to Melk and congratulated him on fine craftsmanship of Ichiryuus Kitchen Knife, which Melk had spent his time forging. Ichiryuu then says that he should be capable of cutting Acacia's Salad Dish "AIR" with this knife and he holds it out in front of him.

he then realises that the rest of the 0th Biotope are likely in position now and that its time they started to move on too, telling Melk and Atashino that should the Gourmet Corps arrive, the battle will begin. Ichiryuu Melk and Atashino then head off through Slow Rain Hills in search of Acacia's Salad "AIR".

Cooking Festival

Before Ichiryuu, could set out with Melk and Atashino in search of “AIR”. Midora arrived atop his very powerful animal companion Ocpald, a cross between an Octopus and a Tiger. Ichiryuu, expecting his arrival, turned to face him and asked if they could just have a nice relaxing chat, but Midora tells him that they will only be chatting with their fists. At that moment two more powerful beasts, Rampage and Tornadragon appeared. Melk and Atashino stepped in however, and Ichiryuu left the two beasts to them as he jumped into the air releasing his hand from his new Kitchen Knife which cut straight through the ground with complete ease.

As if standing on thin air, Ichiryuu confronts Midora and asks him if they could move to a different area to do battle, Midora mockingly agrees stating that the location will not matter as he will be going into the next world regardless. Ichiryuu then tells him that it sounds like fun, but maybe they should go into the sky first, as he accelerates upward at great speed followed closely by Midora on the back of Ocpald. As they both go straight through the thick clouds above them, they exit on the other side and land on a very large floating island high above the clouds in the sky, the "Stray Islands".

After landing on the island, Midora asks Ichiryuu if he is rushing to his grave, only to be interrupted by two of the islands native beasts, a Goron and Ripper the Fox. As they all standoff against each other, Midora tells him that even these beasts get hungry, and that before he and Ichiryuu fight, he should first become their food. Ichiryuu however released a powerful wave of Gravity which started to draw all of the beasts towards him. As they struggled against the gravity, Midora understood what exactly was occurring and likened it to being drawn to a bigger person while standing on a trampoline, even going as far as to say that Ichiryuus presence alone is similar to the "Power of Humanity", and it naturally draws things towards him.

Ichiryuu interrupted his train of thought however when he expressed slight shock at the motion Ichiryuu made, in which he suddenly created a large pair of Chopsticks out of pure appetite energy. He then recounted to Midora that he started using these Chopsticks from their last battle onward, the same one in which he failed to kill him. Ichiryuu then casually picked up all three of the Gourmet Beasts he drew in with his Gravity using his Chopsticks, asking Midora if he should finish off the meal he left that day, mocking him by saying that he is likely rotten now.

Midora returns the favour by telling him that he has simply aged, and that his spice, fuelled by his own appetite, will fall upon the human world, stating him that today the one who will become food, shall be him. Ichiryuu then bears witness to Midoras unique ability, "Hungry Tongue", as it came out of his mouth like a snake and darted straight at the three beasts in Ichiryuus Chopsticks, devouring them completely in a single attack. Midora then wraps his Hungry Tongue around Ichiryuus Chopsticks, much to his dismay, and sends the tip of his Hungry Tongue straight down towards Ichiryuu, destroying his Chopsticks in the progress.

The Hungry Tongue however missed Ichiryuu and impaled straight into the ground, and came out of the underside of the island. And Midora then recalls it, consuming all of the land around the Tongue in the process, leaving nothing but a large fissure behind. Midora then recalls his Hungry Tongue and gazes into the air at Ichiryuu, who is now just standing there, listening intently as Ichiryuu explains to him the reason why his attack missed was because his errors in his movements were below a micro level.

Midora then asks him if he is referring to the "Square Root Law", in which a body made of 100 atoms released in the air, 90 of those 100 atoms will fall down due to gravity, while the remaining 10 will behave irrationally by trying to float or by trying to go further into the air. He explains that while there are many beasts in the world that are capable of flight, Ichiryuu is the only one who uses the minority of his atoms to do so. Ichiryuu tells him that even thought they are a minority right now, someday they will become the majority and change the world, telling him that even the Minority inside him is gaining in influence.

Midora, claiming it's nonsense, unleashes his Tongue of Thorns and surrounds Ichiryuu with it in an effort to kill him. Ichiryuu however reacts in time to summon his "Chopsticks Pass" to grab them in the air and halt their movement. Using this chance, Ichiryuu then dives forwards towards Midora and activates his "Stabbing Chopsticks" driving them into Midoras mouth, only to have his attack blocked by Midoras "Tongue Shield" and then eaten by him. While Midora was busy eating his Chopstick however, Ichiryuu managed to get behind him, but Midora noticed and swung around to punch him.

Much to Midoras shock however, his punch completely missed Ichiryuu, who grinned and said that he was slipping and that he no longer need to even dodge his attacks anymore, quickly activating his "Chopsticks Skipper" and hitting Midoras entire body with multiple Chopsticks which knocked him back a good distance. Ichiryuu then told him that the Minority in his body is creating a large error, stating that from this point on it was his time as he activated the full power of his ability "Minority World", shocking Midora.

As the ground beneath them started to become distorted, Midora finds it ironic that Ichiryuu should use this power against him stating that its very like him to take in strays. Ichiryuu however tells him that he is wrong, stating they are no longer the Minority as he creates another set of Chopsticks, but this time grips them in his hands and activates his Chopstick Cannon, firing one towards Midora. Just as Midora begins to call the attack too slow, his reaction time is suddenly lowered by Minority World and the Chopstick is mere inches from his face before he finally manages to dodge it. Ichiryuu contemplates if that Chopstick managed to make it all the way into space, telling him that while holding his Chopsticks like this his delicacy of his techniques lessen but their power increases greatly. Ichiryuu reminds himself however that he no longer needs control as he begins to fire off his "Disorder Chopsticks" ability, and before Midora was able to dodge, the ground beneath his feet started to turn into a jelly like substance throwing off his footing and making him take the attack directly dealing great damage in the process.

Midora, in an effort to stop the other Chopsticks from hitting him, sent out his Hungry Tongue straight towards Ichiryuu, but due to Minority World he missed him completely, something which Ichiryuu mocks him for by asking what exactly was he aiming at. Ichiryuu then tells him that his body is not listening to his commands anymore, but Midora brushes it off and uses his "Machine Gun Tongue" in an attempt to cover more ground and make it more difficult to dodge.

But again Minority World makes them fly straight past Ichiryuu, who starts to walk towards him explaining that the ground beneath their feet is becoming soft due to the Minority of the atoms winning the battle for control. And as he finally arrives face to face with Midora, he tells him that even his body is succumbing to the control of the Minority, as Midora suddenly realises that his lungs are no longer taking in oxygen. Ichiryuu begins to explain to him that Minority World affects the whole body and not just movements, telling him that the lungs will stop working, the heart will stop beating, and that the entire body is now working towards the minority, which is death. Summoning a large Chopstick above his head, Ichiryuu tells him that the victor of this battle was decided the moment he activated this ability, telling Midora that it's now over but not forgetting to mention the fact that he should have ended it 500 years ago in their last battle. Ichiryuu tells him that he should go ahead into the next world, and that he would meet his "little brother" there.

Before Ichiryuu could deal the final blow with his "Single Chopstick" attack however, Midora activates his most powerful ability, consuming not only the Chopstick, but large portions of Ichiryuu's arm too. Ichiryuu, completely shocked by this turn of events looks at Midora to try and understand how he was able to do it, only to see Midora having self inflicted a fatal wound on his chest. Ichiryuu completely shocked begins to question this, but Midora tells him that if he moves his body towards "death himself", then the Minority changes to that of "trying to live". He tells him that the Minority in his body has now switched to that of life, and tells him that he was consumed by a "space with a vast appetite", "Hungry Space". Midora then finally turns the tides of the battle and states that from this point on it's now his time, as he begins his counter attack.

As their fight continues, a rare phenomenon starts to form around them called and Emperors Ring. The Emperors Ring that Ichiryuu and Midora formed was so powerful that it had a gravity pull so strong that it drew in all the beasts in the area towards the centre and to their death. Ichiryuu, impressed with Midoras ability to survive his assault commends him for pushing his own body towards death so the minority would turn to life. Midora simply tells him that he imitated him, but noted that it was quite a task none the less. Ichiryuu reminisces that he was always good at imitating others when he was younger, but tells him that it's not as easy as it seems and asking him if he has realised what would occur if he turned off the effects of Minority World.

As Ichiryuu rescinded his Minority World, Midora started to cough up blood which Ichiryuu explained as the damage he dealt to his own heart now becoming the Majority and that it's working to kill him. Midora however reminds him that it's now his time to fight back as more of Ichiryuus body is consumed by an invisible force. Ichiryuu starts to realise just what is happening as Midora explains in detail that when his Hungry Tongue goes through the air, it also consumes the air itself and leaves behind a vacuum which is then filled with an invisible all consuming appetite energy called "Dinner of Kings", he further explains that when any prey crosses it's path, it springs like a trap and consumes the parts that are touching that space. But he also tells him that once he has consumed part of an object with Hungry Space, he learns its taste and is then able to converge all of that space towards the target, consuming them little by little.

He then demonstrates this on Ichiryuu, who is hit by more of Hungry Space, removing large portions of his body and leaving him in great pain. Midora then tells him that Hungry Space consumes everything down to the last atom, stating that when that happens there are no Majorities or Minorities left there to control. Ichiryuu then realises something and asks Midora that no matter what he eats, or how much he consumes his appetite is completely insatiable. Midora then tells him that he is correct, stating that his hunger is absolutely insatiable, hitting Ichiryuu again with "Hungry Space" and removing more portions of his body.

He tells Ichiryuu that every since the day of Frohze’s death his heart was crumpled, and that the only time he feels at ease is when he eats something. He then tells Ichiryuu that his only choice is to try and sate this unrelenting appetite, which causes Ichiryuu to call Midora a slave to his appetite. Ichiryuu then tries to remind him about their mission, given to them by Acacia and Frozhe, but finally realises that there is no coming back for Midora, and Ichiryuu resolves to finally defeat him for good, calling it his final and most vital mission.

Midora mocks him however, saying that this mission he is undertaking is far too great for someone so far past their sell by date to complete. As Ichiryuu and Midora reach the final conclusion that one must defeat the other to end this, Midora activates his Gourmet Cells and accepts that he truly is a slave to his appetite, telling his "Big Brother" it's time to end this.

Ichiryuu reactivated his Minority World and completely healed the damage Midora had dealt to him in moments, causing Midora to congratulate him on how successful his Food Immersion was, but wonders if his healing will be able to keep up with the speed of his Tongue, activating his Hungry Tongue again and taking a large chunk out of an unaware Ichiryuus stomach, followed by more attacks removing even more portions of Ichiryuus body.

Ichiryuu realises that Midora has not been fighting seriously up until this point, and even with all the damage dealt to him, he decides that its not worth wasting energy on healing his own body and opts to fire off his most powerful attack, "All-Meal King Eating Chopsticks", which hits Midora directly, forcing him back. Ichiryuu then aims to finish the fight and fires off even more of them in one final effort to kill him. The effort was in vain however, as when the smoke cleared Midora was seen standing there bloodied and beaten but otherwise unharmed by his attack.

Ichiryuu then watched as Midora appeared to vanish from sight, which Ichiryuu remembers is his unique "Mirror Neurons" or "Mimicry Cells", which were the reason Midora was so skilled at imitating others and learning their skills. Ichiryuu even noted that Midora was so skilled in their use, that he could even mimic the very environment around him and blend in like a chameleon.

Ichiryuu, unprepared for Midoras unseen attack from behind, was unable to dodge his Hungry Tongue, which consumed a hole straight through his body, and with Midora having dealt the decisive blow to him. Ichiryuu collapsed to the ground near death, and then noticed that Midora was crying, telling him that he did it back then too, in reference to their final battle.

Midora laments that his Devils Roar will turn his spice into meteors and that they will rain down upon the Human World, but before that will happen, Midora said told Ichiryuu that he will finish him off. Ichiryuu lay there looking up at Midora and told him that he really did become strong, and that his only regret was that he, himself, and Jirou did not get a chance to go hunting and have a final meal together with everyone, one last time. Midora then bid his brother farewell and punched straight down towards him with tears rolling down his face, he then finally screams out and unleashes the "Meteor Spice" upon the Human World like a volcano erupting.

It's then revealed that Midora punched the ground near Ichiryuu instead of killing him, which prompted Ichiryuu to question why he let him live. Midora tries to dodge the question by asking him if his Minority World was still active, but Ichiryuu calls his bluff, which makes Midora exclaim that he let him live because it's not worthwhile consuming someone as old as him. When Ichiryuu then asks him if they can consider this fight a tie, he tells him that he should focus on recovering as if he talks any more he might really die, likening his death to that of the humans he was about to kill with the "Meteor Spice".

Ichiryuu tells him that they won't die as he has already prepared for that event, but Midora tells him that even if the survive the Meteor Spice, the shortage of food will leave them to starve to death. Ichiryuu then tells him that its time for his Full Course to shine, saying that he hoped it would never have to be used, but noting that eventually someone will find it, and that there is undoubtedly a chef capable of cooking it. Ichiryuu then tells Midora that there is one final thing he wishes to talk to him about, and starts talking about the "Real Enemy" they have to defeat.

Midora begins to question him as to what he means by the real enemy, and Ichiryuu explains to him that despite his plans to get GOD with the help of the Nitro under his command, his ranks have been infested and infiltrated by bugs. He then goes on to say that the reason he inducted so few members into the 0th Biotope was to try and avoid those bugs getting in, but realising himself that they still managed to infiltrate the ranks.

He then reveals to Midora that Frohze's death was an event that even Acacia didn't account for, and because a great chef with incredible Food Luck and impeccable skill is absolutely required to be capable of reaching the "Final Land", Acacia planted the seeds which would grow in the mind of Midora in the event of her death which would lead him to purposefully search out the magical "Cure Water", in the hope that one day she would appear again. Ichiryuu called this the "Factor of Evil" and revealed that Acacia did this as part of an agreement with the Blue Nitro in a sort of xanatos gambit.

As Midora finally realised what Ichiryuu was saying however, a vicious Blue Nitro appeared out of nowhere and dealt the fatal blow straight into Ichiryuu while he lay defenceless on the ground. After Ichiryuu had passed, Midora managed to protect his body from being eaten by the Blue Nitro, and after contemplating on what his Big Brother had told him, he decided that the least he could do is lay his brother to rest in a place he had fond memories of.

Powers and Abilities


Ichiryuu is one of the three legendary disciples of the Gourmet God Acacia, and as such he is one of the worlds most powerful individuals, his rank as President of the entire IGO also cements his power in the world. In the past Ichiryuu was able to defeat and push back all of the Four Beasts "limbs" into the Gourmet World, something that required the combined power of the Four Heavenly Kings, and he was hinted at being powerful enough to single handedly take down all of the Gourmet Corps senior members bar his brother.

Ichiryuu has also been shown to take down immensely strong Gourmet Beasts with capture levels well above 100, such as Ripper the Fox, with complete ease. Despite his incredible age, he is in very good shape and it is stated in his final battle with Midora that had he not have been so old and rusty from lack of exposure to battle he could have won. In spite of this however he was able to take many vicious and powerful attacks from Midora and dish out many powerful attacks of his own.

He is incredibly fast and agile, shown when he effortlessly skips across water like a skipping stone, during his first true appearance in his bout with Toriko. His immense strength is also shown here when he was able to casually block, destroy, and deflect all of Torikos attacks, even being able to "blow" away Torikos powerful knives. His incredible speed is shown in his ability to take two bites from the O-Zone Herb, despite it's nature of requiring two simultaneous bites before rotting. His true achievement and testament to his power are his four sons, the Four Heavenly Kings, who he trained when they were children and all powerful men in their own right.

One of his most notable traits is his ability to fly through the air through a method unique to him alone. As the leader of the IGO, he is not doubt a very intelligent man, which is also shown when he stated that he had knowledge of the rival organization NEO, despite their incredibly secretive nature. As a leader he has a aura of safety as many of the citizens of the Human World trust him with their lives

A notable trait of his power is his ability to exhibit a gravitational pull on things in his general area, it's strong enough to affect high capture level Gourmet World Beasts, and during his high intensity battle with Midora, they formed a powerful phenomenon, the Emperor Ring, something that only forms during intense battles between two very powerful and deadly beasts. The ring creates a gravitational pull strong enough to pull unsuspecting beasts straight into the thick of the battle to their deaths.

During his final battle with Midora, it's said that Ichiryuu was holding back a good portion of his power because he did not want to kill Midora. This could mean that he did have more to show but never got the chance. Midora himself notes that if Ichiryuu was serious about killing him then he could have done so.


Ichiryuu's kitchen knife
Ichiryuu's kitchen knife

Melks Final Creation - Ichiryuu tasked Mel the First to create one final knife that would have been able to cut Acacia's salad dish AIR. As Melks final creation, it's one of the most exotic and elaborate kitchen knives in the series, made of the highest quality materials and has one of the most exotic designs. Despite being classed as a knife, it's much larger than a great sword in length, and it seemingly gives off an aura of energy. It's cutting power is shown when Ichiryuu drops it to the ground while leading Midora to their battleground, landing blade first on the ground and effortlessly cutting straight through the solid ground and rock up to it's handle. Due to Ichiryuu's death at the hands of Midora, the blade is still likely imbedded in the ground at Slow Rain Hills in the Gourmet World, unless it was recovered by it's creator Melk.


Appetite Energy

Appetite energy is a special energy that can only be used and bright out by the most powerful predators in the world. It's based around the appetite of the user so only those with a massive appetite are able to use it, such as Ichiryuu who supposedly has one of the largest appetites in the series. He uses his appetite energy to form his famous chopsticks which then then utilizes in combat for various purposes.

Chopsticks - Formed through his skill in appetite energy, Ichiryuu can form a pair of large and powerful chopsticks. He mainly uses them to pick up his opponents or pin their movements and make it difficult for them to dodge his attacks. Despite being form from appetite energy, when formed by Ichiryuu they take on properties of real chopsticks, splintering into pieces when Midora started to eat them. These chopsticks play a very large role in his fighting style and all of his attacks are based around their use.

Chopsticks Pass - Ichiryuu uses his appetite energy and summons multiple sets of chopsticks to immobilize many opponents at once.

Stabbing Chopsticks - With this ability, Ichiryuu hits his opponent directly with a single chopstick, in a punching manner. It deals heavy damage to to its direct nature and knocks the enemy back should it connect.

Chopsticks Skipper - Similar to Stabbing Chopsticks, Ichiryuu substitutes a single chopstick for multiple chopsticks and hits his opponent with a relentless barrage of quick hits.

Chopsticks Gripping - Ichiryuu physically grabs the bulk of the chopstick with his own hand. This is a more aggressive stance he is able to take with his chopsticks, which he admits himself increase the power but lowers the "delicacy" of his abilities.

Chopstick Cannon - Ichiryuu uses this in conjunction with his Chopsticks Gripping, to throw a single chopstick with incredible power and speed. As it moves through the air it spins incredibly fast, enough to create a small typhoon like vortex in it's path. Ichiryuu states that this may have enough power to throw his chopstick all the way into space. During his battle with Midora, Ichiryuu employed a third aspect to it's strength with his minority abilities, increasing it's likely hood of hitting his target This was due to the simplistic and obvious nature, making it somewhat easy for his opponent to dodge otherwise.

Disorder Chopsticks - Ichiryuu grabs two chopsticks in his hand and makes fast and powerful jabs into his opponent with said chopsticks. Similar in nature to his other ability Chopsticks Skipper but seemingly more powerful yet also more random and unpredictable.

Secret Technique - Single Chopstick - Seemingly one of Ichiryuus most powerful attacks, in which he forms a single giant Chopstick above his head and brings it down towards his opponent with incredible and deadly force. the full power of the ability is not seen however as it was devoured by Midora before it could deal damage.

All-Meal King Eating Chopsticks - Ichiryuus most deadly and powerful attack. It uses appetite energy in a similar way to the Four Heavenly Kings Ou Shoku Bansan attack, which consumes all the matter of a target. In this case Ichiryuu fires off a Chopstick made from this energy directly towards his opponent. He was also shown to fire off multiple shots meaning he can use this more than once in a row.

Gravitational Attraction - Ichiryuu has a somewhat passive ability to create a gravitational pull that draws enemies towards him to their deaths. It is shown to be almost impossible to fight against it as he was able to effortlessly pull in very high level Gourmet Beasts with minimal effort on his part. Midora states that its more to do with Ichiryuus overwhelming presence rather than a force of nature, likening it to the "power of humanity"

Minority World

Ichiryuus passive power and one of the strongest abilities in his arsenal. It's explained as an ability that can change the minority of an atom into the majority. As such, an an object that is normally solid, would turn soft under it's effects, and a human body that normally strives to stay alive would now work towards death. It's explained as manipulating the micro scale particles in an object, specifically the ones that try to work against the majority to bring about effect that defy the physical laws of the universe.

It's noted in Ichiryuu's ability to fly, which is explained as 100 particles, 90 of which want to follow gravatational law and fall back to the ground, while the remaining 10 wish to either stay floating in the air or continue to rise up into the sky. In normal circumstance the 9- particles that wish to follow natural law will win and pull the object back to the ground, but under the effects of Minority World this is reversed so the 10 particles that want to float or fly higher into the sky "win".

Ichiryuu uses it extensively during his battle with Midora to create highly random and unpredictable events to occur, not just to Midora himself but also the battlefield. Ichiryuu was shown to turn solid ground soft, and was also able to manipulate Midora to miss his many attacks due to a small minority of particles that wanted this effect. This also shows that it does not just effect a target on a physical level but also on a mental level causing them to make error after error and throwing off their aim and reactions. For physical effect on the body itself, it begins to force all the bodily functions to work against their majority function. An example of this is that Lungs no longer draw in oxygen, and the heart stops beating and pumping blood around the body.

Midora manages to find a loop hole in it's effect however, when he realizes that if he can tip the scales once more so that the minority now becomes the majority, it will once again work in his favor. He shows this logic when he deals a fatal wound to himself while under it's effects and Minority World turns the majority of death to the minority of life, effectively keeping him alive. Ichiryuu then went on to show that the victory is short lived as he can simply deactivate Minority World in which case the majority of death once again takes over and the body begins to die. Ichiryuu also displayed it's ability to heal his body after he suffered numerous deadly blows from Midora, activating it and using his minority particles that would normally heal his body into the majority, in effect healing him all all major wounds near instantaniously.

Food Honour and Immersion - Food Honour is a special discipline which is displayed by those with total gratitude and appreciation towards food. Ichiryuu is seemingly a master in the art give his status as one of the worlds most powerful individuals. It's shown in his immense strength speed and power. It also allows him to save energy, or calories, while using his powerful abilities meaning he gets more out of the food he consumes.

The last point is further reinforced by his skill in Food Immersion, an expansion of the principles learned in Food Honour, which allows you to absorb all the energy in food and store it so that nothing is wasted. This allows the person to use that energy as and when required, letting them survive for months on end without food or water and it also lets them store incredible amounts of energy to fuel powerful and hungry attacks in battle.

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