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Ichirin-Sha is a 7 minute short movie developed by Anime Innovation Tokyo, and Directed by Nomad. It is set in a post-apocolyptic world similar to Earth, and so far involves Shaleen, the Last Unicyclist, and a mysterious girl who has powers on invulnerability.


It starts up with Shaleen motoring down an abandoned road on his unicycle, in the direction of an unamed girl on a trampoline. he meets her, and forcibly tries to take her away, as deadly mechanaloids have appeared, and begin attacking them.
 Shaleen and the Girl escaping the Mechanaloids
 Shaleen and the Girl escaping the Mechanaloids

The two make an escape, moving across the city on the unicycle until they reach in the sky, using what seems to be the unicylce's power . The girl pushes off Shaleen at the peak of their ascent, allowing the mechanaloids to blow up on her. however, due to her power, she remains unharmed. he manages to bring her to the port, where the mothership of the mechanaloids is heading towards her. initially, she is reluctant to help, but eventually, when she decides to attack, firing the cannon.
 Shaleen and the Girl's bullet used to destoy the Mechanaloid ship
 Shaleen and the Girl's bullet used to destoy the Mechanaloid ship
The bullet fired gained her invulnerability, and along with Sharleen trasforming his unicycle into a dangerous weapon, succesfully destroying the mothership.
the scene then cuts to them chatting and laughing on the trampoline, which is now near the water's edge, with shaleen giving her back her umbrella she dropped when escaping the mechanaliods. The short ends with the two of them escaping a pack of green creatures, then activating the unicycle's ability, and the clip ending.
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Ushio Tazawa

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Name Ichirin-Sha
Name: 輪者
Publisher Anime Innovation Tokyo
Start Year 2010
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Aliases Unicyclist
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