Ichiko Sakura

Ichiko Sakura is a anime/manga character in the Good Luck Girl! franchise
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The protagonist of Binbogami-Ga! who has the ability to steal karma energy from others.


Ichiko finds out Kurumi has betrayed her
Ichiko finds out Kurumi has betrayed her

In her past, Ichiko was still a popular girl, but she was shy and lonely until a girl named Kurumi befriended. The two were best friends up to that a faithful event, Valentines' Day. Before that day, Kurumi asks Ichiko who is she going to give her chocolates to. When Ichiko replies Yuusuke who is the nicest guy in school, Kurumi also likes Yuusuke. On Valentines' Day, Kurumi finds out that Yuusuke only gave his chocolate and a special gift to Ichiko. Kurumi asked Ichiko to give her the beret that Yuusuke gave to her, but when Ichiko refuses, Kurumi threatens to confess to Yuusuke about her true feelings. Ichiko finally gives up her gift. Then, Kurumi confesses to Yuusuke who states he likes Ichiko. Kurumi lied Yuusuke that Ichiko gave away her gift to her because Ichiko doesn't care. When Ichiko sees Yuusuke ignoring her and overhears Kurumi talking smack behind her back, Ichiko runs home with her heart betrayed and shattered. Her butler comforts her afterwards.

Next day, Kurumi apologizes to Ichiko and returns the gift. However, Ichiko told Kurumi that she does not need a cheap toy.


Ichiko Sakura is created by Yoshiaki Sukeno in the Binbogami Ga! manga series. She has no information regarding any inspiration used by Yoshiaki Sukeno for her creation. She makes her first manga debut in volume 1:chapter 1 and first anime debut in episode 1. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.



Sakura Ichiko is a slim, busty, high school girl. She is 5'2 tall, and her measurements are 36DD, waist 60, and hips 85.


Sakura can be spoiled, selfish, and conceited at times when people admire her and others are jealous of her. However, she does do the right thing when Momiji tells her to save Ryuuta and Rindo. Her actions contradicts her attitude when she does not express any concern for the person she saves.

Back when she was young, Sakura is shy, kind, lonely girl who wants to have friends. When Kurumi back stabs Sakura and ruins Yuusuke's relationship with Sakura, Sakura transforms into the spoiled brat who is seen today.


  • Momiji Binboda - Sakura hates her, but she does not realize that Momiji's actions are saving her and others. Despite being bitter enemies and opposites, Sakura and Momiji influence each other as they begin to change slowly.
  • Suwano - He's Sakura's butler who takes care of her during childhood. Even though Sakura has no friends, she loves her butler for being there at her side. She loves to read his postcards.
  • Keita Tsuwabuki - At first, Sakura tries to make Keita her boyfriend to get people to be jealous of her. When Sakura meets Keita's family and sees how Keita refuses to be dependent on her money, Sakura learns what she has been missing from her life, a family. This epiphany comes in when Momiji shrinks Sakura back to a little girl. As Sakura lives with Keita's family, she sees how happy Keita is with his siblings.
  • Ranmaru Rindou - After meeting Rindou, the two did not get along at first until Rindou asks Sakura to help her act like a feminine woman. When Sakura finds out that her Rindou's father did not allow his daughter to be feminine, Sakura challenges Rindou's father. Just when Sakura is about to defeat him, Rindou jumps in and blocks Sakura's blow. This event helps improve the girls' relationships with each other. When a jealous classmate captures Sakura and has some guys beat her up, Rindou intervenes to help Sakura. When the building is about to fall on Rindou, Sakura saves Rindou. Rindou asks Sakura about her story, and Sakura finally reveals her tragic story about a friend who betrayed her. From that point, Rindou and Sakura become good friends.

Story Arcs

On the first day of school, Sakura arrives, and every guy welcomes her. When some of the jealous girls talk smack about Sakura in the bathroom, Sakura hears them in one of the stalls. Instead of feeling hurt, Sakura enjoys listening to how jealous the girls are. Suddenly, she sees a woman (Momiji Binboda) hanging in front of the stall. Sakura runs out of the bathroom to call for help, but the guys did not find the dead woman. At home, Sakura takes a bath, and Momiji pops out of the bathtub. Sakura screams in fear, and when Suwano arrives to help, Sakura throws Momiji at her butler. Momiji explains to Sakura that she is the god of poverty who is here to suck out Sakura's fortune which restores the balance. Though, Sakura insults Momiji's flat chest, and the two get into a fight. Sakura narrowly dodges Momiji's needle, and she knocks out Momiji. She instructs Suwano to dump Momiji and her teddy bear.

Next day, Sakura comes to school, and everyone throws her a big birthday celebration. Then, Kumagai arrives with a note about Suwano who has collapses. Arriving home, Sakura finds the birthday cake that Suwano had baked for her. Momiji appears and explains to Sakura that she sucks up everyone's fortune around her. When Sakura agrees to have her fortune sucked out, she grabs Momiji from behind and delivers a suplex blow. Sakura quickly grabs the fortune container and hurries to the hospital. However, Momiji confronts her, and Sakura smashes the container. The fortune spills and reaches Suwano. By Suwano's side, Sakura cries and tells Suwano that he may leave her. She tells Suwano to marry someone. Within a week, Sakura receives a postcard from Suwano who just got married.

Powers & Abilities

Sakura is very athletic and capable of holding very heavy objects. She possesses a Soumin Shourai that was given by Bobby to summon a army of cute spirits.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kana Hanazawa
Brina Palencia
General Information Edit
Name: Ichiko Sakura
Name: 桜 市子
Romanji: Sakura Ichiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Binbō-gami ga! #1
1st anime episode: Good Luck Girl! #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Tittyko
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Attractive Female
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Insanely Rich
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Energy Manipulation
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