Is the Final Getsuga Tensho a technique or a mode?

Topic started by JonSmith on March 29, 2012. Last post by Yusuke52 3 years ago.
Post by JonSmith (185 posts) See mini bio Level 7

The answer may seem obvious to some (read: most) of you, one way or the other, but I'd like to see the answer. Now before typing down your answers with an unnecessary 'dur hur' attached, please listen to my argument. I'm of the opinion that the Final Getsuga Tensho is a technique. Most people assume that when Ichigo is placed 'at peak', FGT Ichigo used, i.e., this.

My opinion differs in that when Ichigo's peak is called, I think of this.

Now, the counterargument is that FGT is a 'mode', therefore when Ichigo is called 'at peak', FGT is assumed, and thus, it can only last a few minutes, when such time is up, that power expires. My opinion is that FGT is a technique, thus, not a mode, and therefore not his 'at peak' form, thus he can fight indefinitely without risking loss of his powers provided he doesn't use that specific technique. So: Is FGT (the top picture), a mode, limiting Ichigo's powers at peak to a few minutes at most, or is post-Dangai Ichigo (the bottom picture), his 'peak', and FGT merely a form he takes to 'charge' the technique before firing it?

I apologize in advance if this really is unnecessarily nit-picky or unclear. But the argument was started elsewhere and I wish to see objective answers.

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A mode is

a particular type or form of something

Ichigo change his form, Aizen even said "What is that form?" The technique allowed Ichigo to use his full power

Peak is

the highest or most important point or level

So yeah, FGT is Ichigo at his peak

(That all that I'm saying)

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FGT is a technique. Both costume changes are modes though. The one that looks like the dude from the Soul Reaper games has basically no data about it and he didn't actually fight in it. As far as anyone knows, it's a mode that only lets him do one technique: FGT. If you were going to do a battle thread, it's probably bad to use that since there is practically nothing known about it and little can be inferred about it's power levels.

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Its widely regarded as a technique, more specificaly its his Zanpakutos technique in which Ichigo becomes the Getsuga itself, hence the wardrobe upgrade and long hair. Also given that it only enables him to use Mugetsu and nothing more it is safe to say that both Post Dangai and FGT Ichigo are the same stat wise, so both are Ichigos "Peak". Even Zangetsu refered to it as a technique when he was fighting Ichigo.

While it does give the user a new form (Cloaked in black raitsu) it only enables them to use the ultimate attack Mugetsu, and showed no augmentation to any of the wielders stats.

So Post Dangai would be Ichigo at his peak, and if he feels the need to he can use the FGT and enable himself to use Mugetsu, since the only difference between the 2 is that one allows him to use Mugetsu (A literal One Shot Attack), and the other does not.

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