Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is a anime/manga character in the Bleach franchise
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Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the Manga Bleach. Having received Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo takes it upon himself to protect souls from the evil Hollow.


Ichigo was born to Isshin and Masaki Kurosaki. Isshin ran a clinic, Kurosaki Clinic, while Masaki took care of her children at home. Ever since he was small, Ichigo had been able to see spirits, a trait inherited from his father. However, one day, his mother died trying to protect her son from the Hollow Grand Fisher, which left Ichigo very bitter and angry.


Character Artwork
Character Artwork

Ichigo was created by the mangaka Tite Kubo as the main protagonist of the manga Bleach. In the original Bleach one-shot, Ichigo generally had the same origin and appearance, although he has become closer to the "bishonen" ideal as Tite Kubo has increased in artistic skill. According to Tite himself, Ichigo's theme song is "News From The Front" by Bad Religion. Ichigo is generally sour and unpleasant, although he does care for his friends. He makes use of the Zanpakutou Zangetsu.

In the Japanese language track of the anime, Ichigo is voiced by Masakazu Morita. In English he is voiced by Johnny Young Bosh. Ichigo is quite popular: in the first three popularity polls held for Bleach he ranked first, and in the fourth poll he ranked third. Wizard Entertainment named Ichigo the best hero in 2007, and he ranked 20th on IGN's Top 25 List of Best Anime Characters of All Time.

Major Story Arcs

Agent of the Shinigami Arc

Ichigo Kurosaki was a fifteen year high school who could see, touch and speak to ghosts. This until one night when he met Rukia Kuchiki, a Shinigami. Shortly after meeting Rukia, Ichigo and his family are attacked by a Hollow (evil ghost) at their family owned clinic. The hollow was trying to devour the spiritual energy of Ichigo and his two sisters, Karin and Yuzu, at their family clinic they live at.

Rukia explains that the hollow had traveled in with their father and had actually come to eat Ichigo because of his extraordinarily high spirit power, his power actually blocked hers while she was in the same room as him and the door was closed. Ichigo tries to defend his family and learns that he can't fight the Hollow as he is.

Rukia tries to tend to him and ends up being horribly injured. In a last ditch effort to save the family Rukia tries to pass a part of her powers over to Ichigo and ends up giving Ichigo almost all of her power by accident.

The spell works better than she meant and Ichigo quickly finishes off the Hollow. When Ichigo wakes the next day he finds that he is the only one who can remember what happened.

Ichigo's returns to school the next day to find Rukia has joined the school as a new student. Through out the day she works to convince Ichigo to hold her place as the Substitute Shinigami for his city. Ichigo is hesitant at first, but finally agrees to her terms and starts his training under her.

The next day, Ichigo introduces Orihime to Rukia. Rukia notices a strange bruise on Orihime and explains to Ichigo that Orihime has been getting attacked by a Hollow.

Later that night Ichigo is attacked by the Hollow that has been hunting Orihime. After battling it away Ichigo and Rukia follow it back to Orihime's apartment. Along the way Ichigo tells Rukia that he recognized the face behind the Hollow's mask. He knows the Hollow as Orihime's brother, who she dragged to his family's clinic after he was hit by a car. Ichigo explains that Orihime's brother had died in their clinic while await a transfer. Rukia tells Ichigo that Hollows are people that have died, but have not accepted that they are dead and so the lose their humanity and start eating other people's souls to fill their pain.

Ichigo bursts into Orihime's apartment in time to keep the Hollow Acidwire from killing her. During the battle Orihime manages to step between her brother and Ichigo and explains why she quit spending all her time praying to him. Orihime's brother comes back to his senses and falls on Ichigo's zanpaktou to cleanses his own soul.

Ichigo and his friends are at school one day when Chad arrives with his new pet, a parakeet with a boy's soul attached to it. Ichigo senses the soul and plans to free it from the bird's body when he gets the chance to. Unfortunately Chad is attacked by a Hollow right outside of the Kurosaki Hospital. That night before Ichigo can step in to help Chad and the boy the Hollow that attacked them returns and chases off Chad. The next day Ichigo and Rukia set out to find Chad. Along the way Ichigo and Rukia run into Karin, Ichigo's sister, as she stumbles around too sick to know what is happening. Ichigo leaves Rukia to take Karin home.

While Ichigo is gone Rukia runs into Chad and the Hollow. Ichigo shows up in time to keep the Hollow from defeating Rukia and Chad.

During the battle Ichigo defeats the Hollow. Unlike any of the previous battles Ichigo was involved in when he destroys this Hollow it doesn't have it's soul cleansed. This time when the zanpaku- to hits the Hollow the Gates of Hell appear and the Hollow's soul is dragged to hell. Rukia informs Ichigo that a person who has committed crimes against humanity are banished to Hell as punishment for their crimes. After the Hollow is dealt with Ichigo and Rukia confront the parakeet and Chad. they explain to the boy how he will be able to pass on and find his murdered mother.

A very fun loving and crazy character is introduced into Ichigo's life in the second story. Because Ichigo is always needing to rely on Rukia to change from his human form to his Soul Reaper form she orders a new device that allows him to change out of his human form. Rukia goes to Urahara's Candy Store to pick up a Mod Soul (Gikongan in the manga) that allows Ichigo to leave his body whenever he eats a candy. The soul that takes over his body us a mod soul that was programmed to fight Hollows, but because of ethics was suppose to be destroyed. The Mod Soul runs a muck while Ichigo and Rukia set out to hunts Hollows. After they return from the Hollow hunt they are greeted by the havoc of Ichigo's class room where the new Mod Soul has kissed Tatsuki. Icihgo and Rukia try to corner the Mod Soul but it jumps out a window. Ichigo and Rukia chase after the Mod Soul until they corner him at a school. Ichigo tries to kill a Hollow that has attacked and is angered by the Mod Souls desire to attack the Hollow even after Ichigo has cleansed it. When Ichigo inspects what has happened he is surprised to see that the mod soul has actually saved the lives of ants and sworn to never take a life.

Memories In The Rain

Ichigo and Rukia finally find a name for the Mod Soul and readers are fully introduced to Kon. Rukia awakens one day to the sound of Kon and Ichigo fighting and notices that Ichigo is acting differently. When Ichigo arrives at school he acts differently and catches the attention of some of the class mates that know how he normally behaves. When Orihime brings it up Tatsuki explains to her that Ichigo has a yearly tradition that is going to make him skip school the next day. That night Ichigo and his family plan out their yearly visit to their mother's grave. When Ichigo and his family set out for the picnic the next day they run into Rukia along the way. Ichigo drags her to the side and explains that his mother was not murdered, and despite her suspicions it was not a Hollow that killed her. While arguing with Rukia Ichigo sees a familiar face and chases after the girl. When Ichigo is unable to find the girl in the cemetery he finally breaks down and reveals to Rukia that he blames himself for his mother's murder.

While the Kurosaki family spend their day at the graveyard Tatsuki and Orihime talk about Ichigo as a child and his mother. Tatsuki explains that as a child Ichigo was very different than he is now. As a child Tatsuki remember Ichigo as being weak and crying a lot. However he always seemed to find strength in his mother being around and always smiled when she was near. Orihime then learns that Ichigo and his mother were walking home one day when he tried to run after someone. His mother then tried to run after him, but something struck her down. Ichigo spent days trying to find his mother, being a little too young to fully understand that she was dead. Ichigo has blamed himself since then for his mother's death, but never told anyone how he felt.

Back in the cemetery Karin notices a spirit and tries to talk to it. The young girl turns out to be a Hollow and traps Karin and Yuzu until Ichigo and Rukia show up and battle Grand Fisher. Ichigo attacks Grand Fisher and asks Rukia to stay out of fight so he can settle the fight with Hollow that killed his mother. Ichigo attacks recklessly and gets wounded horribly before he manages to trap the Hollow and wound it. The Hollow even plays against Ichigo's feelings for his mother by making it's second body (the little girl) turn into his mother. When the Hollow becomes too injured to carry on it retracts it's main body back into the bait body and runs off. Ichigo tries to pursuit Grand Fisher but Rukia stops him and convinces him to stay and let her treat him as he gives to his injuries.

Later Ichigo goes back to the grave to ask for forgiveness for having attracted the Hollow to attack him and his mother. While standing in the rain Ichigo's father Issin arrives back at the grave and talks to Ichigo about letting himself live a normal life and accept that his mother died protecting him because she loved him. Ichigo swears to make it right for her sacrifice and sets out to improve as a Soul Reaper under Rukia.

Meeting Don Kanoji

Ichigo decides to one day try and clean up Kon as he has gotten dirty since he has had to be there when Ichigo needs the candy. Often having his stuffed animal body abandoned where ever they are when Ichigo needs to fight. Ichigo decides that beating Kon against the side of the clinic wall outside of his window is the best way to get him clean. The commotion gets Rukia involved who tries to use the janitor's broom that she has taken from the school. Ichigo and Rukia end up having to leave and at the end of the day to find Kon running down the hallway with a dress on and a flower glued to his ear. Ichigo takes Kon back to his room and gets the dress off and then tears the flower off of his ear, causing Kon to attack him.

Soon after Ichigo reveals that he doesn't put a lot of faith in his horoscopes, even if they are proving themselves to be right. He also decides that he dislikes a show that has topped the rankings in his area called Spontaneous Trips to Spiritual Hot Spots. The host of the show Don Kanonji has drawn in a lot of people and started several fades, which Ichigo has no problem hating. The show announces that it is heading towards Ichigo's town for a special live episode, and Ichigo ends up being dragged along with his family to see the show play through. At the site for the show Ichigo and Rukia notice that an evil spirit that has yet to turn Hollow is attaches to the building. Ichigo at first plans on coming back at night to cleanse the soul, but is forced to act quickly as Kanonji ends up hastening the transformation by using his cane to open up the Hollows hole on the man's chest. Ichigo and Rukia continue to wrestle with security until the spirit reappears on top of the abandoned clinic. Ichigo can't find a way to get to Rukia so that he can turn Soul Reaper, luckily though Kisuke Urahara uses his cane and knocks Ichigo's Soul Reaper out of his body.

Ichigo quickly knocks Kanonji inside the building and tries to convince him to leave so he can fight the Hollow. His pleads turn out to be useless as Kanonji refuses to leave and wants to stay because that is "what a hero would do." Ichigo ends up having his hands stuck to his hilt by the Hollow's glue like spit, and unable to get a good swing off because the zanpaku-to is too long and gets stuck in the ceiling. Kanonji steps in and saves Ichigo by wedging his cane into the Hollow's mouth and using his other hand to create a small projectile that blows the ceiling away from the Zanpaku- to. Ichigo and the Hollow end up fighting on top of the roof of the clinic where Ichigo finally kills the Hollow. Kanonji thanks Ichigo for his help and out of his want for a protege gives Ichigo a membership to his fan club and makes him his number one fan. Ichigo is, however, very intent on openly refusing the gift as he sees Kanonji as an idiot.

The Battle for the Rubicon

The next day Ichigo and Rukia begin to get false calls that Holows are attacking and begin to wonder if something might be wrong, but play it off to chance. Ichigo and Rukia keeping getting calls that Hollows are attacking the city, but every time they arrive the Hollow is gone and the victims are safe. One night they are met by Uryu Ishida, the last Quincy who proclaims his hatred for Soul Reapers very openly.

Concerned that something may be wrong with her communicator Rukia tries taking it to Urahara for repairs. While she is gone Ichigo accepts a duel with Uryu after unsuccessfully following him Ichigo takes the Soul Candy to release himself from his body and has Kon go to find Rukia. As the duel begins Ichigo runs around trying to find his sisters and protect them. He does not realize at the time that his friends are gaining new powers just from exposure to his powers. When Ichigo finally finds Rukia Uryu is already there and so is Kon.

He, however, is too busy beating on Kon to acknowledge Uryu and ends up aggravating Uryu. When Uryu and Ichigo begin to square off the Hollows that were attracted to Uryu's bait begin to act funny and Uryu runs off to kill them.

Ichigo teams with with Uryuu Ishida
Ichigo teams with with Uryuu Ishida

Before Ichigo can set off to get him Rukia stops Ichigo. Ichigo learns that the Soul Reapers were responsible for the Quincies being wiped out. When Ichigo arrives to get Uryu he ends up explaining that he disagrees with what happened, but that the two of them have to work together to survive so that they can fight one another. Ichigo and Uryu end up having to fight a massive Hollow known as a Menos Grande. the two squabble over how to fight it and the Menos eventually releases it's cero blast to try and kill the two of them. Ichigo uses his spirit power and absorbs and creates his own blast that inflicts enough damage on the Holllow to make it want to retreat back to Hueco Mundo.

Unfortunately Ichigo is unable to regain control of his spirit pressure and comes dangerously close to destroying himself and the others as he would overload. He is saved by Uryu who redirects the power through his bow and arrows and shoots the extra energy off until Ichio stabilizes his spirit pressure and can continue on.

The Battle for the Rubicon is over, but now Ichigo and Rukia are about to impart on an even more treacherous journey that is hinted to as the chapter closes with the Soul Society sending out people to retrieve Rukia and, if the need be, destroy Ichigo.

Ichigo returns to school and feels bad for Uryu when he sees all the injuries he has after releasing all of the excess energy that had built up inside Ichigo. He tries to get Uryu involved in the daily madness that him and his friends usually enjoy, but it ends up being a mistake as Uryu is very much a downer compared to Ichigo and the others. Later that night Ichigo returns home home and tries to find Rukia, but she has disappeared.

The Broken Coda

Ichigo finds a note in his room from Rukia after he finds and releases Kon, who was taped to the back of the toilet so Rukia could leave without him alerting anyone. Ichigo has to "decode" the note that reveals that Rukia has decided that she needs to leave. She tells Ichigo to stay low for awhile because they might both be in danger. As Ichigo panics and tries to think of a way to help Rukia Kon has his candy released from him by Kisuke Urahara (called Hat and Clogs at the time) who insist that he only wants to try to find a way to help Rukia. Ichigo doesn't ask anymore questions, he just takes off to try to find Rukia. When Ichigo arrives to where Renji and Byakuya have trapped Rukia he finds that Uryu has already been defeated. Ichigo tries to fight Renji with his zanpaku- to, but proves to slow and weak at first to be able to fight him. After a few wounds though Ichigo's body starts drawing in spirit energy and he becomes too fast and too strong for the limited Renji. As Ichigo goes to try and finish the battle his zanpaku- to is broken. As he turns to see Byakuya holding the broken end of the zanpakuto he is struck down.

Byakuya proves to be too fast and powerful, cutting through Ichigo's Saketsu Chain and his Hakusui Soul Sleep. The attack doesn't kill Ichigo quickly, but it removes all of his Soul Pressure and any Soul Reaper powers that he had. Ichigo hears a short conversation between Rukia and Byakuya where they say he looks like someone they both knew.

Ichigo grabs onto Byakuya's hem and questions him, but Rukia kicks his hand away to keep it from being cut off. Ichigo watches helplessly as Rukia and the other two walk off to get into the Soul Society. As the rain begins to pour down on him Ichigo blacks out as a familiar pair of wooden clogs appear in front of him.

Ichigo awakens to the sight of Tessai laying on top of him staring at him. Ichigo goes ballistic like always and draws Kisuke's attention to the room. Urahara explains what has happened and how he saved Ichigo and Uryu after the fight. Ichigo becomes upset and tries to follow get up and demands to be allowed to try and save Rukia again. He is surprised when Urahara jumps over him and holds his cane over Ichigo's face.

Ichigo senses that the cane is more like a sword for some reason and listens as Urahara explains his plan. Ichigo accepts Urahara'a plan to train and prepare so that he can go to the Soul Society to retrieve Rukia.

Ichigo has to spend his first day taking pills to heal what is left of his wounds. At school he notices the new kid that has been sent to replace Rukia. None of the others seem to have noticed that she is gone. After school Ichigo sets out to return to Urahara's when he runs into Orihime. She begins to ask him what had happened to Rukia, and why no one else seems to remember her. Orihime asks Ichigo to get himself ready and to help Rukia, because she knows that is what Ichigo would want to do. The talk with Orihime strengthens Ichigo's resolve and he sets out to train under Urahara.

At the candy store Ichigo meets up with Urahara and Tessai and thanks them for their help before he follows them to an immense underground bunker that they built under the city to train Ichigo in. Ichigo is knocked from his body and begins to feel the strain of being a new Soul exposed from it's body.

Ichigo is quickly thrown into his training as he is given head gear and gloves and told to try to hit Ururu, a small girl that lives at the candy shop. Ichigo at first refuses, that is until Ururu takes a swing at him and reveals that her punches are more like bomb blasts. Ichigo runs about dodging her while being mad fun of by Urahara, until he gets his gloves and head gear on. Ichigo finally gets to the point where he feels like he can confidently dodge her attacks and possibly even hit her.

As Ichigo goes on the offensive he manages to knick Ururu's cheek, which turns out to be a mistake. Ururu goes into a battle mode that she has developed and jumps up on Ichigo's extended arm and kicks him several dozen feet away and buries him and Tessai in a platue wall. Ichigo is spared though as Urahara has caught Ururu's foot and stopped the majority of the kick's force. Ichigo is at first up set that he lost and demands another chance to fight Ururu, but Kisuke explains that the first test is over. Ichigo is puzzled by what has happened and has to have it spelled out for him that the test was to improve his spirit body's strength and make it easier for him to move and breath as a soul.

Excited that he has just passed the first lesson Ichigo asks what kind of celebration tha Kisuke has in store for him. Unfortunately for Ichigo teir idea of a celebration is to cut off his Chain of Fate. Ichigo becomes understandably upset as he has technically just been killed. It is then explained to Ichigo he has just been put into a sink or swinm situation. He has two choices, become a Soul Reaper or be condemned to turn into a Hollow. As the situation is setting in Ichigo is put into an even worse situation as he is dropped down into an enormous hole and his hands are bound behind his back. Urahara explains that normally having a chain cut off can take some time to finish it's encroachment and turn a person Hollow, unfortunately for Ichigo Kisuke has taken this into account and flooded the hole with a gas that will force the encroachment to complete itself in seventy- two hours.

Ichigo tries to stop the encroachment by slamming the chain against himself and the wall, but when the chain gets close to him the mouths at the ends of the chain turn on him and take a bite out of him.

Ichigo tries to run up the walls with no hands and actually makes it about ten feet up the wall before he falls back to the floor. While in the hole Ichigo has more than the chains to torment him. At the mouth of th hole Kisuke's two store tendants Ururu and Jinta tease him and try to spit on him. At one point Jinta even runs him some food and jumps back out of the hole, explaining that when a spirit becomes hungry it is finishing it's turn to a Hollow. Ichigo doesn't make it out of the hole before the chains finish eating themselves and is drawn into his inner spirit world where he meets a strange man in a long trench coat and sunglasses.

Ichigo talks to the man and is told to find his spirit powers in one of the boxes that his spirit world is turning into and falling into pieces as. The man with the unruly black hair and trench coat tells Ichigo to hurry, he doesn't have much time left. Ichigo falls from the wall of the building he was sitting on and lands in water where one of the boxes ribbons reach him. The ribbon is red and signifies a Soul Reaper, which leads Ichigo to his Soul Power which was trapped in the box. Ichigo returns to the real world where his Spirit Pressure had exploded form him and he leaps from the hole.

Oddly though Ichigo is now wearing the Soul Reaper's uniform and the Hollows mask, something that surprises Jinta and Ururu.

Ichigo reaches up with his broken Zanpaku-yo and shatters the mask, then he turns and hits Urhara with the handle to his zanpaku- to. Ichigo decides that he needs to run off at his mouth to Urahara and ends up getting into his next lesson where he has to knock Kisuke's hat off. Ichigo starts off showing some promise as he manages to make a small knick in the edge of the hat's brim. Urahara notes that he is mildly impressed and draws a sword from his cane and begins to chase after Ichigo with his sword/ cane. Ichigo decides to turn and face Kisuke believing that there is no way that the sword is a zanpaku- to. A mistake Ichigo learns quickly as Urahara knocks what is left of the Hollow mask off Ichigos head and releases his Zanapaku- to, Benihime, from it's sword/ cane form.

Ichigo watches in horror as Urahara cuts through his broken zanpaku- to with Benihime, and realizes that he may be killed. Ichigo begins to run for his life and realizes that Renji and Kisuke have both called their zanpkau- tos names. Ichigo has by now realized that zanpaku- tos have names, but knows that his is now useless as Kisuke has cut it down to nothing more than a handle. Ichigo becomes gripped wit the fear that he is going to die and runs, avoiding Kisuke as best he can.

While running Ichigo sees the strange man again and he hears him talking. The man asks why Ichigo has not called his name and demands that he turn around and face off against Kisuke. Ichigo does as he is told and finally learns the name of his zanpaku- to. In a blast of energy Ichigo unleashes Zangetsu and faces Kisuke to finish the lesson. Ichigo warns Kisuke that he can not control the blast, but he is going to attack again to finish the lesson. Ichigo unleashes a blast of raw energy and not only knocks off Kisuke's hat, but cuts about a quarter of it off. When the smoke clears Kisuke looks at Ichigo and mentions that he has a frightening amount of power.

After Ichigo has finished his training (which is shown until later) he returns home to enjoy the last few days of his vacation with his friends before he returns to Kisuke's Candy Shop. The invitation to go to Kisuke's house is actually kinda comedic, seeing as it is a ballon that flies through Ichigo's window and splatters a red fluid on the wall. The fluid then tells Ichigo and friends where they must go to meet Kisuke. However, before it is finished it tells them that anyone who reads the message and think it looks like a psychopathic murder scene has no sense of humor. Ichigo tries to sneak out of his house so that no one will have to see him leave, but his dad jumps off the top of the clinic to try and catch Ichigo off guard. Isshin gives Ichigo a small charm that was given to him by his wife before she died (it say fertility on it.), but demands that Ichigo returns it when he gets back. Ichigo goes to the candy shop and meets Orihime along the way. As they arrive at the shop Orihime and Ichigo are met by Chad (Sado) and Uryu, who arrives last. Ichigo and the team are lead inside to he secret bunker again and have the situation with the Gate explained to them. Ichigo is removed from his human body so that he can use his Soul Reaper powers and tries to get to the gate before everything is explained to them. After taking some abuse from Urahara the full situation is laid out. The tams has four minutes to get through a tunnel that is surrounded by a wall of energy that devours souls. If they are not through in four minutes then he tunnel will collapse and the team will be devoured. Before any doubts can set in Yoruichi steps in and gives some quick confidence to the team and steps through the gate with them.

Soul Society Arc

As Ichigo and the others begin their run for the entrance to the Soul Society they are greeted by the surprise as the tunnel begins to collapse. Ichigo watches in horror as Uryu's cape is caught in the walls and starts to draw his Zanpaku- to before Yoruichi stops him and Chad tears the cape off Uryu. The team returns to running the length of the tunnel, except Uryu who is now being carried by Chad, when a new problem arrives, a Kototsu. Yoruichi warns the team that they have arrived at a bad time as teh Kototsu is a cleaner that clears the tunnels and absorbs any souls that may be lingering. Ichigo and the others are seconds away from being devoured when Orihime uses her shield to protect the team. the resulting explosion more than helps the team to clear the tunnels. Ichigo and the others feel a little releaved, and sore, that they have made it through the first part of their journey without any real problems. After gethering themselves Ichigo and the others see the Seireitei and Ichigo runs off thinking that it is gonna be really easy to get in.

As Ichigo rushes towards the Seireitei a giant wall falls from the sky and encases the city. Along with the wall comes a gate and a very powerful looking giant who is guarding the gate. Ichigo is introduced to Jidanbo, who takes his job seriously as the gate keeper. Ichigo is cut off from his friends as Jidanbo creates an upheaval in the pavement so that he can fight Ichigo by himself and leave Orihime and Chad to wait for the fight to finish. Yoruichi explains to the group that Jidnaboi has served as the guard of the gate for around 300 years and has not lost yet. As the fight starts Jidanbo attacks Ichigo with his axes using several of his "techniques", which are more or less him swing haphazardly at Ichigo. On his third attack Jidanbo starts swinging and even loses count of how many times he has swung before Ichigo apologizes and shatters his axes. Ichigo apologizes again when Jidanbo begins to cry over his broken axes and convinces Jidanbo to open the gate since Ichigo won the fight. Jidanbo accepts his defeat and opens the gate to let the team through, but waiting inside is the Gotei 13 captain Gin Ichimaru.

Ichigo's encounter with his first captain goes poorly as Gin cuts off one of Jidanbo's arms and uses his extending zanpaku- to to knock Ichigo and Jidanbo back out of the Seireitei. Yuroichi and the others check on Ichigo and Jidanbo and are suddenly greeted by the inhabitants of the outer city of the Soul Society. The people outside the Seireitei are very friendly and welcome Ichigo and the others because Ichigo had tried to help Jidanbo, who was always friendly with the people. While Orihime begins to heal Jidanbo, Sado meets back with the boy who was trapped in teh parakeet, and the other three meet with the elder. As evening draws near Yuroichi discusses meeting with the Kukaku Shiba, someone Yuroichi believes can get the team into Seireitei now that the gates are closed and guarded. While the team is meeting with the elder a commotion erupts from outside and a young man is thrown through the door and begins to negotiate with the boar that threw him.

#1 Self Proclaimed Hater of Soul Reapers

Ganju looks around and sees Ichigo and begins to insult and challenge Ichigo to a fight, all the while proclaiming himself the self appointed number one hater of Soul Reapers. Ichigo respondes to the challenge and ends up fighting with Ganju outside the elder's house until an alarm sounds on the back of one of Ganju's friends. The four pig riders run off and Ganju tells Ichigo to wait because he would return to finish the fight later. The next morning the rest of the team try to drag Ichigo with them since he wants to wait to fight Ganju again. Yoruichi gets through to Ichigo by scratching him across his face (Yoruichi is a talking cat) and convinces him that he needs to save Rukia more than he needs to fight with Ganju.

A Different Way In

The team begins to trek across the Soul Society until they can find Kukaku's house, which turns out to be very simple as it is the only house that they see with two arms holding up a banner in the middle of a field. Ichigo and the others arrive at the house where they are greeted by twin guards who recognize Yoruichi and humbly welcome everyone to the Shiba house. Inside they meet Ichigo and the others meet Kukaku, a one armed woman who says that she can get them into the Sereitei, but she insist that they take her brother along with them to make sure that they make it in safely. Ichigo and her brother, Ganju instantly go after one another and get brutalized by Kukaku who insists that the two of them get along so that they can get into the Soul Society.

Kukaku begins to train all of them how to properly form an energy shield so that they can be launched without injury and break the shield that around the Seireitei. Ichigo proves to be the slowest learner as the others have spent more time learning to use their energy and manipulate it while he spent more time learning to fight. While trying to learn how to use the shield technique Ganju shows Ichigo a way to make a shield quickly, unfortunately since Ichigo can't control his Spirit Pressure his shield begins to shake the whole house and brings everyone running. As the others arrive Ichigo becomes distracted and his shield explodes. Ichigo starts to worry that he won't be able to help the others since he can't control his energy, but Yuroichi talks him into continuing to try. Ichigo ends up being able to make the shield, but has to spend a lot of time adjusting his power levels so that he isn't overburdening the others.

Halfway through the flight Ichigo and Ganju begin to argue again, causing the shield to blow apart when they hit the Seireitei shield. The team ends up being split apart, with Orihime and Uryu getting sent to one spot, Ichigo and Ganju end up paired together and Sado and Yuroichi end up separated by themselves. Each team decides that they should try to find the others and run off to find one another.

First Contact

Ichigo and Ganju end up running into a bigger challenge than they thought right off the bat as they meet Ikkaku and Yumichika, two of 11th Division's strongest fighters. While Ganju runs off to fight Yumachika Ichigo and Ikkaku stand and fight one another. Ikkaku proves to be a strong opponent and a crafty fighter as he uses a clotting ointment in his sword to stop his bleeding while he is fighting Ichigo. Eventually Ichigo beats Ikkaku, even after Ikkaku releases his zanpaku- to to it's second form, and prepares to move on with his plan to find the others.

However Ichigo leaves with a cloud of uncertainty as Ikkaku reveals that his captain Kenpachi Zaraki has decided to hunt down and fight Ichigo. After Ichigo and Ganju catch back up with one another they are met by a mob of Soul Reapers and run to keep from wasting energy. When they get in a pinch they run across a medic in the Gotei 13 , Hanataro Yamada. In an attempt to stop the mob from following them Ichigo and Ganju take Hanataro hostage and threaten to kill him if them don't stop. In a weird twist of fate though, the mob shrug off the threat responding that they don't care what Ichigo does to the medic. Hanataro explains that the medics are looked down upon by the other Gotei 13. Ichigo and Ganju end up running again and taking Hanataro with them. Eventually the group escapes from their pursuer and run into another problem.

Renji vs Ichigo: Rematch
Renji vs Ichigo: Rematch

Renji Abaraji is waiting for his rematch after the battle against Ichigo went so bad the last time they fought. Ichigo and Renji start fighting, with Ichigo learning that Renji was restricted the last time they had fought, having his power limited to one fifth of what he has available. After taking a couple of hits Ichigo reveals that he has been holding back his true powers this time and defeats Renji quickly. After the fight Renji makes Ichigo swear that he will save Rukia since Renji feels like he is unable to complete the rescue with his current power level. After the battle Ichigo collapse from all his combined injuries and is taken into a sewer where he is treated and healed by Hanataro while Ganju watches over him as he sleeps.

Ichigo's hard headed- ness is demonstrated as he tries to leave the sewers too early and is knock back to unconsciousness by Ganju. When Ichigo is finally healed and has rested, Ganju, Hanataro and himself set back out to find Rukia. Ichigo finds an advantage in having kidnapped Hanataro as his knowledge of the area and it's passages get him and Ganju very close to the tower. Hanataro's assistance proves less useful, however, when the team is confronted by the 11th Division Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki.

Ichigo leads Kenpachi away from Ganju and Hanataro since they become paralyzed by Kenpachi's exceptional spirit strength. As Ichigo draws Kenpachi away he begins to wonder if he is in fact strong enough overcome Kenpachi. In an effort to do quick damage to Kenpachi Ichigo stops and slashes at his rival quickly. He is bewildered to find that Kenpachi is merely stare at him unscathed. Ichigo tries to reign in his thoughts and becomes aware of the fact that he can no longer detect Sado's Spirit Pressure. Ichigo focuses and finally senses what is left of Sado's Pressure. He opens his eyes to find that he has been followed by a now bored Kenpachi.

Ichigo tries a quick retreat but finds that Kenpachi is fast enough to keep up with him. Ichigo is finally offered a free attack on Kenpachi and reluctantly takes the offer striking at Kenpachi's shoulder. However when Zangetsu makes contact with

Ichigo clashes with the powerful captain of 11th Division, Kenpachi Zaraki.
Ichigo clashes with the powerful captain of 11th Division, Kenpachi Zaraki.

Kenpachi's skin Ichigo is wounded instead. Confused as to what has happened Ichigo inquiries as to how it is possible that he took the damage instead. Kenpachi reveals to Ichigo that he has surrounded himself in his own Soul Pressure to ward off weaker attacks. Ichigo takes the information and applies it to his own attacks and finally succeeds in wounding Kenpachi. Ichigo realizes that he has made a mistake in wounding the mad man as Kenpachi becomes battle crazed and attacks Ichigo relentlessly, regardless of how much damage he takes himself while trying to force Ichigo into an even more serious battle.

Realizing that Kenpachi has not released his zanpaku- to Ichigo calls out Kenpachi claiming he needed to unseal his zanpaku- to so that he can fight Kenpachi at an even higher level of power. Ichigo learns from Kenpachi that he has no idea how to release his Zanpakuto since he does not know it's name or how to learn it. Ichigo becomes filled with a false confidence as he thinks he has gained the upper hand since his zanpaku-to is in a constantly released state. He is mortified to have Kenpachi attack him again and declare that he has enough Spirit Pressure to fight even if he can't unseal his zanpaku- to. In a moment of sheer horror Kenpachi stabs though Zangetsu and impales Ichigo on the end of his Zanpakuto.

As Kenpachi steps away to decide if he wants to finish the fight or not Ichigo goes into a trance where Zangetsu reveals himself to Ichigo again. This time Zangetsu is angry though and demands that Ichigo earn the right to fight with him. Zangetsu than manifests himself in his Zanpaku- to form and hands it over to Ichigo's evil Hollow- self. He then gives Ichigo a different Zanpku- to named Shallow Wound. He tells Ichigo that he has to overcome his Hollow- self to learn to wield Zangetsu as his partner and not just a tool used in battle. Ichigo is at first surprised by how how the Hollow fights using Zangetsu's wrapping as an extension to the handle to increase his attack range. After watching and dodging his Hollow- selfs attacks Ichigo finally learns what Zangetsu was talking about and offers himself to Zangetsu as a partner. When he opens his eyes Ichigo is now holding Zangetsu and the Hollow Ichigo is holding Shallow Wound. Ichigo leaves his inner world and returns to the battle with Kenpachi where time has come to a stand still.

Ichigo stands and challenges Kenpachi to finish their duel. The two attack each other viciously, their spirit energies surrounding them in visible bursts of light. The duel ends as Ichigo cuts through Kenpachi's zanpkau- to. Ichigo is already severely wounded from the attack and passes out from his injuries after Kenpachi is carried off from the battle. When Ichigo finally awakens he is surprised that he is still alive.

Ichigo wakes up in a small cave and finds himself bandaged up. He is greeted after he awakens by Yoruichi, who insists that he brought Ichigo to the cave. When Ichigo insists that there is no way a cat could carry him Yoruichi concedes that he had to change to his true form to carry Ichigo. To prove to Ichigo that it isn't a lie Yoruichi transforms, but becomes something totally different than what Ichigo was expecting. Instead of a MR. Yoruichi Ichigo is greeted by Miss Yoruichi. Ichigo panics a little as he is confronted by the nude woman and insists that she put on some clothes. Yoruichi admits that she isn't used to having to wear clothes and dresses herself so she can explain to Ichigo what is happening

After getting his Sit Rep from Yoruichi Ichigo notices a change in Ganju's spirit pressure and the appearance of Byakuya's power at the tower. Without hesitating Ichigo grabs a totem of Yoruichi's that will fly him anywhere he wants. As Ichigo arrives at the tower he steps past Rukia to fight Byakuya, taking a moment to argue with Rukia for old times sake. When Byakuya attacks Ichigo blocks and tells Byakuya he has slowed down since the last time they fought. Ichigo gets Byakuya to finally release his zanpaku- to so that they can actually battle, but Yoruichi shows up and seals Byakuya's zanpaku to in a wrap. Ichigo begins to protest but is knocked unconscious by Yoruichi when she strikes his wound from Kenpachi. Ichigo awakens after Yoruichi's escape and confronts her saying he had wanted to fight Byakuya. Yoruichi chastens him and tells him that Byakuya had yet to unleash his power.

The embodied spirit of Zangetsu
The embodied spirit of Zangetsu

Yoruichi begins to teach Ichigo how to use his Bankai release by using a doll that Urahara designed and used to achieve his own Bankai. Ichigo trains for two days and Yoruichi becomes concerned that he isn't growing even though he is learning to fight better and better each day he battles Zangetsu. At the start of his third day, Renji arrives to finish his own Bankai training. Renji also explains that the execution day has been moved up and Ichigo only has twenty- nine hours to develop his Bankai. Suddenly Ichigo's spirit power sky rockets as he returns to learning his Bankai. Ichigo begins to battle multiple Zangetsu to increase the speed of his training.

After finishing his Bankai training Ichigo makes a run for the execution block. As he arrives he helps to stop the Sokyuko from killing Rukia. Captains Jushiro and Kyoraku set up their device to destroy the Sokyuko. Ichigo releases Rukia from her bindings and throws her baseball style at Renji who has just arrived and is injured from his battle with Byakuya. The two begin to scream at Ichigo while he destroys the execution scaffolding. Ichigo tells Renji to run while he finishes up fighting the remaining Soul Reapers Lieutenants. Ichigo makes short work of the Lieutenants, taking them all out quickly using only his hands to win. As Ichigo defeats the last Lieutenant he turns to retrieve his zanpaku- to stop Byakuya's attack. The two begin an all out war to defeat each other, both slowly releasing their zanpaku- tos as the battle rages on. Eventually Ichigo releases his Bankai and reveals his new powers. With his new powers Ichigo proves too fast for Byakuya to use his release form only. Eventually Byakuya releases his Bankai too. As the fights carries on Byakuya reveals that Ichigo has slowly began to lose his speed due to activating his bankai too long and takes control of the battle. When it gets too hard for Ichigo to win Byakuya is confronted by a new enemy. Ichigo's inner Hollow begins to take over and adds more power and speed to Ichigo's Bankai.As the Hollow is preparing to kill Byakuya, Ichigo manages to regain control and takes back control of his body.

Ichigo apologizes to Byakuya for letting his Hollow interfere in their fight. Byakuya and Ichigo agree to channel every power that they have into their next attacks. The two charge at each other and their zanpakuto smash into each other. Ichigo's zanpakuto managed to destroy byakuya zanpukuto and byakuya's zanpukuto turns into cherry blossom leaves, fading away. After their battle Byakuya walks away from the battle to decide his next step, while Ichigo collapse backwards. Ichigo unfortunately cracks the back of his head into Orihime's as she tries to catch him.

After the battle with Byakuya is over Ichigo and his friends begin to make their way down the stairs that lead to the execution grounds. Suddenly they are included in on a message that is sent out to all Soul Reapers that everyone has been duped by Sosuke Aizen. Ichigo feels the appearance of three high level Soul Reapers, Rukia, and Renji back at the execution grounds. Ichigo releases his bankai again with what little strength he has regained and arrives just in time to stop Aizen from killing Renji and Rukia. Ichimaru points out that he had thought about stopping Ichigo but was sure Aizen was already aware that he was coming. Ichigo and Renji argue a bit before they decide on how they will attack Aizen. Their plan is thwarted though as Aizen defeats them both and drags Rukia away to use a Kido to remove the Orb of Distortion from her. Ichigo and Renji watch helplessly as Aizen commands Ichimaru to kill Rukia. Before either of them can move though Byakuya arrives and takes the attack himself. Ichigo and the others can only watch as the other high ranked Soul Reapers return and stop the traitors. Ichigo watches as Aizen and his men escape by the help of Menos Grande into Hueco Mundo.

Bittersweet Victory

Ichigo and the others begin getting treatment for their injuries after the battle as the Soul Reapers realize that they were wrong for having trued to kill the humans. Ichigo eventually leaves the Soul Society to return to their world, before he leaves though Ichigo is given a "Deputy Soul Reaper's Badge." Ichigo and the team leave the same way they com in unfortunately, running for their lives from the closing tunnel that devours souls. Ichigo complains about the treatment but Yoruichi reminds him that to leave any other way would take a hell butterfly and only Soul Reapers can control them. As they exit back into the human world they are greeted by Kisuke Urahara and the rest of his shop's occupants.

After returning back to the human world Ichigo and the team are flown home by Kiuke Urahara one at a time. Along the way he apologizes to Ichigo for not telling him about wht all he had sent the to the real world for. Ichigo doesn't get mad until Urahara explains that he didn't tell him because he was afraid Ichigo might get scared and not go. Ichigo tells Urahara that he should also apologize to Rukia. After seeing all his friends off Ichigo finally returns home and uses his badge to release Kon from his body so that he can get some rest. Ichigo doesn't get the chance however before his dad jumps into the room to wake him up for the day, leading up to another big fight between the two of them.

As Ichigo gets ready to return to school he finds a trinket his father had given him before he left and tries to return it. His father decides that he doesn't want it, so he instead ties it to the bottom of Ichigo's shirt. Before Ichigo can retaliate though he has to leave for the bus. At school Ichigo is met by his friends Keigo and Mizuiro before he reunites with Orihime, Chad, and Uryu in the classroom. Before Ichigo's class starts he runs into Tatsuki who can see the badge on Ichigo's belt. Ichigo is almost convinced the thing is broken when it suddenly sounds off with an alarming warning hi that a Hollow has arrived. Ichigo Chad and Orihime run off to defeat it, but are noticed by Tatsuki as they run across the school field. After school Ichigo brings Uryu home to have him fix Kon's tattered body. Ichigo almost stops Uryu to ask him if lost his power but decides against it.

Arrancar Arc

At school the next day Ichigo and the crew are meet a new student at their school Shinji Hirako. Ichigo blows Shinji off for the moment as a new Hollow alert comes through to him. Later that night Ichigo tries to read a manga at his house when the alert goes off again. Tired of listening to Kon complain about how he is stuck in the doll's body all the time Ichigo removes the Soul Candy from him and puts Kon in his own body. Ichigo leaves Kon to enjoy his time and sets out to cleanse the Hollow.

After defeating the Hollow, Ichigo meets the new official Soul Reaper for his town, Zennosuke Kurumadani. When Ichigo presents his badge Zennosuke says that he there is no such thing as a Deputy's badge. Before Ichigo can complain too much though he is attacked by Shinji, who also wields a Zanpaku- to. Confused, Ichigo demands to know what is happening, but is instead chastened by Shinji for letting off too much Spirit Pressure. Angrily Ichigo demands answers again and is answered as Shinji reveals that he too is a mask wearing Soul Reaper, a Vizard. Ichigo refuses Shinji's first invitation to join the Vizards and goes out to try to find all the intruders that have crossed over to find his spirit pressure.

After accepting Ichigo into their tutelage the Vizards as they realised that his inner-hollow was too dangerous,they put him to work running on an exercise machine to drain away his spirit energy so that they can start the next step in his training. However after several days Ichigo is still running and insist that he could go for much longer if he wanted but wants to move on now. Angry Hiyori begins to fight with Ichigo while the others begin deciding what to do. Ultimately Shinji convinces the others that they should just move on. Before Ichigo's excitement can die down though Shinji puts him out and the Vizards move to phase two as they move to an underground bunker and seal off Ichigo while his body awakens in his Hollow form. The Vizards line up to enter one at a time to keep his body distracted while his mind goes to battle. Lisa goes first and does a good job at defense evasiving manuevers. Kensei tags her out and takes the offense to the transforming Ichigo. He notes the hollow is progressing faster than anticipated. This was because Ichigo was losing the battle with his inner hollow.

Battle of the Souls

Inside of his body and mind Ichigo finds himself back in the city like setting that he first found Zangetsu. Hoping to figure things out with the old man in his Zanpakuto. The only problem is that the old man isn't there, but Ichigo's inner Hollow is, and he wants nothing more than to devour Ichigo. The Inner Hollow and Ichigo fight bitterly as the Hollow explains that he is the one who gave Ichigo all his powers he currently uses as he used them while he was controlled by the mask. Ichigo fights to zone out and recall his battles with Kenpachi and Byakuya. Ichigo realizes he must go off his own instinct of combat to keep moving forward Ichigo finds the will to prevail and defeats his inner hollow at last. He is warned not to let his guard down in using the Vizard Power. The inner hollow felt he had just as much right to be in control of the body as Ichigo. He also advises Ichigo not to die before their next encounter to see his real power. Kensei's fight comes to a halt as the Full Hollow around Ichigo shatters. Ichigo now had the ability to summon his mask at will. The remainder of his training is dealt with increasing the time limit of his Vizard Powers. Ichigo spends most his time facing Hiyori for unknown reasons. He gets to know each of the Vizards in the brief period of peace. During one session with Hiyori all are caught in alarm. Someone managed to enter their hideout even with the barriers set up by Hachigen, the biggest Vizard. The intruder was Orihime and came to update Ichigo on the agenda of Aizen to create the King's Key by sacrificing the souls of Karakura. Ichigo isnt too bothered by this revealation. He knows he is getting stronger and will be even more powerful when it is time to face Aizen.

After finding none of the Hollows that Ichigo had sensed he returns home and tries to continue his "normal" life. One day he is having a discussion with Karin when she asks him about Soul Reapers. Not sure if he should be telling her everything Ichigo laughs off the incident and has to run as a new threat has arrived. Unfortunately Ichigo is late and shows up in time to save Orihime and Chad from the new monsters, the Arrancar. When Ichigo tries to fight the massive Yammy he starts off doing fine, even cuts off one of his arms. The fight takes an ugly turn though as Ichigo's power gets shut off from him by his Inner- Hollow as he had refused to let his inner-hollow take control of him. Ichigo takes a real beating before Urahara and Yuroichi show up and save the team from the two. Ichigo returns home and turns in on himself, ignoring calls to kill Hollows and regretting having not been able to help Orihime and Chad.

Ichigo returns to school distraught by the reminders of his and the others loss to the Arrancar, but he doesn't have to wait long before the help arrives. While at school Ichigo is greeted by a team of Soul Reapers that includes Renji Abarai, Ikkaku Madarame, Yumichika Ayasegawa, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rangiku Matsumoto, and the one person that can motivate Ichigo, Rukia Byakuya. Before Ichigo can say anything he is beaten up by Rukia for becoming a coward. She drags him off from the school, leaving his body and taking his soul, in order to find a Hollow and make Ichigo regain his confidence in his Soul Reaper abilities.

Meeting Grimmjow for the first time.
Meeting Grimmjow for the first time.

The team returns to Ichigo's house and begin to plan out how they will stop the invasion of the Arrancar before it gets too late Ichigo tells everyone to leave and find somewhere to stay. As everything seems to be coming into place for Ichigo and the team when suddenly a rogue group of Arrancar attack. Ichigo manages to get out in time to Sado from being killed, but Rukia steps in and kills the Arrancar. As Ichigo watches a more powerful Arrancar, Grimmjow Jaggerjaques steps in and attack, nearly killing Rukia. Ichigo becomes enraged and attacks with his bankai, but he is beaten badly and only managed to injure grimmjow once with Getsuga Tenshō and is only save when Tosen steps in and retrieves the last Arrancar from the raiding party. Ichigo is left with the realization that he is too weak to defeat the higher leveled Arrancar and is brought back to full health by Orihime.

Finding Inner Strength

Ichigo comes to the conclusion that he is going to have to have a lot more power to win against the Arrancar so he sets out to find Shinji and the other Vizards. Ichigo follows the trail of energy that the Vizards leave for him and meets them in an abandoned warehouse Without hesitation Ichigo enters and demands that they teach him how to control his inner Hollow. Shinji mocks Ichigo and demands that he make him, causing Ichigo to attack. Shinji easily deflects and counters Ichigo's attacks driving him to a stalemate without even using his release for his zanpaku- to or Hollow powers on Ichigo. Ichigo and Shinji battle it out momentarily before Hiyori steps in and uses her mask abilities and starts clobbering Ichigo. Unfortunately for Hiyori though Ichigo's Hollow self takes over and nearly kills Hiyori before the others can step in and stop him.

A few months of peace is ended in the arrival of the Espadas. Ulquiorra, Yammy, Luppi, Wonderweiss, and Grimmjow have come on a special mission. Ichigo felt their spiritual energy and left the Vizards despite his incompletion of training. He ends up facing the one armed Grimmjow who is set to fight Ichigo and no other. This time Ichigo shows his Vizard power to shock Grimmjow. He dominates the battle as Grimmjow struggles against him. Ichigo was ready to end it when his mask broke and allowed Grimmjow to gain the upper hand. Rukia arrived to freeze the former Espada and save Ichigo from a cero. She went to Ichigo's aid only to fall prey to Grimmjow. Shinji arrived to save the pair and drive Grimmjow into a fit of rage. Ulquiorra arrived to retrieve Grimmjow before showing his released form to Ichigo. Ichigo was badly hurt and his spirit was distrupted by Grimmjow's blows. He would rest at home unaware the Espada accomplished their secret mission to abduct Orihime for Aizen.Ichigo wounds are healed overnight with Orihime playing her hand. It is good timing as Toshiro came to summon Ichigo to an urgent meeting. Ichigo learns from Soul Soceity that Orihime may have been abducted by the Hollows. Yamamato has a theory that Orihime really defected to aid the enemy which angers Ichigo alot. Renji stops Ichigo from any further outburst. He tries to use the fact of being assigned to Karakura and get to be on a team assigned to rescue Orihime. Yamamato denies this request and wants to abandon the girl as a single human was unimportant during such harsh times. Rukia openly states planning to go against her orders. That is when Kenpachi and Byakuya make an appearance to halt any of the Shinigami from leaving their assigned post. Ichigo decided to go himself but Yamamato found this unacceptable as well. Ichigo was on par with a captain in terms of combat ability and Yamamato didnt want to lose such a powerful ally before a brewing war got underway. Ichigo had nothing more to say as none would give him any hand at saving Orihime or tell her means to go save her.

Hueco Mundo Arc

Ichigo goes back to school after missing for a few months. Friends greet in him relief and thought Ichigo dropped out. All goes well until Tatsuki approaches Ichigo about Orihime their mutual acquaintence. She tells of being able to know that Orihime is not even in town anymore. Ichigo defends himself trying to make it seem as if Tatsuki is crazy and plays naive to her rambling. This enrages the girl and she reveals being able to see spirits. Tatsuki lets Ichigo know of witnessing his fights as a shinigami. She points out they have always been closer than friends and Ichigo was wrong for hiding stuff from her for so long. Ichigo leaves wanting Tatsuki and his friends to no longer concern themselves of his well being. Ichigo later meets with Urahara with plans to find a back door to Hueco Mundo and save Orihime by himself. He is surprised as Ishida and Chad emerge from the shadows planning to tag along for the suicide mission. Urahara opens the gateway known as Garganta and Ichigo leaves with his two comrades. Once gone Urahara addresses Tatsuki, Mizruiro, and Keigo that had been spying on the conversation that took place. Ichigo transverses across Garganta to break way into the realm of Hueco Mundo. He and the others are welcomed by two arrancar named Demora and Iceringer guarding the way into Hueco Mundo's domain of Las Noches. Ichigo is asked to stand aside as Chad and Ishida wanted to display the fruits of their long training. Unfortunately the death of the guardians led to the break down the path into Las Noches. Ichigo and his friends ended up in the desert where he meets Nel, a child arrancar. Nel and her brothers Pesche and Dondo fear the Shinigami as they kill Hollows.

Ichigo gains the trust of Nel and is guided through the desert until facing the sand hollow Lunaganga. Ichigo's direct attacks proved useless. Renji and Rukia show up to save the day, Rukia uses her ice based attacks to freeze and shatter Lunaganga. The group reach Las Noches and split into different directions to search for Orihime. Ichigo ends having Nel follow him as she grew fond of him. Ichigo ends being confronted by a Privaron Espada named Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio. They collide with Dordonii urging Ichigo to push himself to the limits if to survive. Ichigo used bankai to become on par and his vizard form to end it. Ichigo uses Nel to heal Dordonii for him to counterattack and have his sword broken this time. Ichigo proceeded leaving Dordonii crushed. This led Ichigo and Nel before Ulquirroa who reveals being the one that abducted Orihime and made her look like a traitor. Ichigo immediately goes Vizard and is able to drive back the apparent leading Espada. Ulquiorra gains the upper hand leaving Ichigo battered and bruised. He added insult to injury by revealing himself as the 4th Espada where Ichigo thought him at the top. Ichigo was then impaled in the chest and left to die. Fortunately Grimmjow arrived with Orihime to save Ichigo. She does so even though Grimmjow wants Ichigo saved for him to kill. This leads to a long awaited battle as Ichigo fought Grimmjow toe to toe in his resurrected state. Ichigo in his prolonged Vizard form was able to triumph over Grimmjow at last. The taste of victory is short lived in coming of Nnorita Jiruga comes after dealing a mortal blow to Chad hours earlier. He goes to finish off Grimmjow but Ichigo protects the Espada he came to respect through combat. Nnorita finds it amusing and crushes Ichigo spirits revealing himself a step higher than Grimmjow as the 5th Espada. Ichigo was helpless as Nnorita beat him soundly with Nnorita's Fraccion Tesla holding Orihime at bay, Suddenly Nel underwent a transformation into her Espada persona of Neliel to save Ichigo. She reveals herself as the previous 3rd Espada and commenced to attack Nnorita. As the battled waged Ichigo was in awe and even more so when Neliel revealed her resurrected state. Nnorita was against the ropes when Neliel just reverted back to child arrancar form from exertion on her body. Nnorita knocked her out for good measures. He resumed to the gradually degradation of Ichigo. Tesla was offered the killing blow as Nnorita wanted to make Orihime watch Ichigo die. This is when Kenpachi arrived to kill Tesla in one blow. Kenpachi ends up fighting with Nnorita and reveals other captains arrived as well to aid Ichigo.kenpachi managed to kill nnoitra in the end All seemed well when Stark suddenly arrived in Sonido fashion. He took Orihime admist Ichigo and Kenpachi and was gone in less than a blink of the eye, and this begins the showdown between the Shinigami and Hollows in a fake Karakura Town.

Fake Karakura Town

The captains face off with the top 3 Espada and their lethal Fraccion in the Fake Karakura. Ichigo focusses on reaching Ulquiorra who has been left in charge of Las Noches. They resume fighting with Ulquiorra continuing to talk down to Ichigo and play mind games. Ichigo isnt phased and proves to be a much better challenge since encountering both Grimmjow and Nnorita. Ulquiorra thinks either he is becoming more human or Ichigo more hollow for their equal footing. Ichigo finally manages to slice into Ulquiorra and surprises the Espada. Ulquiorra goes to crush Ichigo's spirit but Orihime saves him.

Perfect Hollowfication Ichigo vs. Uiquiorra
Perfect Hollowfication Ichigo vs. Uiquiorra

Trouble comes when Loly and Menoly return to torment Orihime. Ichigo is forced to combat Ulquiorra if he wants to save the girl. Matters grow worst in return of Yammy. Luckily Ishida manages to show up and is able to take out Yammy. Ichigo charges Ishida to protect Orihime while he prepares to attempt to defeat Ulquiorra. Atop Las Noches Ichigo dawns his mask and gains the advantage in facing Ulquiorra. Things change when Ulquiorra reveals two laws against the top 4 Espada. Ulquirroa reveals a Gran Ray Cero that shatters Ichigo's mask. Ichigo then bares witness to Ulquirroa's ressurection. Ichigo

is drastically outclassed but refuses to submit. He knows the odds are against him but he fights on to baffle Ulquiorra even more. This leads Ulquiorra to reveal his own unique second stage ressurection. Ichigo tries to reform his mask but it is broken by Ulquiorra and he recieves another point blank cero to the chest. Orihime and Ishida rise atop Las Noches after witness the intense array of energy that was unleashed. They find Ichigo near death and the stage 2 Ulquirroa descending upon them. Ishida takes charge to battle the espada. Orihime desperately begins attemping to heal Ichigo. Ulquirroa easily disarms Ishida literally by tearing away his left hand. Orihime's cry of desperation reach Ichigo and spark his own hollow resurrection. Ichigo flesh pales and he grows a new mask with long horns and long orange hair. He rises no longer resembling a shinigami at all. Ichigo reveals some telekinetic ability to attrach his zanpakuto by will. He then immediately lets out a powerful new cero from the edge of his horns. Ulquirroa dodged the massive attack only to find Ichigo behind him. Ichigo quickly sliced off Ulquiorra entire left arm. However, Ulquirroa regenrates his arms and reveals that his greatest power is regeneration. Ichigo then used sonido and cuts off his one of his body parts. Ichigo cuts Ulquiorra into half and charges a cero near pointblank at Ulquiorra to destroy him.

After a short recovery, Ichigo rejoins Renji, Chad, and Rukia in their ongoing battle with Yammy and let's them now he's in control. After a few quick taunts, and maneuvering to get Yammy away from his friends, Ichigo dons a new Hollow mask with a different design and unleashes a devastating Getsuga Tensho. Having thought Yammy defeated, Ichigo removes his mask but contemplates on why it felt so heavy, but he is interrupted by Yammy and an onslaught of attacks.

Ichigo isn't worried though, as he easily deflects the attacks and finds it sickening that Yammy treats his fellow comrades as such lowly trash and as he goes to don his mask again but finds he is unable to. Yammy takes quick advantage and grabs Ichigo and starts taunting him. Just as Yammy looks to deliver the final blow, he is blindside by a Sokatsui spell and one of his limbs have been destroyed. As the smoke clears, we find Kuchiki Byakuya and Kenpachi Zaraki ready to do battle.

Kenpachi and Byakuya urge Ichigo to return to Karakura Town and assist in its defense. Ichigo is joined by Unohana Retsu on his trip back and given a few pointers about Aizen and his Shikai. Ichigo is warned to NOT look at Aizen's Shikai and that is the key to his defeat. Unohana notices something bizarre about Ichigo and his shihakusho (or shinigami robes) in that depsite only having a sleeve remaining, his power level is on par to a captain level shinigami. She makes sure to heal him before the reach their destination.

Ichigo's first sight of Karakura Town is Aizen's back, adn as he goes to attack, he is met by a barrier and a greeting...From Aizen himself. Aizen advises ichgo should use his mask and give him all that he's got, Ichigo obliges but is nowhere close to being able to accomplish his goal. Aizen mocks Ichigo's plight and ask why he fights. Aizen claims Ichigo only fights because it's his responsibility, no other reason. As Ichigo's courage waivers, he is greeted by the remaining Gotei 13 and Vizards who immediately lend a hand in the fight. As various captains start their attack on Aizen, Shinji questions Ichigo on why he didn't return with Orihime, but see Unohana and feels he made the right choice. And then joins the fight against Aizen.

Ichigo carefully watched the battle unfold and eerily watches as the captains grow happy with their offensive, as he cries out to their celebration, all the captains suddenly realze their mistake and that they're under Aizen's influence. Only too late to realize they (Hitsugaya) have impaled Hinamori Momo in place of Aizen. As the remaining fighters are easily put down, Ichigo sees Yamamoto step up to fight. Yamamoto delivers a few devastating attacks but spends majority of his power on the Arrancar Wonderweiss, and as he hits Aizen with a Hado, Ichigo attacks from above and sends Azien to the ground. As he arises, Ichigo notices the speed of Aizen's regeneration and assumes he's hollowfied himself, but Aizen laughs it off and advises that he has the Hogyoku within him. He then shocks Ichigo but telling him, all that has come to pass, was a result of his own doing.

As Aizen causes Ichigo to question everything he has done up to that point, invoking more rage and attacks from Ichigo, he tells Ichigo he's know about him since his birth. A stunned Ichigo is soon joined by his father Issun and is quickly ensured that he is his father, by a nice head-butt. As he regains his composure, Ichigo lets his father take over the battle against Aizen and goes after Gin. Thinking he has the upper hand, Ichigo attacks Gin from behind, only to be blocked. Gin greets Ichigo and remarks that it has been a long time since their last battle. Ichigo starts to explain his battle philosophy and how he can generally get a good idea of his opponents through clashing swords, but Gin is seemingly uninterested in what Ichigo has to say. Although he considers Ichigo less interesting than their first encounter, he sees why Aizen has taken a shine to him. Gin turns Ichigo's attention to his Zanpakutō, and quizzes Ichigo on if he knows its true power. Gin lets hi know it can extend up to 13km (8.08 miles) and instead of drilling more knowledge, he decides to unleash it. Ichigo easily blocks it to Gin's surprise and Gin states how creepy he thinks Ichigo truly is. Gin then goes on the offensive once again, only this time he is unsure of the health of his sword, and although Ichigo is able to defend, he is still grazed by Gin's attack. He then analyzes Gin's bankai and how it's not the strength or length but it's speed that is the true danger. Gin lets Ichigo knwo that despite all he has learned about his attack, his chance for victory is not good.

After blocking another of Gin's attacks, Ichigo's father interrupts the battle and diverts Ichigo's attention to see Aizen enveloped by the Hōgyoku. Astoundced by what is happening, Ichigo completely takes his mind of the battle with Gin to watch. Suddenly, Kisuke, Isshin and Yoruichi all attack Aizen in his new form as Ichigo watches on. Gin warns Ichigo his back is wide open, but assures him he has no plans to attack, he wants Ichigo to watch what Aizen is capable of. Gin teases Ichigo that his allies will die but Ichigo let's him know, he won't allow that. Although he is unsure of what Aizen is capable of Gin claims that Ichigo has lost all faith in his friends/allies and really is a kid after all and deems him unworthy to die at Aizen's hands and resumes his attack. Seemingly toying with Ichigo, Gin notes that Ichigo seems as though his fierce spirit has waned, losing interest, he tells him to just run away. He tells Ichigo that he now "knows" of Aizen's true power and raises his Zanpakutō but is stopped by Aizen who orders him to open a Senkaimon (doorway) to Soul Society. Gin obliges as Ichigo's "stop" falls on deaf ears. As Aizen's sheel dissipates, he and Gin leave through the Senkaimon as Isshin returns to his feet and asks Ichigo to do the same. since Aizen is heading towards the real Karakura Town. Hesitant to do so, Ichigo explains trat there is no way for them to beat Aizen now and any attempt is futile. Isshin understands that Ichigo is still unaware of Aizne's power and asks Ichigo to follow him. When he doesn't, Isshin yells that Ichigo must do this, for if he doesn't, all the people he loves in the real Karakura Town will be destroyed by Aizen. Finally realizing the severity of the situation, Ichigo and his father leave through the Senkaimon.

While traveling through the Dangai, Isshin feels an odd feeling about the Koutotsu and knows that Aizen must have destroyed it. Isshin decides that this is as good a time as any to train Ichigo to since the Koutotsu isn't going to remove them. Ichigo questions the training process and what it could be and his father reveals he shall teach him the "final" Getsuga Tenshō. As Ichigo meditates to enteer his inner world, Isshin tests him to make sure he's ready. As Ichigo doges his attack, Isshin notes that he's no ready. He's concludes that Ichigo hasn't been as in sync with his sword as he first thought. Ichigo tells his dad that this route is new to him, and Isshin advises that due to that, he may not be accessing his powers correctly; he's more or less forcing them. As Ichigo starts to become enveloped in his inner world, he is warned that Zangetsu will not be as understanding as he was once before. As he awakens in a city underwater, he thrust into a building and greeted by a hooded being. He tells him to simply breathe and advises Ichigo that he isn't recognized by Ichigo because he's never come to the world while in bankai. The being soon unveils his Tensa Zangetsu to Ichigo's surprise. As he attacks, Ichigo asks if he is Zangetsu to which he denies and what his bankai is called. The stranger replies Tensa Zangetsu and continues the assault. While Ichigo aims to slow the battle down, Tensa Zangetsu reveals he knows why Ichigo is here, to learn the Final Getsuga Tensho, but lets him know he is incapable of learning such an attack. Tensa Zangetsu continues his attack and surprises Ichigo by saying what they're working hard to protect are not the same.

Still curious as to why Zangetsu will not lend his strength to him, Ichigo demands to know why. Zangetsu informs Ichigo due to his recent battle with his refusal to move forward, he has changed his inner world, and he must fight to fix it. Zangetsu pierces into Ichigo's chest and pulls out his "source of despair," which is in the form Ichigo took during his battle with Ulquiorra. Stunned, Ichigo looks on as the form reveals itself to be his inner hollow. Shocked, Ichigo stares in disbelief at the form in front of him as Zangetsu informs him he (Ichigo) was once in this form. He then advises Ichigo that he must beat them both, as he splits himself and Ichigo's inner hollow in two and combines themselves into one being.

Lost Agent of the Substitute Shinigami Arc

This is a short arc that takes place after Kurosaki Ichigo defeats Aizen. Ichigo is now in his final year of High School. He recalls that Chad and Orihime had already told the others about him losing his powers while he was unconscious. He also notes that since his powers disappeared, Karin's has been getting stronger and since Karin has not asked him about it, Ichigo figures that she is dealing with it well. When looking in his bag one day he sees his subsitiute shinigami badge noting that it was useless now. He then notices Uryū running out of the classroom, aware that Uryū began taking over the Hollow extermination he used to cover. At lunch, Keigo asks Ichigo about his career after high school. Ichigo asks if it's too early to think about that. Keigo tells him that his grades were good when he began high school, but started slipping during the second half of first year. Ichigo states that he still did well in school despite his Shinigami duties interfering with his school work. When Keigo asks about Rukia, Ichigo questions why he brought her up and states that she is not assigned to Karakura Town any more. He also says she has no need anymore and that he was okay being a normal person again. As he walks home with Mizuiro and Keigo, Ichigo stops an armed thief, reflecting as he does so that he still has the body and reflexes of someone trained to fight and win. He returns the stolen property to its owner. He says thanks him and asks to treat him to some ramen although Ichigo simply rejects. The next day, Ichigo has a dream in which he sees silhouettes of Renji and Rukia telling him to wake up. He awakens to the sound of Isshin, who pounces on him. Ichigo dodges, sending Isshin through an open window. Ichigo dismisses Isshin's complaints, saying that he would go to Soul Society if he died.

The thousand year war Arc

During the final arc Ichigo and his friends try to save hundo mundo from the Vandenreich and save soul socitey.


Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is generally arrogrant, stubborn, reckless, short-tempered, cocky, determined, outspoken, strong-willed, witty, cynical, impulsive, and is extremely protective of his friends and family, particularly those who have been captured by his enemies, Rukia during the Soul Society arc, Senna in Bleach: Memories of Nobody, Orihime during the Hueco Mundo arc, and Rurichiyo during the Captain Amagai arc. He also gets extremely uncomfortable around nude or scanly-clad women, such as Rangiku and Yoruichi. He is also a little cocky and has been known to taunt and threaten his opponents when fighting. Ichigo has a habit of misreading other people's names, such as Uryuu Ishida and Yasutora Sado. It has also been a running gag in the series on how he keeps forgetting his classmate's faces and names. He can also go into a deep state of depression when he loses a major battle. Ichigo is somewhat analytical and can catch on to things much quicker than others can, such as in the second OVA when he realized that the shinigami villain, Baishin, had merged with his zanpakutou before others like Soi Fon, Yoruichi, Rukia, and Renji did, and also in the Bount arc where he realized that Kisuke Urahara was the one behind the "training sessions" with the Modsouls. He is also warm and has a kind heart, though.

Ichigo has some trouble with respect and is quite rude when talking to those older than him. He tends to call some captains by their given names despite verbal protests from the latter two and almost never uses any honorifics. But he does treat some people with respect (Yoruichi Shihoin, Kisuke Urahara, Jushiro Ukitake). He calls Captain Yamamoto "gramps". The same is true with shinigami "royalty", such as Shuu and Rurichiyo.

Ichigo hasn't shown any romantic type feelings to any females in the series except for Senna. This is likely due to the fact that he and Senna spent quality time together, and Ichigo bought a ribbon for her. This apparently made the two very close. Another sign of his dedication to her was when he refused to give up on her after she was captured. There is also a strong bond between him and Rukia, and their love-hate relationship has romantic potential. Orihime is in love with Ichigo, but he has yet to show outward signs of sharing similar feelings, and has only shown protective feelings for her.

Powers & Abilities

Ichigo is just like any other teenager in most ways. However he does have a rare innate spiritual powers that allows him to sense, communicate and interact with ghosts and other spiritual beings.

Ichigo character is versatile and unique to the point he is able to quickly adapt to situations and his surroundings. Picking up new skills and concepts, Ichigo is able to learn these quickly and with relative ease. This would prove a worthy ability in the numerous forms he would come to inherit.

Perceived to be athletic, Ichigo has had formal and informal (by his father who constantly tries to sneak attack him) martial arts training, making him a rather quite skilled fighter (as demonstrated by taking on a group of punks who had knocked over a mini shrine in memory of a deceased girl).

As a Shinigami, Ichigo abilities are greatly enhanced, granting him amazing strength, speed and a powerful sword called a Zanpakuto. He is able to use this Zanpakuto to destroy Hollows (devouring spirits) and other spiritual beings, as well as fire powerful, focused blasts from the blades edge. Ichigo's ability to amazing adapt and pick up difficult concepts and quickly learn how to use his powers in complex and creative ways.

Ichigo almost becomes a hollow while he is training with Urahara and later developes a split personality that is an evil hollow like creature that looks like a soul reaper called a Vizard.

While in that form he is at full power, but has an evil behavior that is bent on destroying whoever is in it's way. Eventually Ichigo finds a way to overcome the Hollow and harness the emense powers that his Hollow side has to offer.

As a Soul Reaper Ichigo has the ability to perform a Soul Cleansing on spirits called Wholes, spirits who are not Hollows, but who have yet to pass on to the Soul Society (kinda like Heaven, or maybe limbo).

When Ichigo defeats a Hollow they will be cleansed too and go to the Soul Society, unless the person has committed crimes against others (i.e. murder), then they are sent to Hell. As far as his hand to hand combat goes Ichigo learned martial arts as a child and his father attacks him daily to help him stay on his toes.

Hollow Forms

Ichigo with his Hollow mask
Ichigo with his Hollow mask

We first encounter Ichigo’s Hollow form when he fights to regain his Shinigami powers with Kisuke Uruharra. Fortunately this vicious form is cut short as Ichigo fights and regains control over his body to finally rediscover his Shinigami powers. This form re-appears once more when Ichigo is attempting to gain better control of his Hollow mask, essentially becoming a Vizard.

Although we do not see the full extent of this form’s power, we can interpret it to be very considerable as it takes several experienced Vizards to finally wear it down to allow Ichigo to take over and control this form.

By accessing part of his Hollow side and merging it with that of his Shinigami powers, Ichigo power levels are once again greatly increased, although not many more abilities manifest. In addition to this form he is capable of enduring and sustain vast amounts of damage and regeneration at a monstrous level. He has been shown to physically transform when he uses his Vizard powers, but the transformation has never been completed so this other version of him has yet to be seen.

This Hellish form has only been witnessed once. Beaten and mutilated by a Hollow Resurrection stage 2 Ulquiorra, Ichigo returns from the brink of death into the form of a nightmarish version of his Hollow form. The power of this form is such that Ulquiorra is torn apart by this mindless and savage creature. Within this form Ichigo is capable of unleashing Cero blasts so strong it illuminates the vast black expanse blinding those who witness it.


The zanpakuto (soul-cutting sword) is the Shinigami ‘s weapon that is a manifestation of their soul and personality. Each zanpakutou have three different forms. There is the sealed for which all zanpakutous start as. By learning the name of the zanpakutou the user can unlock the Second form call Shikai, abd the last form can only be reached through intense training. This is called the Bankai. Ichigo's sword is named Zangetsu.

Zangestu's Forms

Sealed Form
Ichigi's Zangetsu's sealed form
Ichigi's Zangetsu's sealed form
In it's unreleased form, Ichigo's zanpaku-to takes the shape of an over-sized katana due to Ichigo's lack of control of his spirit energy. This version of the sword is initially easily broken by Byakuya Kuchiki, Rukia's adoptive brother, because he never learned how to connect to his sword. Ichigo goes under heavy training with Kisuke Urahara and learns that zanpakuto's have names and their names are how their true power can be unlocked.
Zangetsu in Shikai form
Zangetsu in Shikai form
Ever since regaining his Shinigami powers from Kisuke Urahara’s training, Ichigo’s zanpakuto is now constantly in it’s Shikai form. Ichigo’s zanpakuto takes on the appearance of an oversize, black and white cleaver.
Ichigo's Zamgetsu in Bankai form
Ichigo's Zamgetsu in Bankai form
Like with most high level Shinigami, Ichigo can tap into his zanpakuto’s final release or what is otherwise known as their Bankai. This occurs by learning his sword's name, Zangetsu. This unlocks it’s full potential and grant’s its user an increase of their own abilities several times over.

Ichigo’s Bankai is unique in the sense that rather than a large expansion of his spirit energy, it virtually compresses it. Not only does Ichigo’s appearance turn sleek, so does his sword. By compressing his power Ichigo is capable of movement at such high speeds and velocities. This makes Ichigo’s even more potent and extremely difficult to dodge.

In this form he is able to shoot out another version of Getsuga Tensho that is potentially more powerful and devastating. Aptly named Tensa Zangetsu (“heaven chain cutting the moon”), it is black wave shaped like a crescent moon in appearance. The power of the blast can be contained within his sword and be adapt to such that when he strike it has the power of Tensa Zangetsu behind it.

Getsuga Tensho

A super powerful techinque and Ichigo's strongest attack in shikai form. This attack has done large scale damage in battle and Ichigo has used it in many different ways Ichigo's getsuga tensho is a blue energy wave, but through time Ichigo's getsuga tensho changes

Enhanced Getsuga Tensho: Kuroi Getsuga

Also meaning Black moon fang this attack was created through Ichigo's hollow form. It is 20x more powerful than the original form. And with enough power it can wound even a espada's heirro. Ulquirra describes it as being similar to Cero Oscuras


A technique acquired from the Bankai form of Ichigo's Zanpakutō Spirit, Tensa Zangetsu powers. This is in which Ichigo becomes his attack, but it comes at a giant price. When Ichigo becomes Getsuga he can no longer use his shinigami powers thus losing them forever along with his hollow. Ichigo received the understanding of what using this technique will mean for him as well as the essentials of the technique and yet Ichifo still made the choice to use changing his own fate. Thus becoming Mugetsu or moonless sky.

Zangetsu's Spirit

Old Man Zangetsu
Old Man Zangetsu

Ichigo learns his Zanpaku-to's name is Zangetsu. A sword in it's first form has no hilt or hand guard and looks more like giant a clever. In the released form of Zangetsu the zanpaku- to looks like a giant cleaver. The sword lacks a guard and has a wrap around it's handle that hangs from the end of the handle. In his release form Zangetsu can release a very powerful blast of energy when Ichigo is focused on his fight.

Zangetsu is Ichigo's blade but it's also a living entity. Zangetsu appears to Ichigo as a man (he calls him "old man Zangetsu") with dark glasses, a black coat and a walking stick. Zangetsu "lives" in the sword but also in Ichigo's mind. Outside of Ichigo he has no powers but sometimes acts as a guiding voice to help Ichigo in tough situations. Inside, Zangetsu seems to have complete control over the spiritual portion of Ichigo. This spiritual side is represented by a open blue sky filled with huge, floating buildings. Zangetsu's attacks in sword formis called getsuga tenshō, which means moon sky-piercing fang. And Zangetsu in bankai form is called Tensa Zangetsu (Heavenly chains moon cutter).

Tensa Zangetsu

Zangetsu takes on a completely different form in bankai In Bankai form. he resembles a teenage version of himself and appears to be closer to Ichigo's age. He has long ragged black hair. He is dressed in a tattered, black hooded cloak that flares out into ragged ends. Zangetsu seems to portray the same cool and calm collectives as he would when not in Bankai; however, he is far more aggressive.

Other Media


Ichigo has consistently remained in the anime since the first episode, except for certain filler episodes and parts of the plot not centered on him. Otherwise, Ichigo's role in the anime is generally consistent with his role in the manga.


As a main protagonist, ichigo has appeared in all four of the Bleach films, which are the following:

Bleach: Memories of Nobody (2006)

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007)

Bleach: Fade to Black (2008)

Bleach: Hell Chapter (2010)

Video Games

Ichigo has appeared in several video games, usually with a very different set of skills in each, dependent on the date of release. For example, in certain games you don't have access to Ichigo's Vizard powers.

Bleach: Heat the Soul (2005, PSP)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 2 (2005, PSP)

Bleach Advance: Kurenai ni Somaru Soul Society (2005, GameBoy Advance)

Jump Super Stars (2005, DS)

Bleach GC: Tasogare ni Mamieru Shinigami (2005, Gamecube)

Bleach: Erabareshi Tamashii (2005, PS2)

Bleach: Hanatareshi Yabou (2006, PS2)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 3 (2006, PSP)

Bleach: Shattered Blade (2006, Wii)

Jump Ultimate Stars (2006, DS)

Bleach: The Blade Of Fate (2006, DS)

Bleach: Blade Battlers (2006, PS2)

Bleach: Dark Souls (2007, DS)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 4 (2007, PSP)

Bleach: Blade Battlers 2nd (2007, PS2)

Bleach: Versus Crusade (2008, Wii)

Bleach: The 3rd Phantom (2008, DS)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 5 (2008, PSP)

Bleach: Soul Carnival (2008, PSP)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 6 (2009, PSP)

Bleach: Soul Carnival 2 (2009, PSP)

Bleach: Flame Bringer (2009, DS)

Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 (2010, PSP)


Ichigo has appeared in all the Bleach Rock Musicals, portrayed by actor Tatsuya Isaka.

Rock Musical BLEACH

Rock Musical BLEACH Saien

Rock Musical BLEACH The Dark of The Bleeding Moon

Rock Musical BLEACH Live Bankai Show Code 001

Rock Musical BLEACH No Clouds in the Blue Heavens

Rock Musical BLEACH Live Bankai Show Code 002

Rock Musical BLEACH The All

Rock Musical BLEACH Live Bankai Show Code 003

CDs and Recordings

Ichigo has been featured in two volumes from the Bleach Beat Collection of Bleach seiyuu singing character songs: one solo, and once as part of the duets on Rukia's character songs.

He has also been part of eight Drama CDs based on the Bleach series, as well as the Radio DJCD Bleach "B" Station CD Sets.

Light Novels

Ichigo has been featured as a main character in the two light novels based on the Bleach universe.

BLEACH: Letters from the Other Side: The Death and The Strawberry - (December 15, 2004)

BLEACH: The Honey Dish Rhapsody - (October 30, 2006)

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Johnny Yong Bosch
Masakazu Morita
Rank Game #1663 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Ichigo Kurosaki
Name: 黒崎 一護
Romanji: Kurosaki Ichigo
Gender: Male
Birthday: 06/15/1992
1st manga book: Bleach #1
1st anime episode: Bleach #1
1st anime movie: Bleach: Memories of Nobody
Aliases Strawberry
Shinigami Daiko
Substitute Shinigami
Ichigo Shiba
Recent Movies
Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy

The 2nd Bleach OVA. Ichigo and the rest of Soul Society must stop a deadly Shinigami.

Bleach: Memories in the Rain

The 1st Bleach OVA. This is a different version of episodes 8-9, this special focuses more on Ichigo's feelings regarding his mother's death.

Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse

Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse is the 4th Bleach movie which also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the series. The main plot of the movie ...

Bleach: Fade to Black

The 3rd Bleach movie. Mysterious attackers kidnap Rukia from Soul Society and erase the memories of Rukia from all the Soul Reapers. Only Ichigo can ...

Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion

The 2nd Bleach movie. A valuable artifact known as the Kings Seal was stolen while Hitsugaya was transporting it. The Ohter captains believe Hitsugaya stole ...

Bleach: Memories of Nobody

The 1st Bleach movie.

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Willpower-Based Constructs
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Darkforce Manipulation
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