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Ichigo 100% Original DVD Animation is an anime series in the Ichigo 100% franchise
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Forest Rumblings; 100% Strawberry Reviewed by DCypher on Jan. 30, 2012. DCypher has written 4 reviews. His/her last review was for Ichigo 100% Original DVD Animation. 1 out of 4 users recommend his reviews. 0 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Ichigo 100%

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This is going to be short and may seem brutal but I wanted to quickly review this, almost as quickly as I watched and read it. It's not that I don't understand the premise, the drawings, the style or whatever but some things just don't ring true to me.  
I always thought I should throw my cold cruel black hearted feelings about romance manga and anime out there so at least I'm being honest. 
I tried to read it, hard, the drawings seemed badly finished and not filter tip finished. The characters are like large blocks of wood that one would be better GROWING strawberries in and overall it reminded me of movies like Transmorphers. Bleach fans might accidentally read it, which I did. 
May seem like I'm ragging on this for no reason? I'm start to get close to reading Fruits Basket and Fairy Tail is screaming at me, both of which have .. girls and stuff. I'm excited to read them, I am, I know what Bible Black is and I've watched Ouran Movies but this, this whole straight up romance thing, is just painful to me. I really can't explain how much I can't understand it. 
I've been single, for ages, btw, so its not like a condescending "ha, I'm ok, you losers read that" sort of thing. I want to understand why Girls read this stuff and feel, sort of, better. 'Cos I don't, I feel like men are just gratuitous porn watching faces with haircuts, jawlines and pectorals to be rubbed up against like some sort of washboard with dildo attached.  Which we aren't, we also write emo poetry too. 
Nonetheless, I'm not japanese and don't claim to be capable of culturally empathising with a thousand years of artistic iconography. But some stuff is universally cool and this kind of bland love making wannabe-ness isn't, we over here, like our love stories dimorphic, crazy, sexy and with some sort of dramatic resolution. Most people in the west who read this would pretty much sleep with any girl who was offering it without marriage, and would have to just to avoid being virgins forever. Like me. 
I'll let you know how I get on with fruits basket. Right after I'm done with Shaman King, baby.

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 1/10: Somebody still had to draw it and the pictures are cool for most of the time. I couldn't draw like that.
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