I Won't Say Goodbye

I Won't Say Goodbye is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 03/24/2012


I Won't Say Goodbye - "Sayonara wa iimasen" (さよならは言いません)

It's the final episode in the Beelzebub series. After Aoi and the rest of the Ishiyama delinquents shed tears over the loss of Oga and Beel, Alaindelon shocks them by bringing back Oga and Beel. Things do not go smoothly when Hilda states that the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the humans. This means Beel's goal is no more and that he and his gang will go home.

Will Oga, Beel, and the gang part ways forever?

Plot Summary

A row of delinquents at St. Ishiyama are crying their eyes out for Oga. It has been a week since Oga has disappeared. The gang stare at Oga's desk that they decorated with their signatures. By the river bank, Aoi cries and a bunch of delinquents cry, too. Kanzaki starts yelling for Oga which has the others doing it, too. Suddenly, Alaindelon appears and rushes out like a boat. Out comes Oga and Beel, and Aoi demands that he gives back her tears. On the following day, Oga explains how he relax in the demon world to Furuichi.

Beel wants his favorite manga
Beel wants his favorite manga

Later, the teacher from Akumano Academy goes to his new classroom only to discover that he is teaching Lord En and his Pillar Generals again. He shoots out like a rocket out of the class. As Oga and his group pass by, Lord En wants them to play his game, King Game. Aoi begins explaining the game according to Komainu. After Aoi smacks Koma, Lord En explains that his father's army is coming to destroy them and that he cannot come home if the human world is not conquered. At Oga's house, Hilda gives the message about how the Great Demon Lord is not going to destroy the human world. Then, Oga asks Beel and the others if they have to go back home now that their goal is gone. Suddenly, Alaindelon freaks out about leaving Furuichi, and he grabs him and goes crazy. Oga hands back Baby Beel to Hilda, and Lamia beg to stay. Baby Beel goes beserk and runs to his toys after kicking Hilda. Hilda tries to grab him, and Beel goes underneath her to show her his favorite manga, Gohan. Then, Beel goes downstairs to explains that he won't leave until watching the last Gohan episode. Bursting out of the door, Oga's parents and Misaki see Hilda on the ground in a groveling position.

Aoi draws Agiel's measurements
Aoi draws Agiel's measurements

Later that night, Oga washes Beel and have a man to man talk while Hilda and Lamia talk on the roof of the house. On the following day, Kanzaki and his gang find Beel in a bad mood. Oga goes to the teacher's lounge to tell Zenjuro the news. Zenjuro tells him to take Black Baby Beel with him. In class, Nene and her gang asks Aoi to beat up the Akumano Academy people. Kanzaki and Himekawa brag a bit, and Toujou appears. Toujou runs off to fight the demon generals with Kanzaki and Himekawa chasing him. Aoi restrains her Red Tail gang, and Koma gives Aoi some dirty words about stripping Agiel. Meanwhile, Toujo finds the class empty, and the professor explains that Lord En and his group left in a hurry. Koma manages to trick Aoi in drawing Agiel's body, W, X, and Y, and almost talk about Agiel's measurements. As the day ends, Oga wipes the floor with some punks without Beel's help. He tells Aoi that Beel is going home and to bring Kouta to his house for dinner.

At Oga's home, more ruckus ensues. Meanwhile, Furuichi dreams that Hilda is trying to sleep with Oga. He shakes Alaindelon to warp him to Oga's house. Honoka thinks Furuichi is gay. When day breaks, Hilda kicks Oga for not watching Beel because Beel has escaped. Oga enlists the help of his classmates with the help of Aoi; at the same time, Beel explores the city on Hilda's bird while everyone looks for Beel. By the river, Oga finds Beel and gives him croquette. After some talk, Beel begins to cry and Oga allows him to shock himself. Miraculously, Beel doesn't shock Oga. Hilda and everyone appear. Yolda comes out of the portal, and Furuichi runs after them. Alaindelon tosses him a body pillow. Oga and Beel exchange goodbyes, and the demons go home.

During the Credits

Beel comes back because the demon king is so interested in Gohan manga. He tells Hilda to go back and raise Beel to destroy the human world. Oga refuses to raise him.

Points of Interest

  • Kune and a bald Pillar General make their first appearances as cameos.
  • Furuichi might have lost his lip-ginity (got his first kiss) with Alaindelon at the end of the episode.
  • Hilda did two thumbs up before she and her group went home.
  • The ending theme song is the 1st opening song.

Anime and Manga Differences

This episode doesn't cover any chapters.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Ryuhei Tamura Original Concept Ryuhei Tamura is the author of Beelzebub.
Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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