I Want to Pursue!

I Want to Pursue! is an anime episode of Blood + that was released on 07/01/2007
This is the first episode to shift the focus away from Saya and co. and focuses mainly on Akihiro Okamura. Akihiro is a journalist  who had been investigating the bombing of Yanbaru and believes he has stumbled on a big story. He also believes that this story could have a connection to a photo his father took in Vietnam 30 years. A picture of a monster. His investigation has reached an empass as he has no money, until he is assisted by the most unlikely of benefactors.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junichi Fujisaku Director
Chizu Hashii Character Artist/Designer Character Artist/Designer for Blood+ and Loups-Garous.
Shigeru Morita Writer Best known for being one of the screenwriters on Gundam Seed and its follow-ups, Morita has also written episodes of Blood , Toward the Terra, and co-written storylines for Linebarrels of Iron and Seikon no Qwaser.
Tetsuya Kobayashi Storyboard
Katsuya Terada Designer A Japanese illustrator and cartoonist from the town of Tamano, Okayama who goes but the alias Rakugakingu.


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