I Want To Be Kind

I Want To Be Kind is an anime episode of Nagi no Asukara that was released on 12/19/2013

Plot Summary

I Want To Be Kind
RomajiYasashiku Naritai
TranslationWanting To Be Gentle
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Opening"lull - Soshite Bokura wa"
Ending"Aqua Terrarium"
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Title Card

While Sayu wrestles with Miuna out of frustration, Tomori arrives on scene. Miuna and Sayu attack Tomori, thinking he's a pervert. After things have been cleared up, Tomori is touched that Miuna and Sayu called him grandpa. While Hikari and Kaname are at at school, Tsumugu, Manaka, and Chisaki search for a dress for Akari. Tsumugu meets up with his mother and declines her offer to eat with her. At a cafe, Tomori chats with Akari about her wedding. Next day, Hikari, Miuna, and Sayu check out the flags for the Ofunehiki with the men from the fishery. On the bus, Kaname apologizes to Chisaki that he used them as an excuse to get away from her mother while Manaka takes her nap. Manaka, Chisaki, and Tsumugu meet up with Hikari who waves the flag that they chose for the Ofunehiki.

In Shioshishio, Hikari and the others arrive and see that the children are being carried by the elders. Since children's Ena develop faster, they fall into hibernation without waiting. One of the elders note that Hikari's Ena was thin. The guys visit their old school. While Hikari was impersonating their teacher, Kaname asks Hikari how he felt about Manaka. Hikari confess that he love Manaka, sending Manaka in confusion. As Hikari chases Manaka, Chisaki yells at Kaname for doing this terrible thing. After she leaves, Kaname states that he was doing what he felt was best. When Chisaki trip in the courtyard, Hikari goes back to Chisaki and realizes that Chisaki had feelings for him. Chisaki states that she could confess since Hikari had confessed to Manaka first.

At Manaka's home, Manaka finds her mother sleeping. Meanwhile, Tsumugu helps his grandpa fish. As Manaka swims with no idea of where to go, she utters Hikari's name. Suddenly, Tsumugu fishes Manaka with his net.

Characters & Voice Actors

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