I Picked Up the Demon Lord

I Picked Up the Demon Lord is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 01/09/2011

Finding the Demon Lord Arc

I Picked Up The Demon Lord - "Mao Hiroimashita" (魔王拾いました)

Oga Tatsumi is a young delinquent with no cares in the world except for himself. However, he soon finds that he is the surrogate father of the Demon King's youngest son.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"DaDaDa" by Group Tamashii

Plot Summary

Oga Tatsumi was dunking some punks in a nearby river when he found a strange man with a mustache floating face up in the water. Suddenly, the man opened up in half and out came a green-haired baby. Being the cruel delinquent student he is, Oga tried to scare the baby, but his antics only made it grow attached to him.

One day at school as he tries to relax on the roof, he relates this story to Furuichi, his best (and maybe only) friend. However, a woman in a wet nurse outfit appears to tell them the story behind the baby: he is Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, the son of Satan who is one day destined to destroy the human world. However, his father, the demon king, was too busy to bother raising the child, so he tossed him into the human world, hoping that he would grow up with an evil person raising him, and Oga turned out to be that surrogate father.

Even though Oga finds himself the target of ridicule from the other punks at his school, the baby continually clings to him (literally), even releasing an electric charge that covers the nearby area if it gets upset. Hildegarde reluctantly accepts that Oga will be the surrogate father of Baby Be'el, Oga will try to find someone even more evil than himself to pass the responsibility, and Furuichi wonders where he fits into all this.

Ending Theme

"Answer" by no3b

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Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Masami Abe Key Animator
Ryuhei Tamura Original Concept Ryuhei Tamura is the author of Beelzebub.
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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