I Must Become Stronger

I Must Become Stronger is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 11/26/2011

Demon Invasion Arc

I Must Become Stronger - "Tsuyoku nara nakyaikemasen" (強くならなきゃいけません)

Oga finally begins his rigorous training under the guidance of Ittousai to become stronger however he soon realizes that its lot harder than it seems. In the meantime, Furuichi and Lamia join forces with the Ishiyama gang in their search for En. With his pride and determination, will Oga complete his training and become strong enough to fight the demons that threaten both his and Beel's life? And will Furuichi and Lamia find En and persuade him to call off his army from pursuing Beel and Oga before its too late?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Baby U!" by MBLAQ

Everyone arrives at the foot of a waterfall on Mapputatsu Mountain (literally meaning "Demon Twin Peaks") with Ittousai, Aoi's grandfather, explaining that this is a common place used for training. Oga immediately assumes what the waterfall usually means when training is involved but Mikagami beats him to it as he is seen in a meditating position under the waterfall. As the rest follow suit, Ittousai tells them that they must gather a stone as part of the basics in his training, prompting a surprised look on their faces. Despite their confusion, Oga and the others search for a stone as instructed. However, as Oga picks up a small stone, Mikagami finds a larger one. Oga, seeing this, takes an even larger one with Mikagami doing likewise. As the two compete to get the largest stone, Onizuka lifts a huge boulder, albeit shakily, proving that he's better than the both of them. Not to far away, Beel and Kouta both hold a rock on their backs to see who is stronger but Beel is the first to fall, causing him to cry and shock Oga.

Aoi splits a stone with her bare hands
Aoi splits a stone with her bare hands

On to the next part of their training, Ittousai tells Oga and the Shadow Group to split the boulders they gathered with their bare hands, causing them to look at him in disbelief. Nevertheless, Oga, confident that he can pull it off, karate chops the boulder but hurts his hand as a result. Kuroki asks if its truly impossible to accomplish such a feat, with Ittousai answering that it is possible as Aoi demonstrates how its done. After she successfully splits the boulder, Ittousai tells them that in order to do this, they must channel and focus their energy on a single point rather than spreading it out, all which require careful breathing, posture and concentration. To his annoyance, the boys completely ignore him as they observe the boulder Aoi split in two.

In an underground arcade, Furuichi and Lamia confront the leader of the Skullhead gang to ask about a green haired boy. After answering that he knows nothing, the rest of his members start to threaten the two, telling them that they should be prepared for the consequences of entering their territory. Just then, Nene walks down the stairs and tells Furuichi that En wouldn't be in a place like this. The leader notes his surprise at her boldness to come all alone but is soon proven wrong as Chiaki and Hanazawa suddenly appear behind him with a gun and pin in hand, ready to attack. Not feeling too intimidated by their threats, he warns them but apologizes upon seeing Kanzaki and Himekawa enter the room.

Oga: I did it!!
Oga: I did it!!

Back at the mountains, Mikagami proudly shows off his success in splitting a stone while Oga continues to struggle. Aoi comes up to him and tells him to swallow his pride and try a small stone but Oga refuses saying that a man without his pride is nothing. As he angrily wonders what to do, Kouta and Beel both try to split a small rock with their fists but end up injuring their hands. Mikagami then mocks Oga and offers to give him some tips but in response Oga grabs onto him and slams his face into the large boulder which splits it in two, however Ittousai remarks that it doesn't count.

In the city, Furuichi and others continue their search for En when Himekawa gets a tip that someone with green hair is causing a ruckus at a nearby arcade. As they enter the arcade, Himekawa and Kanzaki get enraged upon seeing the Sanada brothers making a scene and hit them for their stupidity while Nene, Himekawa and Kanzaki knock out the MK5, and Shimokawa, at another arcade after witnessing them playing with green spray paint.

Isafuyu, the keeper of Mapputatsu's temple
Isafuyu, the keeper of Mapputatsu's temple

As everyone prepares to eat supper, with the exception of Oga, Beel starts to dance as part of his blessing before his meal. Mikagami exclaims to Oga that he shouldn't be teaching babies such things but Oga tells him that he didn't and that rituals are very important to demon royalty. Following their meal, Aoi approaches Oga, who is still vigorously trying to split the boulder, and tells him to stop for the day but he stubbornly refuses to do so. With no choice, Aoi smacks him and begins to drag him on their way to a nearby temple to rest. Upon entering the temple, the gang introduce themselves to the Head Priest who calls the keeper of the temple, Isafuyu, to lead them to their rooms. Once they arrive at the main hall where the boys will bunk for the night, Iasfuyu notices a dark and evil aura around Beel and Oga and walks away slightly frightened. Later that evening, Isafuyu and Aoi meet up and agree to head to the baths.

Isafuyu frightened by Beel's evil aura
Isafuyu frightened by Beel's evil aura

As the Shadow Group and Oga soak in the bathhouse, Mikagami decides to take a peek at the girls next door however Aoi hears their entire conversation and closes the window in displeasure. Her and Isafuyu then converse about Oga and Beel with the latter inquiring if Beel is a demon. Aoi asks how she can tell to which Isafuyu answers that she's seen numerous people haunted with demons and hence she has been able to sense demons for a while. But she adds that she's never seen a demon as incredible as Beel and that he's a lot more different than all the ones she's seen. As Aoi thinks that its most probably because he's a Demon Lord, she suddenly asks Isafuyu if she knows how to defeat demons and eagerly requests that she teach her.

Outside, Ittousai tells Oga that he should start with a small stone to gradually develop his strength which would allow him to use Beel's demon powers more effectively. Oga swiftly turns around and asks how he knew about Beel with Ittousai saying that he can tell just by looking at him. He then adds that hurrying to get strong won't get him anywhere. In the meantime, Furuichi and the Ishiyama gang decide to change their strategies in searching for En after failing to find him at every arcade they've checked. Kanzaki asks Lamia if she has any other clues that may help them find him. She answers that the only bit of information she has is that En texted Hilda that online games are the best. Upon hearing this, everyone figure out how to find him while Lamia remains confused on what their idea is.

Oga complete's Ittousai's training
Oga complete's Ittousai's training

Back at the temple, everyone remains asleep while Oga runs off to finish his training. After recalling Ittousai's words about gradually developing his strength to utilize Beel's power, he angrily states that time isn't his luxury and that hurrying is the only choice he has. As dawn breaks, Aoi tries to wake everyone up but soon notices Oga missing. She runs through the forest and finds him laid out on the ground in exhaustion. But what surprises her the most is that Oga managed to split the large boulder in two. After walking up to him, he tells her that this won't be enough to defeat "those guys", referring to Behemoth's army while Kouta falls to his knees before a proud Beel. Aoi responds that as long as he has the will, he will become stronger.

Closing Theme

"Papepipu♪ Papipepu♪ Papepipupo♪" by Sasaki Nozomi

After the credits, Oga climbs a set of stairs to see Saotome waiting for him at the top.

Points of Interest

  • Isafuyu makes her anime debut.
  • Oga manages to split the large boulder and hence complete Ittousai's training. It took him a full day.
  • Isafuyu is able to see demons. After noticing Beel, she notes that he's a lot more different than other demons she's ever seen before.
  • The entire Shadow Group completed Ittousai's training with Mikagami being the first of the four to do so.
  • Beel and Kouta continue their rivalry. However at the end, Kouta actually falls to his knees before Beel in defeat after Oga managed to split the boulder in two.
  • Aoi wants Isafuyu to teach her how to exorcise/defeat demons.
  • Mikagami's attempt to peek on the girls failed.
  • The Skullhead gang is one of the most renowned gambling gangs. However, it seems they don't stand up to the Touhoushinki after they all bowed before Kanzaki and Himekawa in fright and respect. Even the Red Tails seem to rival them in strength and possibly numbers.
  • The MK5 get wiped again.
  • Ittousai knows all about Beel and his demon powers.
  • Oga believes that Ittousai's training is not enough to defeat Behemoth's men.
  • It seems that Oga's next part of training involves Saotome's guidance.

Anime/Manga Differences

This episode covers parts of Chapter 91, Chapter 92, Chapter 93, Chapter 94 and Chapter 95 in Volume 11.

  • The waterfall scene where Oga and the Shadow Group attempt to meditate under the waterfall never occurred in the manga.
  • The Dragonball reference was not included in the anime. Oga calling Aoi a demon for giving her grandfather a large stone, he believed would be thrown by the man, was not included as well.
  • The "stone competition" between Oga and Mikagami never occurred in the manga. Instead, it seems Onizuka wanted to prove that he was stronger than Oga by lifting a giant boulder, as they tried to outdo each other.
  • The Kouta/Beel rivalry scene was altered in the anime. In the manga, Beel found a rock that looked similarly like him but Kouta found a better one shaped like a dinosaur. After throwing his rock at Kouta that gets deflected by the infant back at him, Beel began to cry.
  • Mikagami holding Aoi's hands and asking her to teach him how to split the boulder happened in the manga only.
  • Aoi slapping, hitting and dragging Oga after he stubbornly refused to give up on splitting the large boulder never occurred in the manga.
  • In the manga only, Aoi tells Oga not to mention demons to anyone, especially the Shadow Group. After seeing their exchange, Mikagami got jealous and smacked Onizuka for assuming that they might be going out. In addition, Mikagami comments that the temple is like a 5-star hotel but Ittousai bursts his bubble by saying that they're going to be sleeping in the main hall.
  • Aoi telling the guys that they could take a bath first did not occur in the anime.
  • In the manga, Oga was asked to see Ittousai while in the anime, Ittousai bumps into him in the hallways.
  • Altered Sequence of Events - In the manga, Furuichi and Lamia bumping into Himekawa, Kanzaki, and Hanazawa at the video arcade, their meeting with the Ishiyama gang at the cafe, and Hilda and Alaindelon's conversation occurred after Aoi split the boulder whereas in the anime, this happened in the previous episode before that. Furthermore, in the manga, Oga split the boulder before entering the temple.

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Ryuhei Tamura Original Concept Ryuhei Tamura is the author of Beelzebub.
Nobuhiro Takamoto Director
Masahiro Yokotani Series Composition He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.
Masami Abe Key Animator
Haruo Miyakawa Key Animator
Miyuki Nakamura Animation Director


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