I Love Giant Robots

I Love Giant Robots is an anime episode of Robotics;Notes that was released on 02/08/2013
The Robot Research Club's newest giant robot, GunBuild-2, is finally complete! Meanwhile, both Exoskeleton Co. and Mizuka catch wind of Kaito's activities surrounding Kou Kimijima.

Plot Summary

Mizuka's steel legs
Mizuka's steel legs

A flashback shows a wreckage and an injured Mizuka laying in the midst. Sometime later, as Mizuka struggles to close her shop while in a wheel chair, she receives a pair of mechanical legs from Misaki.

At one of the Tanegashima Space Center's warehouses, Akiho congratulates her teams as she unveils the completed Gunbuild-2. Akiho calls for a test of the robot, but Junna reminds her that they have to wait until a staff member from the space center arrives to supervise their procedures. In the meantime, Subaru assigns everyone a job in controlling the robot. Then Subaru describes how the robot works and mentions that the robot is unique because it runs on the power of the monopole that have been falling from the sky more frequently. As the GunBuild-2 takes its first steps in the test, the club is amazed by how it looks like Gunvarrel. It is at this moment that Nae arrives and congratulates them on a job well done. Unfortunately, she is also there to tell them that they cannot use the facility anymore since the space center is preparing to launch a rocket in the near future.

The packs up the robot and transfer it to the hanger using trucks. As Kaito watches a video of the president of Exoskeleton giving a speech to a crowd of reporters Subaru shows him a video that Akiho plans to send to the Expo. Subaru mentions how he is amazed that Akiho has not wavered from reaching her dream despite Gunvarrel's increasing unpopularity and people's distrust in robots. Later, Kaito asks Genji where the possible locations for the 7th report could be. As soon as Genji says rocket, memories of Misaki start flowing through Kaito.

Misaki's loyalty is questioned
Misaki's loyalty is questioned

At the headquarters of Exoskeleton, Toshiyuki Sawada links a twipo that Junna had sent to Kaito. He believes that Kaito knows too much about Kimijima and scolds Misaki for not preventing him accessing the information. He then questions whether Misaki is protecting Kaito, Misaki assures him that she will be willing to dispose of Kaito if she had to.

At the hanger, Mitsuhiko e-mails the club that he will be late and the club decides to go ahead with the test without his supervision. Meanwhile, Kaito arrives at Cape Kadokura to find the 7th Kimijima report. When Kaito looks at the red gate through his phone, he finds a green icon and asks Genji to confirm that it is the real report. Genji confirms that it is the report, but Mizuka interrupts them before they are able to download it. At the hanger, Junna is able to spot a lag in Gunbuild-2's movement when it walks. Subaru then hands over the control laser to Akiho and he runs over to the robot to observe how it walks.

At Cape Kadokura, Mizuka tries to persuade Kaito to give up his search for the Kimijima reports. Mizuka's reaction convince Kaito that she knows something about what is happening. They argue until the sound of the Kagome Kagome ringtone starts playing from Mizuka's phone. They both receives an anonymous phone call. At the hanger, as Subaru observes the robot in motion, a strong gust of wind topples the robot as it begins to fall in Subaru's direction.

Mizuka falls off a cliff
Mizuka falls off a cliff

Back at the shrine, Mizuka accepts the phone call and a piercing sound erupts from the phone until Mizuka the call. Then Mizuka's mechanical legs suddenly start moving towards the cliff. Mizuka tries to turn off the machine, but she is unable. She calls for Kaito's help. However, despite his best efforts, he is unable to halt Mizuka's course. It is then that Mizuka resigns herself to her fate and tells Kaito to stop trying to save her before she takes him with her. Before falling off the cliff, Mizuka instructs Kaito to tell Misaki that she thanks her for the mechanical legs. Then she falls off the cliff and Kaito screams in anguish at the sight of Mizuka's limp body.

Points of Interest

  • Cape Kadokura is the location where firearms were introduced for the first time.
  • The 7th Kimijima report is located at the top of the red gate at the shrine.


The following quotes are from the HULU subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Mizuka Irei: "If you ever get to see Misa... She's the one... who gave me these legs so I could walk... Tell her I said, "Thanks."
— Mizuka's Last Words


  • Japanese Name: "Kyodai Robotto ga, Daisuki desu" (巨大ロボットが、大好きです)
  • Opening Theme: "Houkyou no Messiah" by HARUKI
  • Closing Theme: "Topology" by Kanako Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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5pb (creator) Original Concept 5pb is a company that published and created Robotic;Notes visual novel game that spawn an anime and manga adaptation.
Kazuya Nomura Director Kazuya Nomura is the director of the Robotic;Notes anime series.
Haruki OP Theme Song: "Houkyou no Messiah"
Kanako Itou ED Theme Song: "Topology"


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