I Like You, I Like You, I Love You

I Like You, I Like You, I Love You is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 12/17/2005

I Like You, I Like You, I Love You Episode 8

The day has come for the race against Team Skylark as Team Satomi is on edge since they will be one step closer to season champions. Liz and Amy are worried due to all the rumors about Takeshi and Fantine and wonder if he'll hold back on Fantine. Off the track, Michiru receives some interesting news about Mark that she is none too pleased with.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

It is race day once again as Team Satomi gets ready to face Team Skylark to see who will face off against Team Sledge Mamma in the semi-finals. Takeshi seems to be out of it as Liz snaps him back into reality, saying that he better not flake out on the track or else. He tries to ease the situation and tells her and Amy not to worry. It turns out that word of his relationship with Fantine has gotten out as a few hundred fans are displeased with the relationship the two of them have, some going as far as to protest while others send Takeshi hate mail. He tries to let it go as he promises everyone that he will not let the relationship he has with Fantine get in the way of winning to go to the semi-finals.

Fantine is the master at drafting and gaining speed
Fantine is the master at drafting and gaining speed

In the pits, Mark and Andrei discuss how Michiru hasn't said a word all day. It turns out that earlier during a conversation with Jesse, Michiru told her that Mark's mother raised him by herself when Jesse comments on how she met both his father and mother the other day. Jesse is forced to tell Michiru what happened as she then tells Mark what happened. Mark tries to blow it off but he puts it together that Michiru is annoyed that he wasn't fully honest with her. She also had hired a private investigator to dig up the truth behind Mark's past which causes her to be even more annoyed than she was before.

As the race gets underway, the team remembers what Andrei told them earlier. Skylark's strategy involves to things. The first is that Jessica and Elissa stay close to Fantine to ensure no one can touch her during the race. The second is that Fantine hides behind the lead mech and takes less wind resistance, drafting and letting her speed up to over take and win usually. The plan is to disrupt their flow by taking out Elissa and Jessica first then going after Fantine. Takeshi vows that he will take Fantine down as lap two begins. Instead of the usual flank pattern Skylark goes with, Fantine attacks Takeshi out right as she doesn't want to lose to him. Liz, Amy, and Luca try to intervene but are stopped by Jessica and Elissa. Mark goes to get ready for the pit stop as Andrei follows him, not wanting to be in the tense room. Takeshi seems to be holding back as Fantine breaks his arm.

During the pit stop, Andrei and Mark tell Takeshi not to let his feelings get in the way as he remembers a conversation they had the other night. Fantine told Takeshi that if he truly likes her then he won't go easy on her. He thinks about it and realizes that he does like her as he goes on the assault to take her out. He can't get ahead of her since she will just draft behind him as Amy gets away from Jessica to run to the front. With Takeshi distracting Fantine, Amy is able to slip by and head into speed mode. Elissa tries to stop her but she and Liz get into a fight which causes both of them to crash, causing them not to finish the race. Fantine's mech begins to overheat at the same time as Takeshi's as they come in third and second respectively behind Amy in first. Takeshi ejects to check on Fantine who seems to be pleased with the results.

It is official now that Team Satomi is going to the semi-finals against Team Sledge Mamma as Michiru wants a word with Mark. She realizes that the equipment they use is extremely expensive and that one of their major mech sponsors has a connection to Mark. Mark confesses that his mother and father are both the owners of Ramsey Industries and he discussed with them the sponsorship. Michiru scolds him since she knows that everyone has looked down on the team while she works so hard on her own to make Team Satomi great, not wanting to take hand outs from a company's son. Mark claims that he wanted to help and wasn't trying to show pity. In fact, he asked his parents to consider it, not to accept it all out. He and Ichi both tell Michiru that she has to accept help from friends or else she'll crash and burn. She agrees as they head off to the party.

The team find out about River's draft to Sledge Mamma
The team find out about River's draft to Sledge Mamma

Liz seems to be irritated by the relationship between Fantine and Takeshi as she allows Luca to lay on her. Amy tries to relax too as Andrei comes by to tell her River was drafted on to Team Sledge Mamma, replacing Timma. Takeshi watches the news report as Fantine comes by to congratulate him for an amazing race and wonders if he can handle racing River in the next race. He tells her not to worry about it as he asks if she held back today. She replies that she didn't and is happy that he gave it his all. What she is upset about is that she lost in the first place as she and Takeshi chill out and take in the sky line.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

Race Results

Amy Stapleton & Luca- Satomi-Midfielder1st15
Takeshi Jin-Satomi-Forward2nd7
Fantine Valjean-Skylark-Forward3rd5
Jessica Darlin-Skylark-Midfielder4th3
Liz Ricarro-Satomi-DefenderN/A*0
Elissa Doolittle-Skylark-DefenderN/A*0

*Denotes racer did not finish the race. As a result, no points were awarded.

Final Score

Winner: Team Satomi

Team Satomi: 22 points

Team Skylark: 8 points

Team Satomi Track Record: 2049 Season

3 Wins 1 Loss 1 Tie

Characters & Voice Actors

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