I Ink that's Radio-controlled?! / Squidn't It Tanabata?! / A squiddle playtime alone?!

I Ink that's Radio-controlled?! / Squidn't It Tanabata?! / A squiddle playtime alone?! is an anime episode of Squid Girl 2 that was released on 10/24/2011

Plot Summary

I Ink that's Radio-controlled?!

Takeru plays with his new R/C car
Takeru plays with his new R/C car

Takeru has saved up his allowance to buy a remote control toy car. Squid Girl is excited to try it out, but almost runs the car into Eiko. Eiko cautions Takeru about letting Squid Girl play with it, saying it would be sad if Squid Girl broke the car after Takeru spent so much time saving up money for it. Squid Girl blames the small size of the Aizawa house for almost crashing the car and says she wants to try playing with it outside. Takeru says no, it's too dangerous and he can only play with it inside.

Squid Girl laments her accident
Squid Girl laments her accident

Takeru goes over to friend's place to play, and Squid Girl sneaks out to play with Takeru's R/C car. She has fun for a while, before crashing it into a wall. She returns to the Aizawa house, hands Takeru the remote control and says she will be a remote control squid and do whatever he says. Eiko joins in on the fun and tells Squid Girl to clean the washroom. Judging by Squid Girl's complacency and determination to do whatever Takeru/Eiko tell her to do, Eiko realizes something is wrong and finds the broken R/C car tucked away in a drawer. Squid Girl confesses what happened to Takeru.

Eiko after seeing how distraught both of them are, decides to get the Three Stooges to make them an new R/C car. The new one has a special button that turns it into a rocket propelled flying R/C car.

Squidn't It Tanabata?!

Kids attach their wishes to the tanabata tree
Kids attach their wishes to the tanabata tree

Tanabata is a japanese festival. One thing that you do is write your wish on a piece of paper and tie it to a specific type of tree. Upon learning this, Squid Girl is eager to write down her own wishes. After seeing Squid Girl writing down several wishes, Eiko tells her she can't do that and should think harder. The tanabata tree is attracting a lot of attention from beach-goers, especially children. Chizuru reminisces about how Eiko used to be so feminine. Chizuru says though it is less about whether or not the wishes come true, but the fun of thinking about what one wants.

Harris, Clark and Martin show up at the Lemon to write their wishes as well. They say that their wish is to solve all the mysteries of aliens in space. Eiko finds it ironic that as scientists they are asking things from a god, to which they reply that they keep work and pleasure separate, and they are at the lemon as a break from their work.

This is quite a squidicament
This is quite a squidicament

Kiyomi drops by as well. Eiko tries using Kiyomi's wish as an example for Squid Girl to right a wish, saying it doesn't have to be selfish Eiko reads out Kiyomi's wish which says, "I wish we can all make it to the prefectural tournament," (referring to baseball). But it seems that Kiyomi also wrote something else on the other side, "I wish my breasts-" but Kiyomi quickly grabs her wish back and scribbles out that wish before Eiko can read it out.

After a whole day of squidding around, Squid Girl decides all she wants is to eat oceans of shrimp. But after looking at other people's wishes, she realizes that there is only really one thing this squid wishes, "to be safe."

A squiddle playtime alone?!

Takeru and Squid Girl at home
Takeru and Squid Girl at home

Takeru finishes his summer homework. Now that Takeru can play as much as he wants, he calls up his friends but all of them are busy. Eiko suggests Takeru and Squid Girl go outside to play since the weather is nice. Squid Girl and Takeru go to the park. Squid Girl remarks how everyone is having fun in their own way, like a person reading in the shade, or a jogger.

Takeru, tentatively agrees with Squid Girl, but he sees one guy staring off into the sky, holding a canned drink and crying, Takeru thinks to himself that being an adult must be hard. Squid Girl encourages Takeru to learn to play and entertain himself alone, saying that Squid Girl has had to learn how to play alone herself to, calling herself the Play Alone Squidmeister. Squid Girl seems to be having fun by herself, but Takeru isn't sure what to do.

Squid Girl entertaining herself
Squid Girl entertaining herself

Squid Girl is bit by an ant, and she follows the ant in the hopes of finding its secret base and invading it. However after realizing the ant is rejected by a certain colony of ants, she helps the ant back to its proper home, so the ant is no longer alone. Takeru and Squid Girl go back home. Takeru explains at dinner that he still has a lot to learn about playing alone. After hearing this Eiko wonders why they didn't just play with each other.

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Yasutaka Yamamoto Director Script 5C
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Michiko Yokote Writer Script 5B
Mariko Kunisawa Writer Script 5A
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.


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