I Hate Topless!

I Hate Topless! is an anime episode of Diebuster that was released on 06/12/2005
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Characters & Voice Actors

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Maaya Sakamoto ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Toru Nakano Audio Director A japanase audio director. Has worked on anime as well as videogames
Kazuya Tsurumaki Director A Japanese anime director and protegé of Hideaki Anno.
Shouko Nakamura Key Animator Animator
Tadashi Hiramatsu Episode Director
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Character Artist/Designer
Terumi Nishii Key Animator Animator.
Yoji Enokido Writer
Hiroshi Kato Art Director
Bukichi Nadeara Mech Designer Mech designer for Diebuster
Shigeto Koyama Mech Designer
Yoshitsune Izuna Mech Designer Buster Design
Kohei Tanaka Music Kohei Tanaka has created music for many anime series.
Junya Ishigaki Mech Designer


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