I Fell in Love!

I Fell in Love! is an anime episode of Mayo Chiki! that was released on 07/15/2011

Plot Summary

Continuing her morning check-in to Jirou's house to protect her identity, Subaru becomes the topic of many rumors at school. Jirou, targeted by the various Subaru fan-clubs, is also assumed to be in a homosexual relationship with the butler. The sadistic master Kanade sets up Jirou and Subaru on a date at a local arcade. There, Jirou is surprised by how sheltered and naive Subaru is and also how feminine she really is underneath her butler disguise. While this date was secretly to help Jirou overcome his fear of female skinship, he is discovered by his sister, Kureha. She is prompty driven off my Subaru.

Later, the school is having their yearly medical examinations. Kanade has ordered Subaru to participate this year, curious about how Subaru and Jirou will react together. For the chest measurement, Jirou decides to measure Subaru himself, out of fear that the nurses will discover her secret. He takes similar measures for the heart rate session, though fainting from the large amount of contact with her. He wakes up on a bench with Subaru and they eat lunch together on the roof top. Subaru reveals that she has never really had a friend to eat lunch with. Together they decide to call each other by their first names, a sign of their newly found friendship. She falls asleep on his shoulder, now comfortable that Jirou will not reveal her identity. Back at home, Kureha cannot forget Subaru's impressive strength and declares her love, unaware that she is also a girl.

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