I Don't Understand It At All!

I Don't Understand It At All! is an anime episode of Gurren Lagann that was released on 04/29/2007
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Team Gurren must find their way out of a strange underground village where they worship Gunmen as divine beings.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

I Don't Understand It At All!
RomajiOre ni wa sappari wakaranē!
Theme Music
OpeningSorairo Days
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Yoko and Kamina are fighting because she's hitching a ride in the Gurren's cockpit, and he says she takes up too much space. She fires her rifle at him, and the two scuffle so badly that the Gurren gets launched up, only to fall back down…and right through the earth's crust, into an underground village.

A villager named Rossiu finds the group and agrees to take them to the village elder-- but he makes Yoko cover herself with a poncho and chastises her for being violent. As they head towards the village they receive the unhappy news that a set of triplets has been born-- which makes the village's population rise to 52. Two people will have to be given a "blessing ritual" to keep the population properly at 50.

The group meets the village elder, who pushes all of Kamina's buttons. In the meantime, the villagers have all drawn straws to determine who will be "blessed," and the village elder asks Kamina to take them to the surface so that they can keep their population squarely at 50. The two who have drawn straws, though, are small children: Gimmy and Darry, a boy and girl. Kamina doesn't think it's a good idea to take small children to the surface, so the village elder continues with the ritual.

At that moment a gunmen smashes down into the village, intent on attacking the Gurren-Lagann. Kamina and Simon hop into the mech and do battle. In the midst of the battle though, the village's idol-- a stone gunmen --busts in, piloted by the village elder, who smashes the enemy gunmen.

After the battle, the village elder tells Rossiu that the 50-person limit is one that he imposed arbitrarily, and Rossiu decides to go to the surface with Gimmy, Darry, and the Gurren-dan.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Rossiu: "Once we reclaim the surface as a home for humanity, there will no longer be any need to be bound by such painful laws."
— Rossiu telling father

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Shingo Natsume Key Animator Japanese Animator
Hiroyuki Imaishi Director
Atsushi Nishigori Character Artist/Designer A famed character designer from Gainax who has worked on projecs like Mahoromatic and He Is My Master. He also worked as character animation director for Gurren Lagann.
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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