I couldn't become a hero....

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So i became a stripper haha no really, whose following the new anime I couldn't become a hero so i decided to get a job?

One of the funniest anime I've seen in a long time, and it's going to give high school dxd a challenge for the current best harem anime.

Basically, the series follows a man who was training to be a hero (an actual, paid job) up until the Demon king dies. The position of Hero was eliminated, so instead he decided to become a salesmen at the local magical appliances shop.

One thing leads to another, and of course the spawn of the demon kind decides he wants to work at the store. Hilarity ensues.

Great animation, funny story, lots of ecchi, and a best girl who even challenges my love for my waifu


Pick it up....

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@rein: She will never over take your love for Lucy:P

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@Sonata:well of course not... but she is making me having lewd thoughts for another woman.

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This actually sounds very interesting.
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@taichokage: It really is interesting. It's a harem, but best girl is pretty obvious from the start. Odd premise (those tend to be the best)

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@rein: The best girl is always obvious from the start...

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I see you're a big fan, but we have a Yu-Sibu Discussion thread. I'll lock this.

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