I Can't Become A Couple With My Underclassman

I Can't Become A Couple With My Underclassman is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 05/18/2013
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Plot Summary

I Can't Become A Couple With My Underclassman
RomajiOre ga Kōhai to Koibito Dōshi ni Naru Wake ga Nai
Theme Music
EndingKyō mo shiawase
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End Card

Kuroneko explains to Kyousuke that the only way to remove her curse is for Kyousuke to go out with her. She asks Kyousuke to kneel down and if he likes bento. Kuroneko offers to make him bento every day. After Kuroneko mentions the benefits, she elaborates on how much she loves Kyousuke. Kyousuke asks Kuroneko to give him more time to think about it. Arriving home, Kirino asks Kyousuke to kneel down. She goes over the Mikagami incident with him. Kyousuke states that he would cry if Kirino had a boyfriend. He explains that he hate it. Kirino laughs and calls Kyousuke a siscon when Kyousuke had cared that much for her. Kyousuke asks Kirino that he would do anything to make Kirino accept his apology. Over at the Tamura Candy Shop, Manami reads Kyousuke's face like a book and pinpoints his problems with Kuroneko.

Back at Kyousuke's home, both Kirino, Kyousuke, and Kuroneko apologize to Saori. Kyousuke reveals that he has stick a picture of him and her on his cell phone. He reveals his cell phone wallpaper is a photo of Kirino in a bikini, causing Kirino to attack Kyousuke. Meanwhile, Kyousuke walks Kuroneko to her home until Kuroneko stops him halfway there. Kyousuke accepts Kuroneko and agrees to go out with her. Walking past her little sisters, Kuroneko's little sisters find Kuroneko embracing her pillow with a passion. In Kyousuke's room, Kyousuke pictures a scenario of him yelling her name out of the window and another scenario of him embracing Kuroneko in the nude. As he bangs his head against the wall, Kirino yells at him to stop. Kyousuke realizes that Kirino did the same as him before their date.

When Mikagami visits the Kousaka residence, Kyousuke asks Mikagami when it's time to touch a woman's breasts in a relationship. Though, Mikagami could not answer. Kyousuke takes Mikagami to his club where Sena remarks that Mikagami and Kyousuke are a pair. As Kuroneko enters the Games Research clubroom, Sena tells Kuroneko that Kyousuke groped her breasts. Sena comments on how they knew Kuroneko and Kyousuke are a couple. Kyousuke explains that he and Kuroneko are a new couple much to Sena and everyone's shock. Things become worse when Mikagami mentioned that he thought Kyousuke's girlfriend was Kirino and that Kyousuke wanted to touch Kirino's breasts. After things has settled down, Kuroneko and Kyousuke are left alone while Sena's group gives Mikagami a tour of their secret base. After Kuroneko reveals her dating scenario in her Destiny Record journal, Kyousuke accepts her proposal for their first date.

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Kuroneko: "B-Believe it or not, cooking is one of my fortes. If you wanted, I could make you clothes, too, and even cosplay together with you. Th-There's a lot of benefits to being my boyfriend."
— Kuroneko trying to win Kyousuke over

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
Yui Ogura ED Theme Song: "Kyō mo Shiawase" (きょうもしあわせ, Happy Today)
ClariS OP Theme Song: "Reunion"


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