I Am Kuroko

I Am Kuroko is an anime episode of Kuroko's Basketball that was released on 04/07/2012


I Am Kuroko - 黒子はボクです : Kuroko wa Boku desu

Seirin Private High School's basketball club is recruiting new members for it's team and has found a number of impressive and promising players. One of said players is a tough power house and former American player - Taiga Kagami, and the second is a former member of the Generation of Miracles of Teikō Middle School's basketball team - Tetsuya Kuroko.

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Teiko Middle School is a middle school who was known for its all-star basketball team with over 100 members, and their five prodigy regulars known as "The Generation of Miracles". However, there was in fact another member of The Generation of Miracles, the phantom sixth player.


Seirin High School's school clubs are inviting the new first year students to join the various clubs the school has to offer. Of those school clubs was the Seirin Basketball Team, and the ones who were recruiting were Shinji Koganei, Rinnosuke Mitobe, Shun Izuki, Junpei Hyūga, and Riko Aida. While recruiting, a tall redhead boy approaches Shinji Koganei, Rinnosuke Mitobe and Shun Izuki, asking them if they were recruiting for the basketball team. Meanwhile, Aida, the team coach, and Hyuga, the team captain, were at the team's table conversing about the state of their basketball team. The redhead boy approaches the table, picking up Koganei by the collar and asks of they were the basketball team. Aida confirms, while dumbfounded at the boy's height and physique. He then tells her he wants to join the team and Aida hands him a registration form while explaining the team's basic history. The boy didn't show much interest in Aida's words and only puts down his name, "Taiga Kagami", on the registration form. Aida was surprised that he didn't leave a reason down for joining the team, and he tells her it doesn't matter since basketball is all the same anywhere in Japan. While saying so, he throws his paper cup backwards, and it landed in the garbage can, and he left. Koganei is terrified of Kagami, surprised that he's only a first year. It has been revealed that Kagami went to middle school in America, thus playing basketball "from the source". Koganei brings to the coach's attention that there was another request left by a first year, and Aida is surprised since she hadn't noticed. The student is Tetsuya Kuroko, and he was a former member of the Teiko Middle School basketball team. This intrigues Aida since he is from the same year as the Generation of Miracles.

At the gym, Riko Aida introduces herself to the first year students who registered for the basketball team. They were all surprised to learn that she was the team's coach. After she accquaints them to Takeida-sensei, the club advisor, she orders them all to take off their shirts. The first-years were surprised again by Aida, not understanding why she'd want them to take off their shirts. It is revealed that Aida's father is a sports trainer, and she used to attend his workplace ever since she was a child. Thus, Aida is capable of determining the physical traits and capabilities of someone's body just by looking at it, in terms of numbers. Aida is left speechless after looking at Kagami's body, since his numbers are very high for a first year high school student. After going through all the students, Aida notices that Kuroko wasn't around and she assumes that he was absent for the day. However, Kuroko was actually present but his lack of presence makes him invisible to those around him. Aida and the rest of the first-years gasped after noticing that he was in the gym the entire time, but was never noticed. When Kuroko tells them that he played in games for the Teiko team, the Seirin second-years were in disbelief, since it dis not occur to them that Kuroko would be a regular. Overhearing everyone's talk about The Generation of Miracles leaves Kagami intrigued on who those people must be. In the meantime, Aida asks Kuroko to take off his shirt, and when Aida sees his built, she puts on a troubled expression.

While Aida takes her bus home, she reflects on how Kurooko's numbers are way below average, and she can tell Kuroko is almost at his full potential, i.e. at his limit. She thinks that there is no way he could've been a regular at Teiko Middle School. Meanwhile, Kagami shoots some hoops in a neighbourhood court, and Kuroko randomly shows up. Kagami tells Kuroko that he's been in America since his second year of middle school, and since he came to Japan, he's been disappointed at how low the level of basketball is in Japan. He tells Kuroko he doesn't want to play basketball for fun, but seriously. He then tells him that he's aware of The Generation of Miracles, and how Kuroko was part of the Teiko Team. He tells him that good players have a certain aura and smell to them, but Kuroko doesn't have one. Kagami asks him to show him how strong the actual Generation of Miracles really are, and Kuroko agrees, telling him that he's been wanting to play him one-on-one.

During their match, Kagami realizes that Kuroko is a very weak player, and plays like an amateur. Kagami tells Kuroko that he's got to be kidding, and that he's got the nerve to challenge him despite being so weak. Kuroko tells him that he already knew that Kagami was much stronger than he was. Kagami stops the match, telling Kuroko he's not interested in the weak. He then suggests that Kuroko should quit basketball, telling him that raw talent is required to be able to play. Kuroko disagrees, telling him that he loves basketball. Also, he tells Kagami that they both have different ways of viewing strength. Kuroko ends the conversation by telling Kagami that he's "a shadow".

The next day, a mini-game was to be played with first-years against the second-years. The first-years get nervous since Seirin's second-years went into the finals in their first year. Kagami is not afraid, telling his team mates that its best to have stronger opponents rather than weak ones. Kagami gets the first two points with a strong dunk. Throughout the game, Kagami dunks the shots for the first-years, practically being the only player getting the points. The second-years are impressed by Kagami's play, however, Kagami is getting really irritated by Kuroko's play and how bad he is despite saying profound words the day before. The second-years then begin to play seriously, and three players guard Kagami, and two guard him even when he doesn't have the ball. The second-years are in the lead, 31 - 15. Some of the first-years begin to give up, but Kagami yells at them. Kuroko pushes against the back bend of Kagami's knee, telling him to calm down. Kagami gets mad, and they get into a little dispute. Aida and the rest of the second-years realize that Kuroko was in the game the entire time, and they haven't noticed.

Three more minutes left in the game, and Kuroko asks his team mates if they could pass him the ball. When Kuroko is passed the ball, he makes it seem that he won't get it, distracting the opponents to another player - misdirection technique. Once Kuroko gets the ball, he holds it in a very short amount of time and passes it right away. Due to his lack of presence, his techniques are very effective. Aida realizes that Kuroko is actually the invisible regular of The Generation of Miracles who excelled at passing and circulating the ball around. Aida now acknowledges that Kuroko is the rumoured phantom sixth player of The Generation of Miracles. The second-years get caught up in Kuroko's passing that the first-years catch up and now the score is 37 - 36, the first-years only one point behind. Kuroko gets the ball and takes a lay-up shot but misses, however, Kagami gets the rebound and dunks the ball; giving the first-years the victory.

Kagami goes to a burger shop and gets a tray-full of burgers. After taking a seat, he notices that Kuroko was already sitting there. Kuroko tells him that he has been sitting there the entire time, and that he usually comes to that shop because of their vanilla shakes. Kagami offers one of his burgers to Kuroko, telling him that he deserves one. Kagami asks Kuroko how he'd do if he played the Generation of Miracles right now. Kuroko tells him that he`d get destroyed instantaneously. Kuroko continues by telling him that each of the prodigies have a gone to their own high schools with veteran basketball teams, and one of those teams will end up at the top. Kagami gets excited and laughs, telling Kuroko that that lights a fire within him, and he`ll crush them and become the best player in Japan. Kuroko tells him that he doesn`t think that that`s possible for him, unless he`s got some kind of hidden talent. He tells him that he won`t be able to do it alone, and that he also decided to help make Kagami the best Japanese player but becoming his shadow. Kagami chuckles and tells him to do whatever he wants.

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"Start it right away" by Hyadain


"I am a supporting actor, a shadow. But a shadow will become darker if the light is stronger and it will make the white of the light stand out. As the shadow of the main actor, I will make you, the light, the number one in Japan." - Kuroko to Kagami

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