Hyper Police

Hyper Police is an anime series in the Hyper Police franchise
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In the year 22 H. C. (Holy Century), Humans are an endangered species, and Shinjuku is now a town populated with demons, goblins and monsters. Crime runs rampant, and so together with the national police force, private police forces have been founded to maintain public peace and order.

Natsuki Sasahara is a human-feline cross-breed, her associate Sakura is an eight-tailed fox-girl (a sure sign she cannot be trusted, since she needs to swindle Natsuki to gain her ninth tail), and both use their magical powers to hunt criminals in a Tokyo crawling with animal hybrids, ghosts, and goblins. Other major cast members are Batanen Fujioka, Natsuki's lycanthrope senior, Batanen's cousin and partner Tommy, station chief Mudagami (a minor deity), and the single flustered human: the (initially) beast-hating patrolwoman Naoko Kondo. As befits ensemble cop shows like Patlabor and You're under Arrest!, downtime is as important to the show as crime-fighting, and the cast spends an inordinate amount of time at Makoto and Ayami Tachibana's friendly Ranpo Coffee Shop. HP has the supernatural urban feel of Silent Möbius, but it's played for laughs and features a considerable dose of anthropomorphic titillation. Based on a manga by "MEE," who also created Adventure of Kotetsu. N

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Keiji Goto
Minoru Tachikawa
Kenji Kawai
Yuji Ikeda
Takahiro Omori

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General Information Edit
Name Hyper Police
Name: はいぱーぽりす
Romaji: Haipā Porisu
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Start Year 1997
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Aliases Super Crime Fighters In The Future
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