Hyper Police Characters

Hyper Police is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Batanen Fujioka

Batanen is a main character on Hyper Police. He is a Werewolf. He is secretly in love with Natsuki


Kasumi was Sakunoshin's girlfriend, until Sakunoshin was sent to the future.


Is the chief & the owner of the Police Company

Naoko Kondo

Is a bounty hunter that work with the Police Company, she is one of the only humans who work there

Natsuki Sasahara

Natsuki is a main character on Hyper Police. She a half human and half nekomata.

Peau D'Roquefort

Peau is a water/ice mage. She befriend Tommy

Sakunoshin Chikura

Sakunoshin is a human from Japan's tensho era. Who got send to the future by Natsuki.

Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura is a main character in Hyper Police. She is a kitsune. She only have 8 and 1/5th tails.

Tommy Fujioka

Tommy is a main character on Hyper Police. He work with his cousin Batanen.

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