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Hyper Police is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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About Natsuki Sasahara a rookie bounty hunter at the Police Company.

It is year 22 H.C. (Holy Century), and the human race has all but disappeared. The Japanese city of Shinjuku has become a haven for monsters, intelligent creatures that possess human-like anatomy with distinctly animal features. While most monsters are benevolent, all possess the ability to cause destruction, due largely to an internal struggle that is both constant and unwavering. Their evolved minds recognize the necessity for order and respect the sanctity of life, but the animal inside each of them is never too far beneath the surface.

Natsuki Sasahara is one such monster. A rookie at the Police Company, a private police organization, she makes her living as a bounty hunter. She was scouted for the position by Batanen Fujioka, a werewolf who harbors a secret attraction for the young cat-girl. Cool under pressure and stunningly efficient, Batanen is a seasoned veteran of the hunter trade. With his partner Tommy Fujioka, Batanen always tops the list of monthly arrests. Recently, the Police Company welcomed a new officer to their ranks. Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari is part nine-tailed fox or rather she would be if her ninth tail would finish growing in. Partnered with Natsuki, Sakura has formed an uneasy friendship with the young cat-girl. While Sakura has come to depend on Natsuki as a partner and roommate, she also hides a vicious desire to eat her. It is her hope that the strong magical essence Natsuki possesses will finally allow Sakura's stumpy tail to grow.

Main Characters

Natsuki Sasahara
Natsuki Sasahara
A rookie bounty hunter with magical powers and wicked sword skills. Her power manifests itself as electrical energy capable of frying anything in sight, and is further amplified through the assistance of her two pet parasites, Raijin & Fujin.
Batanen Fujioka
Batanen Fujioka
A clean shot and a brutal brawler, Batanen is one of the best hunters in the biz. He was Police Company's pride & joy, and has been equally successful as a freelancer, largely due to his possession of something the others lacks
Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari
Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari
Natsuki's partner and a fellow rookie, Sakura is a nine-tailed fox whose ninth tail has yet to grow in. To trigger its growth, Sakura plans to eat the highly magical Natsuki as soon as she can figure out how.

Tommy Fujioka
Resourceful, quiet and clever, Tommy prefers to keep busy behind the scenes. He's proven to be an efficient yin to Batanen's yang, often accompanying the great hunter on some of his greatest hunts.
General Information Edit
Name: Hyper Police
Name: はいぱーぽりす
Romaji: Haipā Porisu
Aliases: Super Crime Fighters In The Future
Anime and Manga
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