Hurricane is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 08/14/2011


"Gufū" (颶風)

The demon Gale infiltrates the Academy and uses Konekomaru's fear of Rin to take over his heart and body. However, Rin manages to save him and convinces the boy not to leave cram school.

Plot Summary

A bird-like demon confronts and attacks Rin, saying that it will erase him from existence. As it charges towards him, Kamiki summons her fox demons to counter its oncoming attack. However, they disappear when the bird demon unleashes a strong gust of wind that tears her summoning slips apart. It then blows Rin into the classroom and escapes upon being fired at by Yukio, who just arrives at the scene. As everyone helps clean up the mess, Mephisto shows up and informs them that the demon just now, named Gale, had infiltrated the Academy by either having entered a weak point or by being invited from the inside. Unsure, he assigns them to inspect the barriers around the entire Academy to see whether there are any weak points while the teachers search for Gale. As they head out, Yukio grabs Rin and tells him that he has training to do.

Konekomaru vows to avenge his family
Konekomaru vows to avenge his family

As Bon and Shima check the barriers, the latter voices his concern over Konekomaru who hasn't been seen for a while, adding that he was even absent when they fixed Kurikara. He then asks Bon if Konekomaru might leave the Academy to which he answers an angry "hell no!" because he vowed to avenge his family who had been killed by Satan. Elsewhere, Gale brings Konekomaru to an old abandoned building and asks why he's rejecting him since with his help, he would help him face his fear. He then proposes they fight together to kill Rin but Konekomaru declines, saying that he could never do that. In response, the demon tries to use the hate within the boy's heart to convince him otherwise and leaves, telling him to accept the darkness within him.

Konekomaru and Gale
Konekomaru and Gale

In class, Rin trains to control his flames but soon becomes bored and asks if Yukio is supposed to be here with him doing nothing. Yukio answers that he must despite wanting to aid the others in hunting down Gale to which Rin proposes they go demon hunting together. Enraged, Yukio tells him that he has no time for that but stops when he feels an unknown pain inside him. He orders Rin to continue his training before he walks out of the classroom. Once gone, Rin attempts to sneak out the window but falls and apologizes upon noticing a figure behind him, thinking it was Yukio. But to his surprise, it was just Konekomaru. However, as he looks closer he notices a demon bird perched on the boy's shoulder.

Bon blocks Rin's attack
Bon blocks Rin's attack

In the washroom, Shima and Bon come across Yukio who asks about their progress when they suddenly hear a scream coming from the hallway. As they run towards the source, they notice a frightened Konekomaru running from the classroom. He explains to them that Rin started to attack him for no reason and shutters as the named boy comes out with his sword unsheathed. Rin tells Bon to step away from Konekomaru because he's dangerous and proceeds to attack him. His attack, however, is stopped by Bon using Shima's staff. Yukio then points his gun to Rin and tells him to stand back. As Shima tries to calm everyone down, Rin spots the demon bird on Konekomaru's back and suddenly sends a blast of flames towards him. But Bon manages to save Konekomaru just in time and punches Rin for his reckless behavior, adding that if he hurts one of his friends, he will kill him without mercy. Elsewhere, Shura locates a portal inside a van and becomes shocked upon entering a snowy mountain environment. As she investigates, she finds a suspicious abandoned lab.

Shura finds herself in the snowy mountains
Shura finds herself in the snowy mountains

Meanwhile, Konekomaru wakes up and asks where he is, to which Bon answers that he's in the True Cross Hospital. After failing to recall where he had been all this time, he asks Bon what he thinks of Rin. Bon replies that he's a complete idiot who expects people to trust him when he has nothing to offer. Konekomaru then tells him that he's scared of Rin and that can't take it anymore. Bon tells him that he shouldn't be afraid and that he shouldn't be thinking of quitting because his mother protected him even when Satan's flames was scorching her, so the least he can do is honor her memory. He then gets up to leave when Konekomaru notices his burnt shirt from Rin's attack. Bon merely brushes it off and says that he'll get a new shirt. As he leaves, Gale shows up and tempts Konekomaru into accepting him by stating that such a thing wouldn't happen if he would have accepted his help to get rid of Rin. Desperate and afraid, Konekomaru opens his heart to the demon, who carries him away, to kill Rin. Bon runs after him, and upon bumping into Shima, he tells him to get Yukio.

A possessed Konekomaru
A possessed Konekomaru

Outside, a possessed Konekomaru attacks Rin and creates a wind barrier to prevent any interference from Bon and the others. With Yukio's bullets unable to pass through the barrier, Konekomaru grabs a hold of Rin and attempts to kill him when Bon yells out to him, telling him that he's turning into a demon himself. However, Konekomaru justifies his actions by saying that he's doing it to protect everyone. Bon replies that no one is asking him to and begs for him to wake up. His voice reaches Konekomaru but Gale tells him that he's just jealous of his powers, leaving him confused and conflicted over what to do until Rin says that if he's afraid of him, he should seek help from his friends not a demon. Finally realizing his mistakes, he sets his heart free from Gale but it decides to hold onto him as he takes to the skies. Rin calls out to Konekomaru and tells him to trust him and jump. Although slightly hesitant, he jumps from the demon's grasp. Rin catches him and slays the demon. As Shima and Bon run to his side, Konekomaru tearfully apologizes to Rin for the trouble he had caused.

In Mephisto's office, Yukio gives a detailed report of the occurrence involving Gale and Rin. Albeit pleased with the outcome, Mephisto tells him and Shura that a problem still remains regarding the barriers. Only few humans are permitted to use his keys yet someone or something had infiltrated the Academy using them, making the matter a very serious one. Next, Shura informs Mephisto of the other side of the gate she investigated. She explains that she found a burnt down laboratory in the middle of a forest, and not just any lab. The laboratory was used for artificial life and was banned by the Vatican 300 years ago.

Konekomaru apologizes
Konekomaru apologizes

Back at the hospital room, Bon and the others come to visit Konekomaru when they realize he isn't there. Bon, thinking he knows where, runs out the door. Meanwhile, Konekomaru waits at a train station when Rin bumps into him. The latter asks where he plans to take all the stuff he has, only to receive a "none of your business" response. However, he begins to explain to Rin that he was raised by a priest as family and joined the Academy with Bon to pay back some of their kindness. But, he says, he's a scaredy-cat so he's decided to quit. In addition, he'd only cause trouble if he stayed. Rin then asks him to repeat what he said earlier about how its "none of his business" and tells him that he shouldn't say that because he sees him as a friend. Konekomaru stares at Rin in disbelief and says he can't believe how nice he is despite how he tried to kill him earlier. He then asks if he would still be considered his friend if he would be taken over by a demon again and do the same things to which Rin says he trusted him so he'll trust him too just like friends do. Konekomaru then recalls how Bon said how Rin had nothing and says just that. Trying to come up with what he does have, Rin is interrupted by Bon and the others who run over to them and start to tease Rin.


  • Japanese Name: "Gufū" (颶風)
  • Manga Chapter: None
  • Opening Theme: "In My World" by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
  • Ending Theme: "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki

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Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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