Hurricane Polymar

Hurricane Polymar is an anime series in the Hurricane Polymar franchise
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Mild-mannered police chief Takeshi works for the International Crime Division in Washinkyo City (Washington + Tokyo). One night, he is set upon by four thugs and, despite being an expert at karate, is severely injured. In a replay of 8th Man, kindly Professor Oregar gives him the Polymar suit, an experimental project that could save his life. Takeshi becomes a supercop with a voice-activated suit that fits him like a second skin but can also transform into a plane, a boat, a submarine, and a tank.

A lighthearted and popular superhero show that rode the wave of interest in Bruce Lee and martial arts, with time out for a few in-jokes at the expense of the same studio's earlier Battle of the Planets, the series was remade by Akiyuki Shinbo (with designs by Yasuomi Umezu, who would work on a number of other updates of classic Tatsunoko properties) as New HP (1996), which is the version available in the U.S. Tatsunoko's remake simplified the original somewhat, moving the action to the man-made island of Tokyo Plus, where Oregar's lab is attacked by the Catshark Squad. The professor is killed, but his beautiful assistant, Ryoko, manages to get the prototype Polymar Helmet to detective Takeshi before her own death.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Tsuneo Ninomiya
Jinzo Toriumi

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General Information Edit
Name Hurricane Polymar
Name: 破裏拳ポリマー
Romaji: Hariken Polymar
Publisher Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd
Start Year 1974
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Aliases Inner Destruction Fist Polymar
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