HUNTER X HUNTER #76 Shows That Skipping Ahead Isn't A Smart Idea

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Well, I listened to a little bit of reason, and this bold experiment is off to a stumbling start, regardless...

So yes, upon enough reflection, if I'm jumping ahead, it makes more sense to go to the first part of the “Chimera Ant” arc, instead of the most recent episodes (which I understand to be the final parts of this saga). I still assumed that the show’s mythology was simple enough that this would be a pretty clean jumping on point (or, a “jumping back on point” to be more specific), but it’s actually an “in-between” episode that’s rather thick on comings, goings and other densities of lore.

Most times, I’ll insist on bucking up and always assert that I can handle dropping myself into any potentially ‘hazardous’ story situation. This time, pride hath finally cometh before the fall, and I just have to fess up to getting myself in over my head. This exact point really is so dependent on what’s come before, and what’s coming soon, that it’s hard to single out anything to comment on.

Actually, I should probably take a step back and clarify that, even at this point, HUNTER X HUNTER still doesn’t actually have a complex mythos. Even two mega-arcs along, Togashi seems to be thumbing his nose at us about how much random, ridiculous shit he can get us invested in like it’s some intricately-planned universe. For crying out loud - - the mysterious mentor in this episode wields what might as well be a lethal pez dispenser! The joke’s on us, we love it, and we keep coming back every week to play along.

So… I’m in a bit of quandary, right now. This isn’t as easy to skip through as ONE PIECE, but I don’t know if I’m down to do episode-by-episode’s through 50 odd installments (and I don’t think any of you are, either). Maybe I might as well just take that cannonball into the deep end, again, and pick up the latest episodes, anyway. What would you lunatics do if you were in my shoes?!

Watch Reunion X And X Understanding" and decide for yourself, then read my previous comments.

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Every anime has its recap episodes. I dont know them off the top of my head but if your set on just jumping the gun why not just watch the recap for the seasons you skipped. Its only counts as a spoiler if you plan on going back to watching it on your own leisure. Or just watch it on your own time and comment about the season, and make hunter x hunter something you talk about every two or four weeks schedule pending. Either way tom I will be keeping up with it.

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Try reading the summaries of the major arcs by going to Hunterpedia (link)

I was wondering what amusing result would come from you skipping ahead in Hunter X Hunter. Definitely not as easy as previous shonen action anime.

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@Lurkero: That sounds like the worst possible thing someone could do.

I say continue as you want but i liked doing 2 episodes thereby, giving more area to cover.

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Why don't you watch it all on your own time and just do write ups of the arcs themselves? Then get back up to 77 and go back to ep to ep.

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@rubberluffy said:

Why don't you watch it all on your own time and just do write ups of the arcs themselves? Then get back up to 77 and go back to ep to ep.

Agreed! Just like I said in the last HxH article, there are some episodes that are must watch.

Honestly, who would want to watch/read a review of a person who skipped 80% of the show?

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I do get this is all done as an experiment for the website and for us vicers to get a fresh outside opinion from....but the painful thing is, this is one of the best quality anime series released created to date and it's quite hard seeing someone skip all the great character building stuff just to straggle along trying to understand things henceforth

Take your beloved DBZ for example.... imagine watching just up to the point where Goku has finished learning kaio-ken and then jumping all the way to the cell saga.....that's pretty much the kind of leap you've made here

I get why you're doing it, i just don't think this approach is going to work out well with HXH

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@Roldan said:

@Lurkero: That sounds like the worst possible thing someone could do.

I say continue as you want but i liked doing 2 episodes thereby, giving more area to cover.

I mean, Hunter X Hunter is enjoyable and all, but the plot isn't that deep. I think a few key episodes could be watched from the point Tom stopped to the Chimera Ant arc and things would be fine. Greed Island was more like a diversion and Kurapika hasn't been featured since his arc.

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LOL! That what you get for skipping 50 episodes, should episodes are important. With One Piece, you just was lucky to jump on a light arc

Also, you link the wrong Togashi

Post by takashichea (11,673 posts) See mini bio Level 25


I can fix that.


We don't have a Togashi page.

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Lol, I just got done watching episode 30, I personally would never skip ahead, be it movie, tv show, or book, I do not skip, sure it's nice to keep up with everyone else at the water cooler, however onece a show has me hooked, I feel obligated to see it through in its entirety(that's not including recaps or filler)at lest this show is still only a little over a hundred episodes, Now One Pice on the other hand....... I don't blame you for jumping ahead that one, To watch it from the start would be MADNESS!!!!!!
Post by Destinyheroknight (10,226 posts) See mini bio Level 21


We do have the page, we just don't have his picture

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@rubberluffy said:

Why don't you watch it all on your own time and just do write ups of the arcs themselves? Then get back up to 77 and go back to ep to ep.

I totaly agree with this.Logicaly i think of it this way. If a show has enuff juice an is popular enuff to make it that far why skip the momnents that helped it get there?

Never was a big completist for comics but i did try to start an stay on a story.Anime is a difrent beast as its fiarly easy tho time comsuming to get caught up.Heck im still not caught up on this title or Detective Conan.But i wount skip ahead an im more entertained for it.

Just do Watch & Learns when times right an cach up as you go.Wouldnt it be nice to have a fall back anime to do stuff ? Some times ill save a series to watch when the next season is meh to.

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I don't know what to suggest. I'd say that if you're not going to watch the stuff you missed, just keep on trucking. I remember you saying something about how the characters don't power up or don't have crazy super powers in an earlier W&L and thinking just wait. Now you've jumped ahead and the white haired kid (I always want to say Kirapika but that's the name of the bad ass friend whose the best character in the series, had the best arc in the series deserving dedicated to him.. which you skipped, and has completely fallen off the face of the HxH Earth after his arc to only show up for like 2 minutes of an episode) has lightning powers and fights with yoyos and Gon has a rock-paper-scissors fatality.

I assume #76 is the very start of the arc. Just keep going. I'd actually say avoid reading up on the arcs you skipped because they are good and there's no point to spoiling them in case you get sick or something one day and have the notion to go back and check them out. Plus, they won't really help you much. Gon has a child's game fatality, Kira (?) fights with lightning yo-yos, and everyone has Nen/chakra/ki/reiatsu that gives them better senses and super powers.

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