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Yeah… Leorio doesn’t look like a teen. If he’s actually telling the truth, then I guess he’s the HUNTER X HUNTER equivalent of that one kid on the football team who was held back a year to get bigger and also happened to grow a mustache years ahead of everybody else.

The show redeems itself for its… orange, carbonated digressions last episode by throwing some properly-told twists our way this time. Obviously, I’m not talking about the surprise about Leorio. That’s not a surprise so much as a potentially gross detail that gets pushed your way matter-of-factly. No, of course, I’m talking about the successive fake-outs regarding the Man-Ape and our Hunters’ suspicious instructor.

Indeed... I’ll fess up to being fooled by the impostor.

It’s a tenuous conclusion, perhaps, but I’m starting to suspect that Togashi must’ve been one of the unusual mangaka who really got to play sports (or, at the least, he’s a big fan of board games). I think about YU YU HAKUSHO, and the extensive attention that was paid to the brackets of the “Dark Tournament” arc and the portions of “Chapter Black” which just sort-of reveled in their similarities to game shows and video games.

Then, I think about how the last three episodes have shown our heroes going through tests of virtue which seem devised by the producers of THE AMAZING RACE… and it’s hard not to notice a pattern.

Actually, since I’m noticingthat pattern, I’ll go ahead and predict that these trials are going to continue on for a solid batch of episodes. The fun run and the Man-Ape fake-out have gotten our pool of Hunters down to 230 or so, and damn it, you know we’re going to be widdling that 230 down in gradual increments.

Watch this episode, “Hope x and x Ambition" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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This arc reminded me of .An it gets brutal about the cuts .Also Leorio is more nobel tho shallow at times of the main characters.Hes a intresting take on a sawbones for sure.

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Tom you said it perfectly. I think this show is a flip of yu yu hakusho. Yeah there is still fighting, but its the puzzles that seem to stand out. Even the fights when they do happen are never straight forward... this series is the chapter black saga, expanded, scrutinized, and given its own world.

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