HUNTER X HUNTER #32 Revels in Shonen Excess

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Wow. All I can say is that there better be some tabletop RPG based on this show - - or at least one video game with a very consistent point system - - because this episode was pretty much entirely devoted to illustrating Hisoka’s stats. In detail. I feel like I just watched a DM playtest an expansion book devoted to the conditions of the Nen system. Good grief…

HUNTER X HUNTER still isn’t as reproachable for being a dramatized game the way that RECORD OF LODOSS WAR was. See, the major difference here is that it’s taken about 30 episodes for this show to get this… thick into its own rules, while LODOSS WAR got right into them after just one or two. Togashi has more self-control about this particular creative obsession. Nevertheless, it was almost mesmerizing to watch this unfold: gradually realizing that the entirety of the B-Side would honestly be used to break down the most minute tactics that went into the fight that dominated the A-Side.

Again, if there isn't a game that's exploiting all of these details to their fullest potential, it's just a fundamental waste of resources. The game's pretty much already designed. Somebody just needs to print it.

I might say that, on the one hand, the show should be respected for going full tilt into the fight shonen that it is, but… I’m not feeling as charitable today. This was dumb and, worse yet, redundant. Knowing how Hisoka pulled off his baffling magic show victory really makes it less impressive. And I shudder to imagine how much more excessive this portion might’ve been in the first anime series (which everybody tells me is even more deliberately paced).

Look, we’re done with this one. It’s not going to derail the whole show for me. But do me favor and never do this again, Togashi San? At least not for the rest of this arc, all right?

Watch A X Surprising X Win" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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My comments on the Hunter X Hunter write-ups may be getting redundant, but:

If you think this was shonen access, wait until you get later in the series.

I will straight up say that HxH disappointed me as it continued. The show gave in to so many shonen tropes after starting off as a series that seemed like it was going to be more about skill and survival rather than convoluted powers and convenient plots where characters aren't being rational.

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"Yu Yu Hakusho" was a lot better,
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If this is getting up your craw, you should definitely skip the Greed Island. The series literally turns into a game about stats and move properties. This current arc is one my least favorite ones. I actually forgot about it and thought the show went straight from Hunter Exams to the Auction arc, which is my favorite.

If you hate this though, you're really going to dislike how Chimera Ant ends. The climax is a series of battles that for some reason, they've chosen to narrate rather than just have them play out. Literally like every move and motivation is spelled out via narration.

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In my opinion regardless of how they might drift into the usual shonen area a little later H X H still maintains a trait that seperates it from other shonen. I have still yet to be dissapointed by this series over all. every series has its pros and cons And i'd say overral this show has more pros than cons. I honestly enjoy the ANIME portion way more than that of naruto or one piece no matter if its pace slows down or not. I enjoyed greed island(video game) york new city(serious, violent) and chimera ant(desepate struggle, suspense) throughly each one of these arcs are different in such a way its like your watching three different shows for 3 different arcs and it keeps the series fresh to me.
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hmm, first time i’ve actually heard distaste for a shounen going into more detail with it’s power / battle systems….which admittedly usually doesn’t happen to this extent

I get that the attention to detail can seem unnecessary to some but i for one am never bored by it in hxh. To be honest i’ve heard people in real life go into such detail about real martial arts / games so i find it rather refreshing to seen an anime series take things that seriously (albiet meticulously) without the usual corner cutting, no explanation, super battles

This is pretty much how HxH is throughout Tom. The battles are cool but a lot of time there is discussion and analysis to build a solid mythos for everything….even though its all fictional

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One thing to note here is that once someting is learned its not hamered a 100 times in flashbacks. If anything this is foreshadowing so you know how some things work later on. Also same build up learn aspect of powers has been a staple in comics since at least when Spider Man / Marvel came about.

An no he tried the skip skip skip to my lou arch an it didnt work. It never does in shonen. Because you lose alot of character growth an what keeps some one intrested in how the characters evolve. Their very little if any filler in this. An the green island arch was great. Yes it has some stats an difrent rules. But it pays off well on how they learn to adapt. Then how the aply what they learned to their powers.

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