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Oh, look - - this challenge is basically like a secret Santa!

Deadly secret Santa...

My thanks to the lunatics who warned me to skip episode #13 on account of it being a recap. A little refresher can be absolutely needed when a series’ plot gets complicated and I, the lowly viewer, haven’t had the opportunity to re-watch episodes (as was the case with ATTACK ON TITAN). Sometimes, a recap can even be artfully done, as the ‘committee review’ episode of EVANGELION demonstrated.

However, HUNTER X HUNTER is so simple and leisurely-paced that there practically isn’t anything to review. It’s pretty much like getting an intermission at the 20-minute mark of a feature film that simply replays everything you just watched. So… I’m glad to have saved some time.

The episode itself is, again, rather simple. I still think that Gon’s signature weaponized fishing pole has to be one of the more… fanciful gimmicks for a hero in this type of show, so the time invested here in justifying its use is appreciated. We don’t really think of fishing in the same terms as ‘hunting,’ but they’re absolutely the same thing, so it’s clever of the show to justify its title by having Gon learn how to applying those principles to his bad guy battlin’.

That’s… really all there is to talk about with this one. Certainly, simplicity is one of the charms of HUNTER X HUNTER, but boy, would it be easier to talk about this show if I were viewing it in bigger chunks.

Instead, I’ll use this remaining space to direct you all to a video Foxxfireart recently shared with me. Apparently, Togashi’s creations - - Yusuke and Gon - - have recently been added to a big shonen crossover fighter. These games always have a power-balancing conceit, sure, but it’s still rather amusing to watch our young master fisherman challenging super-power opponents who significantly outclass him. What do you lunatics make of it, though?

Watch this episode, Hit X the X Target!" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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That is the vid. An wow that would be a reason for me to buy a ps4 .Sheer amount of characters is great.Fans even got to vote for some of the characters to be in the game!

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@Marshal Victory: As I told Fox, I'm most intrigued by this "Batteru system"

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I'm leery about that game. So few anime fighting games even rise to being bad games, let alone actually crossing into forgettable, ascending to mediocre, and damn near none actually enter good territory.

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@sickVisionz: Well considering that the past games in the J-Stars series were probably THE BEST CROSSOVER ANIME FIGHTING GAMES EVER, we all have our hopes a little high.

Though yeah, doesn't mean that'll translate to 3D.....please, don't let us down.

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@tristenkw5: Best anime crossover fighting game ever is like being King Shit of Turd Mountain.

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