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Once again, HUNTER X HUNTER really seems like THE BOOK OF VIRTUES with the added benefit of shonen kickass. Our heroes’ courage, intellect and sense of honesty, among other things, have been tested up until this point. Now, it’s lust that’s being used against them like some a shot-called chi attack. While nobody in Gon’s band actually comes out and says it outright, we can all safely assume that Leorio fails his challenge against the evil, pink-haired pixie because he is - - shall we say - - thinking with an organ aside from brain.

(And frankly, I was quite relieved that Leorio’s ‘gender inspection’ was left to the imagination instead of being used as a pretext for some creepy on-screen ‘fan service.’ We got the idea just fine. Thank you.)

Likewise, even though Killua never doles out a satisfying verbal beatdown to accompany his understated fatality, I did like the subtext about how ‘dabblers in crazy’ are jokes in comparison to ‘professionals in crazy.’ Again, speaking from life experience (that is obviously a ways down the scale here), I can say that anybody who’s credible at what they do is also generally rather nonchalant about it. If killing has been a part of Killua’s life since he was born, then he’s never going to make a show of it like his opponent did; nor is he going to be troubled by any apparent contradictions of behavior like Leorio seems to be after the match.

I really don’t where this show’s going to go after our heroes emerge out of their little BIG BROTHER-like apartment. There’s really nothing to base any speculation upon because - - as I’ve stated repeatedly - - Gon really isn’t chasing after any concrete goals here. Obviously, he’s going to become a Hunter eventually, but Togashi can pull any number of obstacles out of his magic hat before he gets there. The field really has been left wide open.

With that said, I’m hoping that the next stage of this examination will resemble a round of FAMILY DOUBLE DARE, and we’ll get to see Gon’s gang clawing up some giant, booger-packed nose to get the flag they’ll need to advance. There’s no reason it couldn’t happen, is there?

Watch this episode, Trouble X with the X Gamble!" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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It's not about wining a duel with her. Leorio lost but he was extreamly happy about it heh

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It's interesting to note Gon's total non-reaction to Killua ripping out a man's heart. Like, he's already accepted that Killua is his friend, and Killua already admitted to being an assassin, and Gon doesn't even care while Leorio and the others are somewhat unnerved.

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But Gon does have a goal.He wants to be a hunter like his father.

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