You Need to Power Through HUNTER X HUNTER #71 + 75

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Listen… I’m well aware that a lot of shonen shows weren’t really made for me. Most of the time, I still think the age rating is an accurate “10+” in that, yes, it’s acceptable for ten-year-olds, but anybody over that can still enjoy it (and, more importantly, pick it apart for an episode-by-episode column). Other times, I can still put my mind back into the headspace of my 10-year-old self, and then enjoy the series through his eyes.

And then there are times like this… where I feel silly for thinking so much about this stuff, and I can do nothing but just admit that I’m outside the target audience.

My interest in trading cards only lasted from about age 7 to age 9; when my friends and I were collecting those outrageously overpriced Fleer X-MEN cards. That was one of the ‘gateway drugs’ that got me into reading comics, sure, but there was something specific about my mindset at the time which differed from my fandom later on. I was just obsessed with comparing character stats.

So, I would’ve eaten this portion of HxH up, most likely. The breakdown of dueling tactics, the power hierarchy of good guys and bad guys, the various tidbits from the Hunterpedia which are doled out in the bonus segments… all of it.

Now? I just powered-through five episodes that mostly just slid off my mind’s eye. I loved watching our young leads kick the shit of these grown-up bad guys. I was less interested in all the scenes setting those bad guys up, because they had to be some of the blandest, lamest big bad’s in all of anime.

You lunatics warned me that “Greed Island” probably wouldn’t be my cup of tea, and you were right on the money. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, necessarily. As always, I admire Togashi for knowing exactly what an audience wants and having no hesitation about delivering. I’m just not part of that audience.

Maybe the “Chimera Ant” arc will be a different story? Isn't that the trick with this show?

Watch "Bargain × And × Deal" and "Chase × And × Chance" and "Insanity × And × Sanity” and "Victor × And × Loser" and "Ging's Friends × And × True Friends" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Genthru is probably the weakest (not physically, obviously) villain in HxH, but I don't really mind. The GI arc is really just another training arc for G&K disguised as a game, coupled with a bit of story about Ging's past and relationships. I still think the end fight with Gon and Genthru is pretty great, because Gon just doesn't even give a shit, and puts the whole plan at risk just to screw over Genthru a bit more.

The Chimera Ant arc however, is when G&K get a chance to put their skills as Hunters to actual use.

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Im surprised Greed Island version of a video game was never made. All the heavy lifting is right there an done.Also think of shonen as semi adult like fables. What they consider ok for a 10 + there,is more like 16+ here. To many confuse anime/shonen as a child like thing. When its story telling is adult like more often than not.

Or at least more adult like than main stream meadia atm.

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Now that you've caught up on what you previously tried to skip over it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on an upcoming vice pit about what you thought of the show in total up til now

For the record the Chimera Ant arc ain't done's kinda in it's last couple of strides but by the current pacing it could be a few good weeks to even wrap this arc up.....this is now my favourite arc....although a bit long winded tbh

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If you think the Greed Island arc is long-winded and boring you are probably not gonna like the Chimera Ant arc either. I just about gave up on Hunter x Hunter because it completely engrossed itself in the tropes that I thought it eschewed in the beginning.

I thought for sure that you were gonna comment about Gon's recklessness during these episodes and make fun of how he got his hands blow off. I also thought you would comment of Killua's mercy and how he called the one guy out as a hypocrite for not liking assassins but accepting Killua.

I guess you were so bored that it didn't matter anymore. Good luck with Chimera Ants.

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I may have to drop this one, the only reason I joined Gon and his friends was because I thought may be it involves this kid going on a epic quest fighting some bad guys "hunting" For treasure and slowly becoming a badass in the process, ya know like most shomen sorta do, In fact going back to that whole treasure Hunting thing, At this point I feel that original Intro teasing all the cool things that a Hunter gets to do was a total let down, because so far all We seem to get is a whole lot of very boring training episodes that go on for ever, Mat Murphy Made a good point when he mentioned how Bleach's amazing OP was nothing but empty promises, and maybe that's one more thing I can add to my list of problems concerning shonen, Lots...... Of training and never enough payoff, that's all I get after 70 episodes, silly Hunter tricks are for kids,
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Perfect example of why I wish you would stop doing shonen shows for this and go back to more philosophically interesting shows (even if they are not as successful as click bait) like C, eva, ghost in the shell, or lain...

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i dont think he fancies ghost in the shell.

LOL i love how everyone basically tells him to review this anime and then there is nothing but bad words about it later.

despite h x h's flaws its still finds a ground of its own to stand firm on. less filler than all 3 of the big 3 an excellent story and great fight scenes.

The chimera ant arc may be long but its one of my favorites. Tom you were kinda MEH to the york new city arc which was my same reaction so i really want to see what you think of this arc which i think was better in my opinion.


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@jj_jackson: I know he doesn't but I keep hoping he will wake up and smell the lithium...and I certainly didn't tell him to review this show....he can stop reviewing it any time he wants to as far as I am concerned...

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@zaldar: Eva was the first big review he did. (And imo the best) im not a hxh fan but I think Tom tries to touch on all genre's, particularly the popular ones, which makes sense.

A lain review would be cool tho.

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