HUNTER X HUNTER #48 + 49 + 50 Makes Vengeance Fun!

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So I basically just watched Gon and Killua guest on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. If there’s any human interaction that can have a defined winner or loser, you can be sure Togashi’s had many thoughts about how it’d benefit from a shot of shonen kickass. At this point, I suppose it’s only a matter of time before I see him jack up… say… real estate contract negotiations.

That’s really all I’ve got to say about the first episode in this set. An entire episode about haggling? I’m still blinking in disbelief after watching that.

Anyway, it’d be repetitive to comment - - once again - - about how the repercussions of Gon and Killua ‘stalking’ the Phantom Troupe get so tense because the characters are so young. That’s M.O. of the whole series. I get that, now. Instead, I’ll bring a video I recently wasted time watching…

Surely, some of you lunatics have seen HOME ALONE. But have you seen the “Honest Action” clip which enumerates how many times the Wet Bandits would’ve logically perished due to all those brutal, brutal pranks? Seeing that brings me back to an age when THREE NINJAS seemed like the greatest movie ever. The notion of Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum vanquishing adult thugs with a comically-timed groinshot - - or Kevin McAlister repelling a home invasion - - is as preposterous as Gon, Killua and Kurapika being able to murder all these grown-up killers.

But that’s the point. Wish fulfillment. Kids wanting to beat up their authority figures.

They key difference here, of course, is that Phantom Troupe actually makes good on their threats to torture Gon, and Kurapika actually gets his bloody revenge on Uyogin. It just tickles my black heart because, unlike HOME ALONE and THREE NINJAS, HUNTER X HUNTER does actually go there. It's just set-up-and-punch-line. Now, what's the next punchline?

Well, the show keeps repeating that one clip of Kurapika just matter-of-factly burying Uyogin in some rocks while his comrades seek vengeance for his death. The Phantom Troupe might as well be the villainous supergroup version of the Wet Bandits... so it's all inevitability leading to Gon and Killua killing them in the most brutal ways possible, right?

Watch "Very × Sharp × Eye” and "Pursuit × And × Analysis" and "Ally × And × Sword" and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode.

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Well..... I think you might be a bit surprised by the upcoming turn of events After stating that analogy, Though I do see what your getting at, Having just finished this arc, I have to admit the climax left me somewhat Disappointed, though it is clever enough I guess,
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Ehh Wet An Gon might be bit older than you think. Youll see as series goes on.

You also have to think cultural difrence here. States cartoons teach with purpal old lizards an talking vegatables, why you love me i love you stuff. Where as there.. if your mean or steal why odds are some one can an will kill you.

I like the latter much more than the other.

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nah know despite the anime feel do i put this?? h x h keeps things real in its on way. Think about it a pack of class A adult criminals cant possibly be taken down by kids...despite kurapika but hes a bit older and within that world has the rights and is equipped to kill the troupe. In this arc at least you shouldn't group gon,killa and kurapika together..kurapika is built for the spiders the other two aren't...

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When the abilities of the Phantom Troupe were revealed that's when I realized H x H went full shonen. The show was about to devolve into another shonen with special abilities for every character that fit into weird situations.

Seeing Kurapika in action was still interesting though.

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