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504th JFW

504th Joint Fighter Wing is the Strike Witch squadron that was formed from witches from nations across the world in order to face the Neuroi threat.

Black Label

The Black Label is a vigilante organization created by Masamune Mochizuki to eliminate the criminal element that the law either can't or refuse to handle.


Border is a defense organization that fights and studied Neighbors

Child Teacher

Child Teachers are theme in some manga/animes. They are normally rather intelligent characters who still display childish behavior at times.

Dragon Slayer Magic

Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of "Lost Magic" originally taught to humans in order to defeat real dragons.


The E.D.C. (Earth Defense Command) are the humans and Earth-built robots who work with the Autobots to defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats such as the Decepticons and Quintessons.

Four Koukenji Rakshasa Demons

Four Koukenji Rakshasa Demons are executioners hired by the Prime Minister who do not use Imperial Arms.


Fullbring is an ability that humans can use to communicate with the souls of inanimate object and manipulate them.


Haki is special ability that is present in all creatures, but few can actually tap. An ability that can predict movements, command the wills of others, and attack in a way to cancel Devil Fruit powers.


A hermaphrodite is a being which possesses both male and female reproductive organs.


Hybrid characters are often a mixture of different background that are normally thought to be in opposition. These are mostly seen as a mixture of humans with either aliens, spirits, or demons.


A special police force created to combat the assassination team Night Raid. All members carry Imperial Arms.

Lunatic Syndrome

Temporary homicidal feelings that are violently released on the night of a full moon or when a human comes in contact with a pure blood vampire's blood. Often these people affected will go on rampages or killing sprees.

Night Raid

Night Raid is a group of assassins that is part of the Revolutionary army. The Night Raid conducts missions such as assassinations of key targets and obtaining intel.

Path of Peace

Path of Peace is a religious group in Akame ga Kill who believe doing good deeds contribute to happiness and longevity.


bio tech engineered humans with Regeneration and enhanced abilities by nano technology most notably from Hellsing they are technically considered to be Cyborgs due to their artificial enhancements.


Requip Magic allows users to quickly and easily summon, store, or exchange different items like weapons or clothing.

Side Effect

Side Effect are a type of six sense for people who have large amount of Trion.


A concept where one person is treated like the property of another, sometimes legally recognized as such in the eyes of the government as well. This concept applies to both those who have been enslaved and those who have "owned" a slave. In most cases the slave is a protagonist who rebels.


A human being with extraordinary powers not within the natural abilities of a normal human.


Team RWBY is led by Ruby and composed of Weiss, Blake, and Yang.

Team Takashi

Team Takashi are a group of students from Fujimi High School who survived the outbreak to search for their families.

The Police Company

The Police Company is a small organization of bounty hunters

The Will Of D

The Will Of D. is a mysterious initial in a strong will person


The massive battle of death between 2 factions or nations. Can either be because of religion, need for power or wealth, hatred of the other faction/nation etc.


The Xcution are a group of super-powered humans with the ability to communicate with souls called Fullbring who gathered together with the intent of passing on their powers.

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