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Eri Minami

Eri Minami is the step mother Yuuta and she's having a hard time adjusting with her husband aboard.

Eri Sawachika

The "Ojou" of Tenma's Circle of Friends


Erica is a hostess who worked at a hostess club with Chiaki Shinoda.

Eriko Tamura

Aspiring pop star from the series Legendary Idol Eriko

Erina Kinjo Won

Joins Nadesico along with Nagare Akatsuki. Her official post is co-helmswoman, but in truth that's not who she is.

Erio Tōwa

Makoto's first cousin who claims to be a extraterrestrial lifeform. Following an incident where she broke her leg while trying to fly on her bike, she constantly wraps herself inside a futon.


A sadistic general who serves as one of Akame Ga Kill!s primary adversaries.


Esta is a civilian woman of Dressrosa who has forgotten her human lover after he was changed into a toy.

Eugene Chaud

Chaud is the operator of Protoman and a NetSavior whom help the NetPolice with Net crimes, he also rivals with Lan Hikari

Eva Frost

Eva Frost is a member of the Annex Project and teammate of Adolf Reinhard's team.

Eva Ushiromiya

Ew Lant

Ew Lant is the apprentice of the wheat-merchant Marc Cole in Kumersun.

Excel Excel

The Fast-Talking, Hyperactive Heroine


Duke's younger brother, he is a member of G.I. Joe who first appeared in G.I. Joe The Movie. Falcon has a lot of vices, he tries to hook up with any attractive woman he sees and has had issues with drug addiction.

Farmer (Dragon Ball)

A farmer who unfortunately meets Raditz after seeing him land on Earth. Often mistakenly referred to as "Farmer with shotgun" when in fact he carries a lever-action rifle.

Farnese Vandimion

Initially the Holy Iron Chain Knights leader, she now travel's with Guts and is learning magic under Schierke tutelage.

Farvaro Leone

An energetic and deceitful bounty hunter who has a history with Kaiser.

Fast Willy

A street racer who made the mistake of blemishing Knockout's paint job

Father Vincent

A priest from Claymore, first seen as the person who requests Clare to kill a demon in Rabona. Later in the series he accepts Galatea as a nun, unaware of her past as a Claymore.

Faye Valentine

A buxom, generally scantily-clad bounty hunter of ill repute. Reluctant yet repeated partner of the Bebop crew. Her aggressive personality hides a secret past.

Felli Loss

Psychokinesist of the 17th Platoon. She's forced into Military Arts just like Layfon and she's the sister of the current Student Council President of Zuellni. She befriends Layfon calls him as 'Fon-fon'.

Feng Yifei

Feng Yifei is a member of the People's Liberation Army who thought she was infiltrating Janet Bhai's group covertly, but they already knew who she was.

Fernandia Malvezzi

Fernandia Malvezzi is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Romagna Forces.


Filano is the assistant of Bren the Black Death in his murder for hire business in Roanapur.

Filippo Mancini

Filippo Mancini is a perverted old mobster and nephew of a powerful mafia.

Fio Piccolo

Fiona Ran Winchester

Fiona Ran Winchester is the director of Mochizuki General Hospital and a member of the Black Label.

Flash Sentry

One of the new guards working at the Crystal Empire and Love Interest of Twilight Sparkle in MLP Equestria Girls.

Fleur Blanc

Fleur Blanc is an IFO pilot for Blue Generation.

Fleur Boland

Fleur Boland is a female stone-statue merchant who sells blessed statues of religious figures.


One of the members of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Flint specializes in Fire type Pokemon.


A witch that the Skull Knight gave her the Berserker Armor.

Flora Chapie

Flora Chapie is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Flora Reinhold

Flora Reinhold is a young lady who joins Professor Layton on his journeys.

Fogia Four

He's the love interest of Alita. Tough entirely human, he's capable to go toe to toe against cyborg.

Forte Stollen

The more aggressive member of the Galaxy Angel brigade. Known for being a gun-collector


Witholding the D of D tournament on his private island, Fortuna is a member of YAMI and an arms dealer. As, what Hermit describes as "Master Class Garbage"(meaning he is weak compared to other master classes), he initially tryed to make the members of the Shinpaku Alliance his children because of their ability to become master class.


Fox is a brigadier general in the Amestris State Military and part of Father's corrupt cabal.


She is one of Chris' friends in Sonic X.

Frank Archer

Frank Archer is a member of the Amestris State Military stationed in Central City. He replaced Maes Hughes after his murder.

Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma is the whip-wielding prosecutor who's the daughter of Manfred von Karma, and rival to Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.


Best friend of the former bully named Billy

Fred Luo

A weapons merchant and an old friend of Gene Starwind.


A strong, silent student at Cromartie High School. Not much is known about him, other than his strong resemblance to the late Freddy Mercury.


Freesia is a maid that works for Princess Salvia.


Friend is the main antagonist of 20th Century Boys. There are two characters posing as Friend: Fukubei and Katsumata.


Fu is the bodyguard of prince Ling Yao of the Xing Empire, and grandfather of Lan Fan.

Fubuki Kakuyoku

Fubuki Kakuyoku is a rogue-ninja from the Hidden Snow Village who works for the corrupt lord of the Land of Snow, Dotō Kazahana.

Fubuki Tenjouin

Asuka's older brother who disappeared earlier in the series after going to the abandoned dorm for a exam. He came back possessed by Darkness and was the first of the Seven Star Assassins to challenge Judai.


The daughter of Akuma and Sayaka in Street Fighter Alpha Generations

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