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Don Kanonji

The host of a popular exorcism based television program, Don Kanonji is one of the few humans in Bleach who is capable of seeing spirits and hollows without any assistance. He is also known for his catchphrase and trademark laugh, "The Spirits are always with you! Bwahahahaha!"

Donald Curtis


Prince Cab's Guardian

Dr. Alcazar

A scientist who worked with Chip Chase in creating an incredibly powerful energy formula (Energon)

Dr. Amachi

Father of Hiromi and Scientist who is researching a way to find a second Earth.

Dr. Brief

Founder of the Capsule Corporation and father of Bulma.

Dr. Fujiyama

The "Famous scientist" who created Nightbird

Dr. Jack Griswold

Male protagonist from the movie LaMB

Dr. Mashirito Jr.

The son of Dr. Mashirito who seems to pursue the same goal his father did after his death.

Dr. Miyafuji

Dr. Miyafuji is one of the scientists that assisted in the development of the Striker Units. The father of Yoshika Miyafuji.

Dr. Monster

a fan of giant monster movies such as Godzilla and Gamera. He attempts to kidnap Arale to gain ransom money to buy a monster encyclopeda.

Dr. Stylish

A mad scientist and member of the special police force, the Jaegers. An Akame Ga Kill character.


A member of Hoenn Elite Four who specializes in training Dragon Type Pokemon.


Drip is a member of the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates. He tried to impersonate Sanji.


The main protagonist of Dub & Peter 1. He drives Peter 1 and tries to pick up girls.


One of the field leaders of G.I. JOE


A young girl Ash and his friends met on their travels who likes to cosplay. She has a Ditto which she uses for her shows.


Dutch is the boss of The Lagoon Company and the captain of their vessel, the Black Lagoon.


Ebizo is an elder of the Hidden Sand Village and brother of Chiyo, grandmother of Sasori.


Eda is a fake, sunglasses wearing nun in the black market organization of Roanapur called the Church of Violence. She's a friend of Revy, but also a deep cover agent of the CIA on an unknown mission.

Eddy Gordo

Brazilian capoeira fighter. He has a alter ego named Tiger Jackson who was also introduced in Tekken 3 as a pallette swap for Eddy


Edgar is a student of the St. Mihailov Academy and the assistant of the fortune-teller Madam Lily (Miyuri). He was a slave of Frederich Tanner and was abused by him into constructing The Noah of Gold

Edmond Honda

A famous sumo-wrestler who tries to increase the popularity of Sumo while proving that it is the best form of martial arts.


Edward is a young female master computer hacker. She acts extremely peculiar. After running away from an orphanage, she became part of the Cowboy Bebop crew. She spends most of her time with Ein.

Edward Elric

The youngest State Alchemist with an aggressive demeanor who is attempting to restore him and his younger brother's body back to normal after a deadly sin they committed...

Edward Tanaka

The butler of Chris' house.

Eiko Villan

Eiko is Nautilus' sonar operator and founder of Ikolina's fan club. Before being a sonar operator Eiko was the sole survivor of the shipwreck of Elise Le Havre, Jean's father's ship.

Eisen Faust

An evil magician.

Eishiro Sugata

The quirky leader of the "New World" club at Tomoki's high school in Sorami, Eishiro Sugata is a supporting character of the anime Heaven's Lost Property. He uses different unconventional means to try to solve issues regarding the "new world" that has mysteriously appeared over the town of Sorami.

Eisuke Hondou

Eisuke Hondou is ran's very clumsy new classmate. He was suspected to be part of the Black Organization due to his resemblance to Rena Mizunashi and strange behavior. It is later revealed that Eisuke believed that Rena murdered his sister and father.

Eita Kidou

The main character in Oreshura

Eita Touga

Eita Touga is the main protagonist of the 12 Beast manga.


Electra is an orphan since the destruction of her hometown, after which she is saved by captain Nemo and she is the First Officer of the 'Nautilus', fighting Gargoyle and the Neo-Atlanteans. Electra is deeply in love with Nemo, although she also burgeons a deep grudge from the destruction.

Electra Ovilo

A veteran of the Titan War and former lover of Vincent Volaju.

Elena Peoples

Elena Peoples is an IFO pilot for Blue Generation.

Elena Perepelkina

Elena Perepelkina is a member of the Russian Division of the Annex I project under Sylvester Asimov.

Elicia Hughes

Elicia Hughes is the only daughter of Maes and Gracia Hughes.

Elizabello II

Elizabello II is the king of Prodence.


The Qwaser of Titanium and student of Mr. Ootori who wields a giant sword named "Excalibur."


The maid of Chris' house.


Elvis is a gangster who was after Janet Bhai in Roanapur.

Ema Maeda

Ema Maeda comes into the final book of the manga, determined to get into Tokyo University.

Emi Isuzu

Vice President of the Executive Council,and senior of Toudou Academy

Emi Tanba

Emi Tanba is a nurse at Ohka Hospital who loves designer clothes and a bisexual friend of Sayoko Bizen.

Emperor Makoto

Emperor Makoto is the young emperor of Imperial Capital. His advisor is Prime Minister Honest who uses him as a puppet to control the country.

Ena Seishuin

A character in the Campione! franchise.

Endou Mamoru

Inazuma Eleven: Endou is the Goalkeeper and Captain of Raimon Soccer Club.

Enrico Maxwell

The head of Section XIII who grew up from a An illegitimate child.A fanatical Christian, he lived and died in his hubris for his religion.

Ensui Nara

Ensui Nara is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of the Nara Clan.


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