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Chieko Kakazu

Chieko Kakazu is the guidance counselor of the school that Kouichi attends.

Chifusa Manyuu

Chifusa Manyuu is a succesor of the Manyuu clan who has run away with the clan's sacred scroll.

Chigusa Iino

Chigusa Iino is the nurse of the all-girls boarding school and the supervisor of the girls that came to visit the Kanenone Gakuen in the Green Green series.

Chiharu Arisawa

Friend of Kaori Kinoshita who has a crush on Tetsuro in "Waiting in the Summer".

Chiharu Shinonome

Chiharu is one of the newest members of the eiken club. She is popular and aced the entrance exams

Chihiro Ogino

A ten-year old girl who stumbles upon a new world when she was moving to a new town with her parents. Protagonist of the film "Spirited Away"

Chiho Sasaki

Chiho Sasaki is an employee at a MgRonald restaurant in Tokyo.

Chika Amatori

Chika have a high level of Trion

Chika Arisaka

Chika Arisaka is an amusement park employee who dreams of overcoming her timidness and become an actress.

Chika Yamada

Yamada's younger sister

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Chikage Kushinada

A child-genius and skilled Jujitsu practitioner from the Mightiest Disciple Franchise. Chikage is a member of Yomi and has an emotionless demeanour.


A little orphan Gohan encounters.


One of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City. His main Pokemon is a Baoppu.

Chin-Kyuu Koudai

An subordinate of Totaku as well as Ryofu's secret lover.


A high school student who's in love with her younger brother, Yuuta. She teases him to get attention.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team, pilots the Advanced Recon Helicopter, a component of Vehicle Voltron. In the Voltron Fleet of Doom movie he is revealed to be Pidge's twin brother.


Chiriku is a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja and lead monk of the Fire Temple.

Chisame Hasegawa

Chisameis a member of Negi's class 3-A. She has two Personality. One is a computer geek and the other is a famous Net Idol. Reluctant guardian of Negi in Asuna's absence.

Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge Kirisaki is the daughter of the Bee Hive Gangsters' leader. She's paired in a relationship with Raku Ichijo to avoid feuding between their families.

Chitose Akiyama

A busty and gluttonous girl, Chitose is the captain of the soft tennis club.

Chiumi Hayami

Chiumi Hayami is the manager of the Fijioka High School Soccer Team. She's in love with Sakurai and wants him to return to the soccer team.

Chiwa Harusaki


Chizuru Naba

Chizuru Naba is one of Negi's class 3-A. A kind, and full-figured mature young woman. She's a calm person with an eccentric, playful personality.

Chloe McCaffrey

Chloe McCaffrey is an IFO pilot for Generation Bleu's Team Goldilocks.


Fake Nami is a member of the Impostor Straw Hat Pirates. She tried to impersonate Nami.

Choi Dal Dal

Choi Dal Dal is a cute and bubbly girl, an S-Class Wild's High School second year student and the president of the Taekwondo club in Wild's High. Dal-dal wears tiger ears.

Choji Akimichi

Choji Akimichi is a dependable ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 10 as their fighter. He uses a family ninja technique of physical body manipulation.

Choji's Mother

Choji's Mother is the wife of Chōza Akimichi and mother of their child, Choji Akimichi.


Chong is a traveling minstrel who travels with his wife Lily and band.

Chou'un Shiryuu

A Powerful silver-haired toushi with a sword.


Prime Minister Chouri is a political opponent to Prime Minister Honest as well as a father to Spear. His personal interests is to protect his country from the Imperial Capital.

Choza Akimichi

Choaza is the father of Choji

Chris Thorndyke

A Character from the Sonic X anime. Chris is a young boy from the real world who becomes involved with Sonic and his companions.

Christophe Blanc

Christophe Blanc is an official of Blue Generation.

Chuck Thorndyke

Chris' grandfather.

Chun Li

Chun-Li is a character from the Street Fighter II universe.

Chun Woo Han

Chun Woo Han is the english techer and martial art master of Shi Woon Yi who is hellbent to take reveng for his master death on the Murim world.

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the only child of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive and owner of the Funtom company, a business that mainly sells toys/sweets. A supernatural/demonic contract binds him to Sebastian Michaelis, who promised Ciel revenge on those who ruined him in exchange for his soul.

Claire Redfield

One of the two main characters of the game Resident Evil 2 and one of the main characters of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. She is also a main character of the movie Resident Evil: Degeneration

Claude Weaver

Claude "Torch" Weaver is a firebug and mercenary in the city of Roanapur.


Clause is young tom-boy who lost her sister and seeks to avenger her death by finding the ghost of Karin, who she blames.

Clause's Father

Clause's Father is the father of Clause, the village tom-boy. His other daughter passed away to an unknown cause.


Leader of the Voltron Vehicle Force Land Team. He operates the Jet Radar Station


A Decepticon and later Autobot Godmaster


Coby is a young Marine solider who was once a captive of the pirate Alvida. He was saved by Luffy, and now follows his dream to become an Admiral.

Cody Hida

One of the new Chosen Children (Digi Destined) in Digimon Adventure 02. His Digimon partner is Armadimon.


She is a bounty huntress who was after Domino Walker.

Colonel Violet

Commander Red

The leader of the Red Ribbon army, Red seeks the Dragonballs for his own selfish desires.

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