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Speed Racer Jr.

The youngest of Speed Racer and Trixie's two sons

Spike Spiegel

A tall, slender bounty hunter whose laid back sensibilities play down the abilities of a Jeet Kune Do master.

Spike Witwicky

A human friend of the Autobots

Staff Sergeant Barrows

Staff Sergeant Barrows is a member of the Grey Fox Squad.


Vice-Admiral Stainless is a commanding officer of the Navy.


Star is a snobbish society girl from the upper levels of Ba Sing Se.


A Galaxy Alliance military leader.


Stelly is an arrogant noble-child who was adopted by the Sabo's parents after their real son ran away.


The teacher in Chris' school.

Sting Eucliffe

A member of the Sabertooth Guild and a Dragon Slayer.

Storm Shadow

Ninja double agent, it is very unclear if he is really a member of G.I. JOE or COBRA, as he often switches sides without warning. He is however a cold blooded killer in most versions, and responsible for the death of his uncle Hard Master in Resolute and Renegades.

Strongine Armstrong

Strongine Armstrong is the third daughter of the Armstrong family.

Subaru Chiryu

Subaru Chiryū is the little sister of Shingo Chiryū who admires and loves her older brother.

Sugoroku Mutou

Yugi Mutou's grandfather.

Suguru Matsui

Suguru Matsui is Ryo Shindo best friend in school.


The leader of the Kyoshi warriors.


Sukima is a genin-ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Sukuyo Mankanshoku

Sukuyo Mankanshoku is the carefree mother of Mako and Mataro.

Sumika Oohashi

Vice-President of the Futa Club.

Sumire Fudounomiya

Sunset Shimmer

The Main Antagonist of My Little Pony Equestria Girls, who was Celestia's former student not long before Twilight did. When she did not get the power she desired as quickly as she'd liked, she turned cruel and dishonest.

Suzu Mukai

Suzu Mukai is a student of Musashi Ariadust Academy who is a shy but bind girl.


Suzume is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village who teaches at the Ninja Academy.


Original pilot of the Blue Voltron Lion, he was either injured or killed depending on if you go by the American or Japanese version of the series.

Syoko Kobayashimaru

Syoko Kobayashimaru is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Sōji Yoshikawa

A scientist and ally of the Autobots

T.K. Takaishi

Protagonist of Digimon's first two series, Takeru is one of the original 8 digi-destined and the youngest of the first 7. He carries the crest of Hope and his Digimon partner is Patamon.


Tabitha is one of the students of the Tristain Academy and Kirche´s best friend. Her familiar is the wind dragon Sylphid, also known as Irukuku, and her main magic affinity is the wind element.


Tagaki is a fellow apprentice lawyer along with Kobayashi, but he's bashful due to his inexperience with women.


Tahn is an Earth Kingdom refugee traveling to Ba Sing Se with his wife Ying.

Tai Yagami

The leader of the first group of DigiDestined.

Taichi Yaegashi

The protagonist of Kokoro Connect.

Taisei Aranami

Taisei Aranami is the sadistic son of the corrupt corporate mogul Hideo Aranami.


Taji is an ANBU medical-ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village. She assisted in the birth of Naruto Uzumaki.


Tajiki is a ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village who took part in the Shinobi Alliance as part of the 3rd Division.


Tajima is a lieutenant in the SAT, and Rika Minami's partner.

Tajima Uchiha

Tajima Uchiha is the father of Madara and Izuna Uchiha.

Takako Tosa

Takako Tosa is a friend of Sayoko Bizen who blamed her for the destruction of her company and has been trying to hunt her down.

Takane D. Goodman

Takane D. Goodman is a member of the Mahora Magical Association. She's a dedicated witch that dreams to be a Magister Magi, but more often just loses her clothes.

Takao Saiga

Takao Saiga is the younger brother of Nachi Saiga.

Takashi Kamiyama

The main character in Cromartie High School.

Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro is a second-year student at Fujimi High School and the leader of a group of students trying to survive the apocalypse to find their families.

Takashi Kosuda

An ordinary high school boy and member of the photography club. After meeting Yamada he begins to develop feelings for her.

Takashi Morinozuka

A tall, quiet, dark-haired high school student.

Takato Matsuda

One of the main character of Digimon Tamers. Takato one day discovered his card scanner turned into a D-Arc. He decided to scan his notepad on the Digimon he created named Guilmon bringing him to life. The next day Guilmon materialized in Shinjuku.


Takayama is a PE teacher of Fujimi High School.

Takeru Takemoto

Takeru Takemoto is this series' main character.

Takiko Takeda

Takiko Takeda is a member of the Higasaki High Beach Volleyball Club.


Takuzo is a student of Fujimi High School and the boyfriend of Naomi.

Talvikki Launo

Talvikki Launo is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

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