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Shinichiro Ōtori

Wise old man searching for the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn on his own. Also happens to be a Qwaser.

Shinigami Roxy

The mother of Alligator Nichol, she is considered to be the deadliest Jackal in the world.


Ash's new rival he met in Sinnoh. Shinji is smart but treats his Pokemon like tools rather than friends.

Shinjirou Hayashida

Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame is an enigmatic ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 8. He's an expert in the bug jutsus of the Aburame Clan.

Shinobu Komatsu

Shinobu Komatsu is the #11 Goalie of the Fujioka High School Girls' Lacrosse Team.

Shinobu Maehara

Hinata-sou's Resident Cook and kawaii girl.

Shinobu Mibu

Shinobu Mibu is a Chunin ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Shinobu Sensui

A former spirit detective whom developed distinct personalities. Shinobu Sensui is one of the characters in the Yu Yu Hakusho franchise.


Shinohara is a photographer and number one fan of the Rodeo 5 singer, Hiromi.


Shinta is a citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village who wouldn't let Choji play games when they were younger.

Shio Sakaki

Self-proclaimed 100-Dan Karate Master.

Shion Sonozaki

Twin Sister of Shion and Exiled Sonozaki

Shiori Akino

Light's girlfriend in the first Death Note live-action movie.

Shiori Minamino

Shiori Tsurumai

Shiori Tsurumai is the Madonna of the school and if often surrounded by guards. She's also a sadist who loves to torment Shingo Chiryu.

Shiratori Kamome

A student at Keita's college who works as at the sexy cabaret.

Shirogane Takeru

Shirogane Takeru is the male protagonist of Muv-luv.


Shiroganehiko is one of the House Guards of the Shiba Family and assistant of Kuukaku Shiba with Koganehiko.

Shirojiro Bertoni

Shirojiro Bertoni is the accountant for the student council of Musashi Ariadust Academy.

Shisui Uchiha

Shisui Uchiha is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and member of the Uchiha Clan.

Shizuka Hattori

Shizuka Hattori is a young sergeant from the Fuso Empire. She's from a military family and dedicated to the military and her own idealism.

Shizuka Jonouchi

Katsuya's little sister.

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa is one of the Fujima High survivors. She was the school's nurse and tends to the health of her fellow survivors.

Shizuku Amano

Shizuku Amano is a female ninja from the Renge Ninja School Family who was sent to search for her One in a Million mate to save the clan.

Shizuku Amano

Shizuku Amano is a member of the Yamagami High Beach Volleyball team.

Shizuna Minamoto

Shizuna Minamoto is Negi's teaching adviser, and Mahora Academy's Head Nurse. She is tall, beautiful, and extremely busty.

Sho Fukamachi

Sho is the protagonist of the Guyver manga and anime series. He is a normal teenager who becomes the superhero The Guyver when he stumbles across an alien artifact.

Sho Marufuji

Ryo Marufuji's younger brother and best friend of Judai Yuki. Although he seems timid and unsure of himself, he has much potential to be a great duelist.

Shokatsuryou Koumei

A very smart young girl who seem to be attracted to her leader Ryuubi.


Shōseki is an apprentice ninja-tool inventor from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Shouhei Cobra

Shouhei Cobra is one of the wrestlers that's part of Darkness Aoi's team.

Shouko Ueki

Ueki's adoptive older sister


Show is a character from Bodacious Space Pirates.


Arch-enemy of the TMNT.

Shu Nakajima

Shu Nakajima is a young boy from Inaba who is having a hard time adjusting to the expectations his mother sets for him.

Shukuro Tsukishima

Shūkurō Tsukishima is the former leader of the Xcution but he is actually Ginjo's Right-hand man.

Shun Midarikawa

Shun is a Border member.

Shungo Ninomiya

Shunsuke Oota

Shunsuke Oota is the shy and bashful boyfriend of Yura Akane.

Shuta Go

A human ally of the Autobots and a Headmaster Jr.

Shuu Kido

Joe Kido's other older brother. Shuu meets Miyako when she is visiting Kyoto with her class.


A student who attend High School with Jack Darby and Miko Nakadai. Sierra is Jack's potential love interest in the show.

Sifu Norris

A character created for DragonBall Evolution (2009).


Leader of the terrorist group known as MECH, he is an enemy of the US Government and the Autobots. After being injured in his last encounter with the Autobots his team was able to place his body inside of Breakdowns lifeless shell. Was later reborn as a part cybertronian cyborg.


Silk is the abandoned child of a pirate who was the lone person fighting to protect her town from the Crescent-Moon Galley.


Simon (Shimon in Japanese) is a shy young man who pilots the titular mecha of the series. He eventually becomes the leader of the Dai Gurren-dan, and eventually the most powerful warrior in the Gurren-verse.

Sir Alfred

Sir ALfred was a former member of the Nazi Party's SS. He set of a challenge for the Aryan Socialist Union.

Sir Gregory Penwood

Grandson of Sir Penwood

Sky Dragon

The leader of the Panther-Fang School.

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