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Sasori's Father

Sasori's Father is a ninja from the Hidden Sand Village and the father of Sasori.

Sasori's Mother

Sasori's Mother was a ninja from the Hiddden Sand Village and mother to Sasori.


Sasuke is Yukimura's pet monkey. She gains the ability to transform into a human Master Samurai after accidentally kissing Muneakira.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is the rival and former teammate of Naruto. Eventually, with intent of gaining power, he goes out and seeks Orochimaru's help to defeat his brother.He finds that itachi was order by Konoha elders to kill his clan ,now he wants destroy it and later joins akatsuki


Satera is the wife of Ridel in Rush Valley.

Satoko Houjou

The Trap Master of the Game Club

Satoru Ichi

The lead male of the hentai manga Slut Girl. He is a sappy virgin from the country who becomes the boyfriend/benefactor of Sayoko Bizen.

Satoshi Houjou

Satoko's Older Brother and Shion Sonozaki's Crush

Satsuki Aoi

Satsuki Aoi is a ninja from the Fudou Ninja Army who is after revenge against the Renge Ninja School.

Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryuin is the powerful student council president of Honnouji Academy and the wearer of the kamui, Junketsu.

Sawa Kiryuu

Sawa is a high school student who spies on her older sister and gym teacher when she thinks they're up to something suspicious.


Sawyer the Cleaner specializes in cleaning up crime scenes or dealing with bodies both dead or living in Roanapur.

Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi is one of the Fujima High survivors. A high school second-year student, she's the daughter of an influential politician. Her knowledge has allowed the survivors to escape from the threats facing them.

Sayoko Bessho

Sayoko Bessho is a lovely teacher who's admired as the Madonna of her school.

Sayoko Bizen

The leading lady in the hentai manga Slut Girl. She is beautiful, sex-crazed, and freeloads off her benefactor, Satoru Ichi.

Sayoko Uehara

Sayoko Uehara is the flirtatious nurse from Inaba who struggles with her frustrations of finding her purpose.

Sayori Wakaba

Yuuki's dorm mate and best friend.

Sayu Yagami

She is Light Yagami's sister and cares for him.


Scar is an Ishvalan warrior monk who is out for revenge on the State Alchemists for the slaughters in the Ishvalan Civil War. His tattooed right arm destroys all it touches.


Scarlet is a former member of the Riku Royal Family and the mother of Rebecca.


A member of G.I. JOE who has been trained in the martial arts by Snake Eyes. She is one of the team's core members in all but one version of the series.


A young witch who decided to follow Guts when her Master died. She is accompanied by an elf called Evarella.

Second Raikage

Second Raikage is a ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village and the former Raikage.

Sehrul Rahman

Sehrul Rahman is one of Yami's One Shadow, Nine Fists and the Kalarippayattu master of Ethan Stanley.

Seishin Muroi

Seishiro Tsugumi

Seishiro Tsugumi is a hit-woman trained by Claude and sent to Chitoge's school to protect her.

Seiya Uribatake

Chief mechanic within Nadesico.


Sela is the wife of Gansu and mother of Lee.

Selnia Iori Flameheart

Daughter of a wealthy English family studying at the school.

Sen Tokugawa

The princess of the Tokugawa clan.

Senbei Norimaki


Senta is a debt collector from that Land of Tea who couldn't return home until he collects the money from Tsuande's debt.


Sergeant Sanchez

Sergeant Sanchez is a member of the Grey Fox Squad that speaks Spanish.

Serieux Ubiquitous

An antagonist in Akame Ga Kill, she is an officer with an overzealous belief in "Justice"

Seta Noriyasu

Tokyo University Professor, Archaeologist Keitaro's role model and Naru's Crush

Seto Kaiba

The owner of Kaiba Corp and Yugi's rival.

Setsuna Kashiwagi

The main protagonist of Onihime VS, Setsuna agreed to the mysterious man that he will give him 10 million yens for his life.

Setsuna Uchiha

Setsuna Uchiha was a member of the Military Police Force from the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of the Uchiha Clan.

Sgt. Slaughter

A member of GI Joe

Shaft Brother

He is a character from the Cowboy Bebop anime and the vengeful younger Shaft brother.


Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon who turns in to a cat when splashed with water. Ranma beat her in battle and she is his wife according to Chinese Amazon Law (much to Ranma and Moose's dismay).


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Sea Team who operates one of the Multi-Wheeled Explorers. He is of Irish heritage. Shannon harbors a true hatred of the Drule.

Shante Laite

Shante is a member of Gorneo Luckens Platoon. Has a very cat-like demeanour. She's very loyal to Gorneo, and even idolizes him.

Shaoshao Li

Shaoshao Li is a human ally of the Autobots from the Kiss Players manga.


Attends Orange Star High School with Gohan. He torments Son Gohan for a bit in school, but later befriends him after witnessing his athletic prowess.

Shasta Raylle

Shasta is the US engineer

Shawn Berger

A wealthy and sleazy man who is an ally of the Decepticons


Shenhua is a Taiwanese assassin who specializes in using bladed weapons. She does most of her work for Mr. Chang and the Triads, but also works freelance in Roanapur.

Shi Woon Yi

Formerly a pushover, a coward and bullied all the time but after blackmailing his English teacher who was a martial artist to train him he's no longer the person he was, he become strong in mind and body. Now he is, temporally, the head of the Sun-Woo clan.

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