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Rita Vrataski

Rita is the best US Battle Jacket solider


Ritchie is a Trainer from the anime series, he is almost an exact replica Of Ash.

Riza Hawkeye

Riza Hawkeye is a member of the Amestris State Military and one of Roy Mustang's most trusted allies. A military trained sniper, she's the one Mustang has chosen to watch his back.

Road King

An Autobot Godmaster


A member of G.I. JOE


Roberta is the seemingly gentle and kindhearted maid of the Lovelace Family in Venezuela, but is actually a trained soldier of the FARC who ran away from the cartels. Now, she is the bodyguard of the Lovelace Estate and the young master, Garcia Lovelace.


The sidekick of Batman. He is also the leader of the "Teen Titans" and the new Batman.

Rock Lee

Rock Lee is an energetic ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 9. He aims to be a great ninja despite that fact he can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu.


Member of the Voltron Vehicle Force's Air Team, he operates the Strato Weapons Module.

Rogue Cheney

A member of the Sabertooth Guild and a Dragon Slayer. He's also revealed to be Gajeel's apprentice.


Roku is one of the previous Avatars born of the Fire Kingdom.


Rokgough is one of Kurome's corpse puppet who was a former general of the Imperial Capital.

Rokuro Okajima

Rokuro "Rock" Okajima was a former salary-man before joining the Lagoon Company pirates in the South-Asian Seas.

Rokurou Ozu

The Drummer in the band "The Flyers" who is the boyfriend of Saki Mikimura.

Romagna Doctor

Romagna Doctor is the doctor for the Strike Witches at the 501st JFW Romagna base.

Ron Yuebin

He appears in episode 33 to marry Pudding in an arranged marriage. Pudding opposes a thought and when Tart met hi m first time, he seemed jealous. Losing for Tart, he went back to China practice more his skills.


Ronny the Jaws is the head of the Italian Mafia in Roanapur after Verrocchio was murdered by Hansel and Gretel.

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is a sword fighter once known as the Pirate Hunter who joins the Straw Hat Pirates as first-mate and aims to become the world's greatest swordsman to fulfill a childhood promise with his special three-sword style, Santoryu.

Rosa Ushiromiya

Mother of Maria and creator of Sakutaro.

Rose Tomas

Rose Toman is a citizen of Liore who turned to Letoism in hopes of resurrection her boyfriend, but found her own path thanks to Edward Elric.

Rosette Christopher

Rosette Christopher is a stubborn exorcist of the Magdalene Order on a quest, along with her care-giving, demon accomplice Chrno, to find her missing brother Joshua.

Rowan Pigeons

Rowan Pigeons is the owner of the GoofFest strip club on Rachiada Street in Roanapur.

Roy Coleman

Chicago police detective in Gunsmith Cats.

Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang is the Flame Alchemist of the Amestris State Military. He aims to remove the furher and create a new government for Amestris for the people.


Ruby is a character in the Pokémon Manga: Pokémon Adventures. He is also known as Brendan in the Pokemon Anime: Pokémon Advanced.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a young girl armed with a scythe that doubles as a shotgun. She serves as the leader of three other companions in Team RWBY.

Rudolf Ushiromiya

Rufus Lore

Rufus Lore is a memory mage of the Sabertooth guild.

Runo Misaki

Runo is one of the principal characters in the Anime serie Bakugan Battle Brawlers,

Ruri Miyamoto

Ruri Miyamoto is Kosaki Onodera's best friend who tries to encourage Kosaki.

Rurie Tanaka

Rurie Tanaka is the #4 Right Defender of the Fujioka High School Girls' Lacrosse Team.


Russell is an American cowboy from Florida who was hired to track down Greenback Jane for the Mexican syndicate.

Ruzz Elingn

Ruzz Elingn is the merchant representative of the Derink Trading Company.

Ryo Akizuki

First Teammate of Idolm@ster Friends akizuki ritsuko and his friends

Ryo Kunieda

Ryo Kunieda is a citizen of Karakura Town and fellow classmate of Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime Inoue.

Ryo Shindo

Ryo Shindo was an average student until his ninja girlfriend passed on her ocular abilities to him to see into the hearts of women.

Ryofu Housen

Having a known habit of dressing in a more revealing nature, Ryofu is a power fighter with a high sexual energy and a chronic illness.

Ryoga Hibiki

Ryoga is the rival of Ranma. He has horrible sense of direction and is constantly getting lost on his way to battles, even if they're in his own backyard. He is also cursed to turn into a pig whenever he is exposed to cold water.

Ryoko Ninomiya

Ryoko is Shungo's older sister and a skilled martial art. She likes to mess around with Shungo and the other girls for her own personal enjoyment.

Ryoko Subaru

Ryoko is an Aestivalis pilot from the L2 space colony (along with Hiruka and Izumi), and she is the most fiery and combative. Over time, she began to accept her feelings for Akito, but for the most part refrained from public displays of affection.

Ryoko Tanaka

Ryoko Tanaka is an old classmate of Ryosuke and a divorcee who runs a fertilizer company.

Ryoko Tokuno

Ryōko Tokuno is a Japanese beach volleyball player who competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics, and the informal coach for the Higasaki High beach volleyball team.

Ryosuke Hata

Ryosuke Hata is the son grape orchard workers who ran off to Tokyo after being rejected by his childhood crush, Shiho.

Ryotaro Dojima

Ryotaro Dojima is a police detective from Inaba and the father of Nanako Dojima.

Ryou Shirogane

The younger brother of Takashi Shirogane. He fights the Gairan as an ally of the GoLion team to avenge his brothers death.

Ryouko Suwano

A classmate of Tsubaki's who becomes interested in him and his love life.


The main protagonist in the Street Fighter series that was created by Capcom.

Ryu Ogura

Ryu Ogura is a timid young man who is constantly tormented by Mari Itsuki and her friends, and they use his penis after it shockingly popped off.


Un-Wol first/former disciple before Chun-Woo Han. Un-Wol expelled him in order to protect him. However, he still wanted to follow his master and was shocked when he knew he was dead.

Ryuji Kurosawa

Ryuji Kurosawa is a yakuza boss and head of Yamamoto Industries who want the secret of Kyoko Kagami's precognition.

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