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Ranma Saotome

A teenage martial artist, who is a boy...usually.

Ranmaru Rindou

Ranmaru Rindou is a young girl with a tomboy personality. She is the heir to her father's dojo in Binbogami Ga!

Ranpha Franboise

A member of the Galaxy Angel brigade. Usually takes missions together with Forte and Milfeulle.


Raoh is the older brother of Kenshiro and a powerful dictator in the post-apocalyptic world.


Raoul was a car thief who stole the Autobot named Tracks. Raoul later reformed his criminal ways


Ratchman is the leader of the Aryan Socialist Union group who tried to reclaim a lost Nazi treasure.


Rebecca is a gladiator at Corrida Colosseum and the granddaughter of Dressrosa's previous king.

Rebecka Hallstrom

Rebecka Hallstrom is a commander and pilot for Blue Generation.

Red Star

Leader of the Oktober Guard and an ally/sometimes member of G.I. Joe


Regis is the son of the wax crsfter Diego on Hand Island who joined the Marines.


Master of Nanto Suichoken and one of Kenshiro's most prominent allies.

Rei Miyamoto

Rei Miyamoto is one of the Fujima High survivors. A high school second-year and member of the spear club. She's Takashi's childhood friend.

Rei Nishina

She is Keiichiro's ex-girlfriend who appears in episode 14. Rei does research on butterflies(a Lepidopterist).

Reiji Kizaki

Reiji is part of the Tamakoma Branch of Border

Reiji Satou

Reiji Satou is the male harem lead in Harem Time.

Reika Nagase

Iori Nagase's mother.

Reika Ono

Reika Ono is a Tokyo Toujo Private Academy beach volleyball player and partner with Sanae Hayakawa for the Madonna Cup.

Reiko Date Wingfield

Reiko Date Wingfield is the director of the Tennis Club and the sempai of Shuichi Sugiyama.

Reiko Hishii

Reiko Hishii is the heiress of the prestigious Hishii Family who is in search for her future-husband has part of her family's traditions.

Reiko Terayama

Reiko is a part of a very rich family. She is a very respectful and proper person at home, but when she out riding her motorcycle she becomes a different person.

Reiko Yuki

Reiko is a member of Occult Research Club. She is well-known for her knowledge and obsession with the supernatural, leaving her at odds with Sket Dan member "Switch".

Reina Toyohara

Reina Toyohara is one of the main characters in the series, Anyone You Can Do I Can Do Better. Constantly competes in sexual acts with her mother to win Yusukes heart.

Ren Kunanzuki

Ren Kunanzuki is a member of Rachnera's old host family.

Ren Tsuruga

Considered to be one of Japan's most popular actors.

Rena Ryuugu

The "Take It Home" Gal of Keiichi's Circle of Friends


is Archbishop Enrico Maxwell's second of Section XIII, Iscariot Organization.

Renji Tokisaka

A detective investigating a string of murder involving young girls.

Renka Ma

She is a character in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Renka is the attractive 16-year-old daughter of Master Kensei. She came to Japan in search of her father, who she plans to take back to China.

Rentaro Satomi

Rentarō Satomi is a young high school student and member of Private Security organization that fights against the Gastrea.


Revy is the muscle of the Lagoon Company couriers known as Two Hands in the corrupt Thailand city of Roanapur.


Ricardo is the newest hire as a priest-in-training at the Church of Violence in Roanapur.

Richard Hellsing

The brother of Arthur, who tries to kill a young Integral before she takes control of Hellsing

Richie Leroy

Richie Leroy is a man from Roanapur who Roberta hired for information and supplies.


Rick is an Ishvalan boy who survived the extermination to live in the slums outside of East City in Amestris.

Rigoro Dedre

Rigoro Dedre is a chronicler of old tales, and it also the town recorder for all merchant trades in Renos.

Rihoko Sakurai

One of the main heroines in Amagami. Rihoko is always concerned about her weight, and likes eating sweets and sleeping in. She is also childhood friends with Junichi.


Riichi is a jonin-ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village.


Rika is the daughter of the local tavern owner in Shell Town. She's helped Zoro, and she's friends with Coby and Helmeppo.

Rika Furude

One of the Younger Girls in Keiichi's Circle of Friends

Rika Hayama

Rika Hayama is the teacher adviser of the Tennis Club.

Rika Minami

Rika Minami is a sniper in the Japanese SAT and a weapons expert. She's a close friend of Shizuka Marikawa.

Rika Shiguma

Very intelligent girl who is into yaoi.

Rikdo Koshi

The creator of Excel Saga as he appears in his own show.


A childhood friend of Sora in the Kingdom Hearts series, Riku played the role of the villain after he embraced the power of darkness. Eventually, he broke free of it's control, helping King Mickey fight the heartless and Sora fight Organization XIII

Riku Doldo III

Riku Doldo III is the once king of Dressrosa before Doflamingo's take over, and the grandfather of Rebecca.


Rikuo is the main protagonist of the Time of Eve series.

Rimi Kokorone

A member of the Atlantae division of Yomi and disciple of Ogata Isshinsai. She is deeply in love Ryuto Asamiya, her desire to be strong is because she believes he will love her back and despite his cold attitude toward her he is shown to cares about her.

Rin Nonaka

A shy, mostly timid female who rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Rin takes a secret intrest in the exiled Karou Satou after she witnesses him having sex with fellow housemate Yako Takeshita. She secretly longs to be with him no matter what anyone else says (or forbids her).

Rin Tachibana

Rin Tachibana is a member of the Hachiou Executioner Blade of Yami, the older half brother of Kiyoi Kidou, and the "disciple brother" of Shigure Kosaka.

Rin Tanokura

Rin Tanokura is the attacker and blocker for the Higasaki High beach volleyball team with Iruka.

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