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Arthur Hellsing

The Father of Interga Hellsing and the master of Alucard and walter before his death

James Vega

Hero in Mass Effect: Paragon Lost.

Abaku Inugami

Abaku is an grade school defense attorney,his favorite hobby is Ronpa.

Abdul Fakkadi

A military dictator

Abdul Hakim

He was one of Spike Spiegal's bounties. Even though he was only featured in one episode, Hakim and Spike were evenly matched in martial arts.


Abdullah is a former bounty hunter with his partner Jet and wanted for bombing government buildings.

Abraham Van Helsing

The Vampire Hunter who caught Alucard


Abrego is a recurring Colombian cartel member from Black Lagoon. As part of the Manisarela Cartel, he controls their branch in Roanapur.


a character from Emma Victorian Romance.

Adjudant Black

Adolf Hitler

Appears in several anime.. Including DBZ movie "Fusion Reborn"

Aeris Gainsborough

Aerith is a main character from Final Fantasy VII. She is a love interest of Cloud. Aerith was a big part in saving the world before and after her death. She now resides in the Lifestream.

Ageha Matsui

Ageha Matsui is the #44 Attacker of Choran Girls' Academy Lacrosse Team.

Agent Fowler

A liaison officer assigned by the military to work with the Autobots and monitor their activities.


Ai Aihara

A member of the Futa Club.

Ai Fuyuumi


Ai Haibara

Haibara was a member of the Black Organization. Her real name was Shiho Miyano and her codename was Sherry. She made APTX4869 that turned Kudo Shinichi to Edogawa Conan.

Ai Hoshimiya

Ai Hoshimiya is a member of Hakuho Academy's Space Yacht Club.

Ai Kitora

Ai is an A-Rank member of Boarder

Ai Saeki

Ai Saeki is Shuichi's tennis partner.

Ai and Makoto

Sibling tamers

Aika Hayakawa

Tsubaki's middle school crush.

Aika Nakamura

Aika Nakamura is a student from Yasogami High that works at Aiya as a waitress.


Akakura is a theme park actor who plays Red Leader of the Demon Squadron Matengers.

Akane Akimoto

Akane is the homeroom teacher of class 6-3.

Akane Hiura

Akane is a sniper, she part of Nasu squad.

Akane Isshiki

Akane is the granddaughter of the creator of the Vivid System and is the first person to use it.

Akane Kimidori

Arale's best friend she met on her first day of school. She is a rebel unlike her older sister Aoi.

Akane Niimura

A normal girl who joins the Futa Club.

Akane Suzumiya

Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo is one of Ranma Saotome's many fiancées. Her father owns the Tendo Dojo, and she stands to inherit the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts by marriage.

Akiharu Hino

The main protagonist of the story and one of the butlers-in-training.

Akio Ogino

Akio Ogino is the father of Chihiro. As punishment for eating the food intended for the gods, he was turned into a pig.


A human friend of the Autobots from Transformers Zone

Akira Amatsume

Akira lives alone at a sacred Shinto Shrine, her half-sister has been looking after her since her foster father passed away.

Akira Kizuki

Akira Kizuki

Akira Maeda

One of the main delinquents in Cromartie High School. Of those in the group, he appears to be on the bottom of the totem pole; despite being as rational as Kamiyama, his suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Akira Nishimura

Akira Nishimura is the busty member of the trio that torments Ryu Ogura. She's the class president with a secret perverse side and skilled with technology.

Akira Okouchi

Akira Okouchi is a member of Negi's class 3-A. She kind and considered Very Strong.

Akira Sako

Akira Sakō is a tomboy in the boxing club who's always wanted to be a boy, and she's the heiress of prestigious family.

Akira Tsubaki

Main male character of the series, an average boy who shares a bond with Urabe Mikoto.

Akisame Koetsuji

The Philisophical Jujitsu master, and one of the martial arts mentors to Kenichi Shirahama.

Akito Tenkawa

The main protagonist of Martian Successor Nadesico. Born on Mars and orphaned after his parents died in an apparent military coup, Akito's dream to become a cook but somehow become an Aestevalis pilot for the Nadesico (which is in the commander of childhood friend/"lover" - Yurika Misumaru).

Ako Izumi

Ako Izumi is a member of Negi's class 3-A. She is a timid girl who is very self conscious about the large scar on her back.

Albert Heinrich

Number 4 of the nine cyborgs. He specializes in weapon.

Alberto Camarasa

Alberto Camarasa is a combat instructor for the FARC from Havana.

Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong is the Strong-Arm Alchemist in the Amestris State Military. A muscular, compassionate man. He's the fourth child of the Armstrong Family.

Alexander Anderson

Iscariot XIII's most powerful Priest and Alucard's biggest rival.He is charged with killing vampires and destroying any other threats to the church. A genetically bio-engineered human(Regenerator) with the ability to regenerate,and wielding his blessed bayonets.He transformed into A monster of God,by merging with holy relics.

Alexander Boyd

Alexander Boyd is the lead mechanic for Generation Bleu.

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