Human Transmutation Characters

Human Transmutation is a anime/manga concept
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Alphonse Elric

Ostensibly a hulking suit of metal, Al is actually the soul of a sensitive, kind teenage boy that has been attached to an empty suit of armor.

Barry the Chopper

Barry the Chopper was once a famous serial killer who was thought to be executed, but his soul was bonded with a suit of armor and charged with guarding Laboratory 5.

Edward Elric

The youngest State Alchemist with an aggressive demeanor who is attempting to restore him and his younger brother's body back to normal after a deadly sin they committed...


Envy is the homunculus who has the ability to take on any form he has seen. A sadist who enjoys tormenting humans and sees them as trash.

Izumi Curtis

Izumi Curtis is the alchemy teacher of Edward and Alphonse Elric. An incredibly skilled fighter, alchemist, and proud housewife. She lost several organs when she failed to resurrect her unborn child.

Kamen Rider Gaia

Before Hongo Takeshi was remodelled by the Shocker organisation and escaped from theire grasp. Jun Kadowaki was supposed to be the original Hopper but he was stuck in stasis when 1 & 2 finally destroyed Gel Shocker. Now he awakens in the present day of 2004 and following the story he will try to regain his memories. also he will slowly transform from his primal Kaijin form into Kamen Rider Gaia.

Slicer Brothers

Slicer Brothers were a pair of famous serial killer who were thought to be executed, but their souls were bonded with a suit of armor and charged with guarding Laboratory 5.


Wrath is a homunculus that was created by the failed human transmutation of Izumi Curtis' child. Izumi seeing that what came back is not her child, she gave him to the gate only to regret it greatly. Wrath manage to free himself after along time.

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