Human Transmutation

Human Transmutation is a anime/manga concept
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Alchemy's most forbidden taboo. Sewing life together and with good reason. As the saying goes whats dead should stay dead.

Tragedy, misery, loosing ones innocence thats what awaits one and all who attempt human transmutation. In alchemy, there are two things that are forbidden: the transmutation of different metals to gold and an even more horrifying taboo: the transmutation of human life itself. According to the rule of equivalent exchange, one must offer something of equal value to get something in return. This law is true and many times alchemist fail to realize this and perform human transmutation. Life has no equal in value so therefore there isnt an equivalent exchange to begin with. Many times alchemist perceive human ingredients to be the value of a human life. And this is were the fatal error is created when mankind trespasses on gods domain. Still those that do perform Human Transmutation are confronted by The Gate, the source of all alchemy. Inside the gate the alchemist learns the secrets to alchemy among other things. The reason humans can't transmutate other humans properly is due to the complexity of the human anatomy. In alchemy, an alchemist transmutates the atoms of each element in the component, but in Human Transmutation theres another component which is to complex to transmutate: human cells. Also the human soul cannot be transmutated as there is no ingrediant in a soul to begin with. Most of the people who have attempted human transmutation has often ended up dead or scarred for life, mostly through having a random bodypart removed and dematerialized in the Gate.
The Gate
The Gate
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