Hughes is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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He is a Royal Army Captain of the third Magic War Division in Edolas.


Not much is known about Hughes's origin story.


Hughes, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no information regarding any inspiration used to create him. He first appears in Fairy Tail volume 21 and episode 80. His Japanese voice actor is Eiji Miyashita.


Hughes does not change much for his character.


Those eyebrows
Those eyebrows

For his appearances, he is an interesting character who has arrowed eyebrows pointing away (to the edge of his face) and has a white lock of hair on the left side of his face.


Hughes is a man who gets excited easily and he is very enthusiastic. For example, he shares how awesome the lacrima from Earthland mages with his team. Sometimes, Hughes can be childish when he makes faces behind Pantherlily's back.

Story Arcs

Edolas Arc

Hughes first appears when Knightwalker and Sugarboy walk in the castle, and he shares how excellent (repeats awesome) about the giant lacrima. Hughes thinks the lacrima is made of many mages about 100,000, but Sugarboy corrects him that it is actually 100 mages. Byro appears and criticizes Knightwalker for not capturing the Edolas Fairy Tail and her fairy hunter title. Sugarboy and Hughes defend Knightwalker and reassures Byro that they will eventually put down the rebels. Byro begins to make creepy laughter until Pantherlily appears to silence him and Hughes. Hughes and the two captains comment on how Pantherlily is upset over the recent military buildup which they cannot find the reason for the buildup.

In the captains' meeting with Faust, Coco, and Byro except Knightwalker, Hughes voices his concerns over the execution of Lucy Heartphilia because he thinks it is a waste of magic. Yet, Byro explains that they cannot extract magic from Earthland mages who have not become lacrima. The only exceptions are the Dragon Slayers because they are not dragon nor human.

With the meeting adjourned, Hughes and Sugarboy go over to see a large army of Exceeds chasing down two Exceeds. Faust orders his troops to execute code ETD to turn the Exceeds into giant lacrima. Later on, in an amusement park, Hughes and Sugarboy make their appearances known to Natsu, Gray, and Lucy.

Hughes enjoys Lucy and Natsu's hilarious faces
Hughes enjoys Lucy and Natsu's hilarious faces

Hughes fights Natsu and Lucy while Gray fights Sugarboy. Hughes sends a giant ship crashing at Natsu and the gang. Though Hughes's attacks fail when Gray uses his ice shield. Natsu attacks Hughes, but Hughes sends him on a wild ride on a roller coaster. When Gray sends Lucy flying to Natsu's side in the roller coaster, Hughes commands the roller coaster to crash into the water. He replays the scenes for Lucy and Natsu via a TV screen. When Natsu asks Hughes about killing his friends and the Exceeds for their amusement, Hughes states that they doing it for an eternal supply of magic.

Even though Natsu is angry, Lucy calls Natsu to step down while she summons Aquarius to attack Hughes. Somehow, Hughes has the control over the water and commands the water to crash on Natsu and Lucy. After Lucy and Natsu prepare for Hughes in the Monster Academy room, Hughes step in only to be seduce by Lucy. Yet, Hughes is not falling for Natsu's seduction plans and he commands the monsters to attack her.

Hughes explains to Natsu that the Monster Academy is his favorite place and that Natsu does not stand a chance. Hughes sends his mummy to bind Natsu, yet Natsu burns the bandages off. Natsu smacks Hughes, and Hughes orders his Frankenstein to smash Natsu, but Natsu overthrows the monster. When Hughes uses his entire monster army, Natsu frightens them as his fiery aura takes the shape of a dragon. Hughes gets frighten and calls Natsu, a real monster.

At the same time when Lucy throws Bryo down, Natsu unleashes a fiery punch to both Hughes and Byro.

Many events has passed and the magic of Edolas is heading to Earthland, Hughes, Sugarboy, and Byro comment on how this affects Edola's future.

Powers and Abilities

Hughes's Command
Hughes's Command

Hughes has an ability, Command, where he controls roller coasters, robot monsters, roller coasters, and other things in the amusement park. He is able to overpower Aquarius in controlling the water.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Unlike the manga, Hughes does not make faces behind Pantherlily's back after Pantherlily tells him to shut up. (See episode 80)
  • An anime exclusive scene of Hughes, Sugarboy, and Byro commenting on how the leaving magic of Edolas impact Edolas's future. (see episode 93)
Voiced by
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Eiji Miyashita
General Information Edit
Name: Hughes
Name: ヒューズ
Romanji: Hyūzu
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #21
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #80
1st anime movie:
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