How About a Squiddle Walk!? / Won’t You Exercise!? / Won’t You Lend a Helping Tentacle!?

How About a Squiddle Walk!? / Won’t You Exercise!? / Won’t You Lend a Helping Tentacle!? is an anime episode of Squid Girl 2 that was released on 10/10/2011

Plot Summary

How About a Squiddle Walk!?

Alex bites Ika out of jealousy
Alex bites Ika out of jealousy

Sanae's dog Alex is getting jealous that his master is giving all of her attention to Ika-chan, so he bites her when she comes to visit with Eiko. Eiko suggests that Ika-chan take Alex for a walk so they can become friends with each other. Ika reluctantly accepts, and takes him for a walk. Sanae says Alex knows the way and Ika just has to follow him. Ika is disappointed by Alex's lack of courage with other dogs. After watching Alex for a while, and talking to herself out loud about Alex, Ika-chan begins to wonder whether Alex understands what's she's saying. She drops this thought and just concludes that Alex is weird like that.

After a while of walking around, Alex seems lost. Ika-chan sees another person playing fetch with their dog. Ika-chan tries throwing her sandals and getting Alex to bring it back to her. Instead of bringing it back to her, Alex throws the sandal over a fence, Ika forces him to retrieve it. However, this puts Alex into conflict with another, bigger dog. Ika and Alex work together to get the sandal back from the other dog and return home to Sanae's house. Alex hopes to be praised by Sanae. However, Sanae only lavishes Ika with her affections, and Alex again decides to bite Ika's leg again.

Won’t You Exercise!?

Ika-chan sees Takeru and several other kids doing an exercise routine, led by a teacher, early in the morning at the beach. Ika takes this to be some sort of brain washing technique because the kids seem so much happier after doing the exercises. She tries to imitate the techniques at the Lemon but only ends up provoking everyone, or giving everyone the wrong idea (for example: Cyndi thinks Ika is communicating with aliens and Nagisa wonders whether Ika is trying to scare her with new techniques). Then she hits Chizuru in the face with a bown of ramen.

Ika-chan watches carefully
Ika-chan watches carefully

The next day, she decides to join the exercise group and work with them, but her tentacles end up knocking out all of the kids there. Even so, she finishes the routine and gets a stamped attendance card. Ika realizes now that even 5 minutes of exercise can make you feel very buoyant. Takeru tells her that she can get a prize if she fills the card, so the next day she presents her card fillled with the Aizawa family's stamp. The instructor asks her not to come back.

Won’t You Lend a Helping Tentacle!?

Goro explains how much Ika-chan would help
Goro explains how much Ika-chan would help

After witnessing Ika-chan helping a few boys retrieve their beach ball that drifted out in the water, Goro attempts to turn Ika-chan into a lifeguard like himself. At first Goro tries enticing Ika-chan with a free fried-shrimp bento lunch for every shift that she works. Goro says the bento is made by Chizuru, but it actually is not and Goro secretly wishes to eat Chizuru's bento. Ika-chan tentatively agrees. However, they soon realize that they have different opinions on what cases a lifeguard should intervene in. Though Ika misunderstands what exactly a lifeguard does, she does manage to save some children from danger.

Ika-chan is thanked by the kid's parents and Ika tells the kids they should not be swimming out so far without tentacles. Goro realizes that Ika-chan is always watching over everyone and protecting the sea, even though she is not a lifeguard.

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Masahiro Anbe Original Concept A Japanese manga author and illustrator best known for his work Shinryaku! Ika Musume.
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
Yasutaka Yamamoto Director Script 3A
Masakazu Ishikawa Character Artist/Designer Animator
Tsutomu Mizushima Writer Script 3B
Mariko Kunisawa Writer Script 3C
Tomoki Kikuya Music He is a music composer and arranger. He has worked on series such as Hidamari Sketch, Pani Poni Dash, Tona-Gura! ,and Potemayo.


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