House, Unmasked

House, Unmasked is an anime episode of Un-Go that was released on 11/04/2011

Thanks to Inga's power, everyone in the room finds out that not only is Kazamori Sasa still alive, but Kazamori is the last Real Artifical Intelligence in existence after the Japanese government banned them all due to their usage as cage fighters and sex slaves among others by perverted customers. Their creator Komamori tried to fight against the incoming ban, but was later killed in an explosion at his lab.

The police arrest the fridge that supposedly contains the RAI in order to question it about the still-unresolved murder at the Sasa mansion, but the RAI secretly transferred itself to the high-tech doll that the child Inga carried with him. Yuuki continues to ponder exactly who or what burst into flames if Kazamori is an RAI that can transfer itself wirelessly between different machines at will. Suddenly, public security forces start gunning for him as Inga uses some sort of power to defend Yuuki.

Back at the mansion, Yuuki rushes to confirm his suspicions when the doctor attacks him. More security forces show up and start shooting the doctor, when it turns out to be another robot, except this one is being remotely controlled. The pieces start falling into place as the prosecutor Koyama convinces the gunmen to back off.

Yuuki and the rest of the group head into the basement of the mansion and discover that Komamori has been keeping a secret lab this whole time. Not wanting his research to be used for the government's ends, he faked his own death and continued his work in secret, watching the family through hidden cameras in the house. The real, human version of the doctor was killed in the lab explosion and Komamori used a fake to pretend to look after his robo-son Kazamori. However, public security officials managed to discover his plot, so he killed their spy and set him on fire, then let the family believe Kazamori had died so Fumihiko would inherit the mansion and no one would be left to steal his research.

Koyama arrests Komamori for violating the ban on RAI research, but Komamori rips up the doll with Kazamori's data, saying he destroyed what he created. As everyone leaves, Inga and Yuuki stay behind as they found Kazamori transferred itself into the body of a female robot doll that sat next to Komamori.

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