Hotaru is a anime/manga character in the .hack franchise
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Hotaru is an American player who constantly uses the Japanese servers in the manga and anime of dothack//Legend of the Twilight.

Hotaru is an American teenager who plays on the Japanese servers in  theMMORPG called The World. She is a wavemaster class but is rarely seen using her spells as sherelies on in-game items to help her through maps and dungeon (usually to escape the combat and monsters).  
Hotaru is first introduced in the first manga as she had found a sick Grunty in the alleys of the Root Town and asks Shugo and Rena for her help to heal it. After being treated rudely by Komiyan III, she and Shugo go to an item shop where it is discovered that a Phoenix Down could cure her grunty and they go to find it. However, once in the appropriate map, Hotaru attempts to talk to the monsters on the field instead of fighting, thinking that they will listen to her pleas. Shugo saves her time and time again, finally encountering the monster that would drop the item as Hotaru again tries to talk it down. Shugo defeats it by Data Draining it and gives Hotaru the Phoenix Down to heal her grunty. She joins Shugo's group of friends as she cares for the Grunty. 
Her pacifist nature is seen time and time again as she rather try and talk things out as opposed to using any of her spells. She mostly goes around feeding her grunty and hanging out with Shugo and company as they try to solve the mystery of the Twilight Bracelet.  
After meeting Zefie, the daughter of Aura, she helps the group try and figure out the mystery behidn Aura, the Twilight Bracelet, and the dothackers. However, due to ther investigation into what is considered classified territory and a prior instance where Shugo turned Komiyan III into a fish, Shugo and his group is imprisoned. Kamui, the system administrator, explains that because of her and the other's involvement with Shugo, their characters would be deleted. Hotaru is disraught by the fact that the grunty she had been raising would be destory. The girls (Ouka, Mireille, and Hotaru) are moved to tears when Shugo says he'll take full blame and they agree to not talk to him anymore. 
 However, after some reflection, Hotaru and the others realize that the game is no longer fun and decide to strike back at the game's administrators and figure out how to solve the mystery when Blackrose's brother Kazu arrives and teams up with Ouka to handle the system administrators. Hotaru confronts Kamui as she is trying to delete Shugo and the others, giving a heart felt speech whenher grunty comically interupts, stating it is hungry. Zefie, being a vagrant AI, uses her powers to transform Hotaru's grunty into one that exists outside the system to which Hotaru is elated that her grunty can speak and carss for her as much as she does for him. 
The group escapes Kamui as they find their way to the Net Slums where Balmung arrives to explain that he can take Shugo to Aura ifhe beats him in a fight. Hotaru sits by for moral support as well as cutting back to a previous instant where Shugo remembered how Hotaru uses the in game Tarot Cards to run away from enemies.  using this and other knowledge he received from his friends, Shugo defeats Balumg and is allowed to go to Aura. However, Hotaru stays behind as the item that allows Shugo to see Aura relies on the old The World system rules that allowed only three party members per group. 
She is seen in the epilouge of the series with her devolved grunty as she continues to explore The World with Shugo and his friends.
General Information Edit
Name: Hotaru
Gender: Female
1st manga book: .hack//Legend of the Twilight #1
1st anime episode: .hack//Legend Of The Twilight #3
1st anime movie:
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