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Hot-blooded is a anime/manga concept
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Anya Cocolova

Negi's childhood friend and a witch on her own path to the title of Magister Magi. Sent to London as a fortune teller.

Asuka Kazama

Asuka is a teenaged martial artist who seeks peace and Justice in ways that are quite often foolish. In 2009, Ultra Jump began a manga based on the Tekken franchise with Asuka as the lead character.

Asuna Kagurazaka

Asuna Kagurazaka is a member of Negi's class and his surrogate guardian. A hot headed girl who has great strength and an ability to cancel magics. Most of her own past is unknown to her.


Atsui is a ninja from the Hidden Cloud Village and the brother of Samui.

Atsushi Ookawa

Battler Ushiromiya

Battler Ushiromiya is the protagonist of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, tasked to prove that magic is not killing people on Rokkenjima.


Black aspires to be a "Master Trainer" and beat the Elite Four and become the Champion. He is very clever, as he uses his Pokémon in various ways to help him with tasks.

Black Star

Black Star is one of the main characters of Soul Eater. He is student as Shibusen, and uses the demonic ninja weapon Tsubaki.

Choi Dal Dal

Choi Dal Dal is a cute and bubbly girl, an S-Class Wild's High School second year student and the president of the Taekwondo club in Wild's High. Dal-dal wears tiger ears.

Daigo Asahina

An overzealous firefighter who was nearly died in fire as a child before being rescued by a firefighter. He has grown up to be a gifted firefighter with superb instincts who is considered to be either incredibly lucky or incredibly stupid (or both by his comrades).

Endou Mamoru

Inazuma Eleven: Endou is the Goalkeeper and Captain of Raimon Soccer Club.

Frederica Tenjuin

One of the children at Elmore Wood training to master her psychic powers. She holds herself in the highest of opinion and can control fire with her mind.

Fritz Joseph Bittenfeld

Vice Admiral in the Galactic Empire and leader of the Schwarz Lanzenreiters (Black Lancers).

Futaba Kirishima

Futaba Kirishima is a classmate of Takuto Hasegawa. She has a crush on him and is often trying to invite him to go out.

Gai Daigoji

Born Jiro Yamada, Gai is Aestevalis pilot for Nadesico and a raid Gekiganger fanboy. He lasted for three episodes as he was shot and killed by Sadaake Munetake.


A character representing Nazi Germany during WW2. As befits his country, he is tough, efficient, and very serious. He is only character that was not given a surname to go with his human name.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Hibiki Houjou

One of the main characters in the anime Suite Pretty Cure♪. She transforms into Cure Melody.

Hosei Meitoku

Hosei Meitoku ia an archer and a carefree hot-headed.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the Manga Bleach. Having received Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo takes it upon himself to protect souls from the evil Hollow.

Ira Gamagoori

Ira Gamagōri is the Chair of the Discipline Committee.

Ittousai Itou

This incarnation of Ittousai Itou appears in the Sengoku Collection anime series.

Joe Higashi

Joe Higashi is the two time Muay Thai Champion. He is one of the main characters in the Fatal Fury series.

Joseph Joestar

Main Character of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's second arc, Battle Tendency. Becomes supporting character in third arc, Stardust Crusaders.


is a young man from Jeeha, a subterranean village, who dreams of leaving the underground and going to the surface, a place which he alone believes he saw as a child. Possessing a seemingly arrogant personality, Kamina is very passionate about his goals and will pursue them without a trace.


One of five characters in Senran Kagura anime series.


The main character of the S-CRY-ed Anime. He is a alter user of the Lost Ground and takes on jobs to earn money for himself and Kanami Yuta.

Kazuma Kuwabara

Once a thug in his own right. He could never beat Yusuke. Eventually, they became friends with Yusuke. Through training of his Spirit Energy he now wields a sword crafted from his own spirit energy.


Keel is the Dragon Ape in human form and travels with Ravi, Mippy and Blue in search of Siva to revert him back to his original form.

Kenpachi Zaraki

The battle hungry Captain of Division 11

Kiyomasa Senji

A Deadman nicknamed 'The Crow'. He has the ability to form blood into scythes and loves battling in the Carnival Corpse, making him very dangerous and one of the most famous Deadmen.


Korra is a young girl from the Southern Water Tribes and the incarnation of the Avatar, after Avatar Aang.

Kuukaku Shiba

Kuukaku Shiba is the elder sister of the proud Shiba clan known for their fireworks skills in the Soul Society.

Kyle Tenjuin

Kyle is part of Elmore Wood School, he loves to fight.


Roshi's house maid retrieved by Goku and Krillin in order to receive martial arts training from him.

Lina Inverse

A small, slender, easily-angered sorceress.


Lyos is a young swordsman, whom have gain the title of Knight of the Aqualord

Nagisa Misumi

One of the main characters in the anime Futari wa Pretty Cure. She transforms into Cure Black.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but this was kept a secret from him for years. Still, he dreams to become the greatest ninja, the Hokage.

Natsu Dragneel

Fairy Tail's main protagonist brandishing Fire Dragon Slayer magic, Natsu was raised by the ancient dragon Igneel. He's resilient to damage, breathes/eats fire, and has a serious temper problem.

Nina Antalk

Nina is a strong-willed and very passionate about Military Arts. She's the captain of the fresh 17th platoon. She recruits Layfon into her platoon after she accidentally saw his skill at Military Arts.

Ranmaru Rindou

Ranmaru Rindou is a young girl with a tomboy personality. She is the heir to her father's dojo in Binbogami Ga!

Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai is the lieutenant of the 6th Division in the Gotei 13 under captain Byakuya Kuchiki. Longtime friend of Rukia Kuchiki.

Rin Natsuki

One of the main characters in the anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5. She transforms into Cure Rouge.

Ryoga Hibiki

Ryoga is the rival of Ranma. He has horrible sense of direction and is constantly getting lost on his way to battles, even if they're in his own backyard. He is also cursed to turn into a pig whenever he is exposed to cold water.

Ryohei Sasagawa

Ryohei Sasagawa is a boxing obsessed member of the Vongola Family who tends to leap before looking.

Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko Matoi is a nomadic transfer student who is trying to find her father's killer. Her search leads her to join Honnouji Academy.

Sadlygrove Percedal

Sir Sadlygrove Percedal is an Iop and a member of the Knight of the Order of the Guardians of the Shushus.

Saki Hyuuga

One of the main characters in the anime Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. She transforms into Cure Bloom and Cure Bright.

Seiya Pegasus

Seiya is the main character of the Saint Seiya manga and anime series. He is the most loyal Saint of Athena who wears the bronze Pegasus Cloth.

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