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Hosokawa Hazuki is a anime/manga character
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One of the many female characters featured in the Maid Bride manga. She is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Takayuki, but hides a major secret that could ruin their relationship if he ever found it out. She tries her best to keep it hidden away from him.


Introduced in the twelfth chapter of the Maid Bride manga, Hosokawa Hazuki is one of the female characters involved in Maid Bride Volume One and is in a loving relationship with her longtime boyfriend Takayuki, who obsesses with fondling her massive breasts.

Early Years

Not much is known about the early years of Hosokawa's life, except for the fact that she has known her current boyfriend Takayuki for many years and that she strives to achieve her goals in life as best as she can. She is a loving, caring individual who can be strict at times, but inside she is a strong, proud woman. However, a big secret from her youth just might be the cause of their relationship falling apart if Takayuki ever found out the truth.

Story Arcs

Chapter Twelve (Turbulent Breasts!)

Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)
Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)

We are first introduced to Hosokawa Hazuki and her boyfriend Takayuki as they return home from a night together on the town, with her boyfriend attempting to put the moves on her in order to do something that he has been dying to do for quite some time: fondle her massive breasts. He fails in this attempt, however, when Hosokawa notices his advances and slaps his hand away from her breasts, saying "Takayuki, you pervert! Haven't I told you it's too soon for that?" as he quickly pulls his slapped hand away from her. She tells him that he can not touch her chest, and before he can summon the courage to speak, turns to open the gate and heads inside of her house, leaving the perplexed Takayuki standing there on the sidewalk, in shock over failing to fondle her breasts. "Why...why does she always stop me when I get to her chest?" Takayuki mutters, trying to ponder as to why she refuses him to come close to her breasts with his hands for the past two years they have been together. But unknown to Hosokawa, he has formed a rough plan to see her massive breasts for the first time without her knowing, and it involves camping out secretly in her bedroom closet that night. While Hosokawa is in the bathroom, Takayuki sneaks into her house and quietly makes his way into her bedroom, taking up residence in her closet as he awaits her exit from the bathroom and for the moment she undresses. After several minutes, she emerges from the bathroom and enters the bedroom, totally unaware that her boyfriend has snuck into her house while she was in the restroom and now lies in wait in her closet, staring intently at her from the small opening in the door as she begins to undress. Excited that this will be the first time that he will see her topless in their two-year long relationship, Takayuki stares eagerly at her as she removes her shirt to reveal her bra, which is barely large enough to contain her massive breasts. She begins to undo her bra, sending him into a wild tizzy as he prepares to feast upon the sight of the very things that she has forbidden him to touch since they began dating two years ago. He is blown away, however, when she removes her bra and reveals that she actually has small breasts, relying on molded models that she has stuffed into her bra to give her the appearance of large breasts. Stunned at this development, Takayuki tries to ponder as to why she has been deceiving him about her bust line for the past two years as she pulls two glass items out from under her bed. She sits down on her bed, and holds the glass cylinder to her chest, using the pump in a attempt to make her breasts larger by using the two glass pumps to pump her chest.

Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)
Maid Bride Chapter 12 (Turbulent Breasts!)

Blown away by this development, Takayuki is at a total loss for words, worried that she is under the assumption that he only likes massive breasts and that she would worry that he would leave her for another woman if he ever found out the truth. While he sits in the closet, trying to get his bearings back from these recent developments, Hosokawa continues to pump her breasts, worried that if they do not get bigger soon, he will soon leave her for another busty woman that actually has massive breasts for him to toy with. She has a glum, sad look upon her face as she continues to pump her chest, looking down to see how much the pump is taking effect upon her small breasts. Brought to tears by the fact that she is using foolish methods in a attempt to make her breasts larger and due to the fact that he can not endure to see her looking so depressed, Takayuki decides that it is about time that he puts a end to her misery and show her how much he loves her, even with small breasts. With a mighty bang, the closet door flies open and Takayuki leaps out into her bedroom, sending the terrified Hosokawa into a state of panic since her worst nightmare is now coming true, for he has seen her real breast size and the embarrassing methods she relies on in her attempt to make them larger. He tells her that her chest size does not matter to him, for it is the sweet and innocent side of her that he truly loves, not her breasts. Pointing at her breast pump, he tells the stunned Hosokawa "Besides...that kind of thing doesn't work....I know that!", before stripping off all of his clothes and rushing forward to show her just how much he loves her. Before she knows what is happening, he is on top of her, his eyes transfixed upon her breasts as he removes the one pump from her right breasts and begins toying with her nipples, which are hyper-sensitive and send waves of ecstasy through Hosokawa's body the more he toys with them. Afraid that his agressive attack upon her breasts will hurt her, she tries to tell him "If you do that...my chest....will break", but stops when he speeds up in his efforts of toying with her sensitive breasts.

For a unknown period of time, they engage each other in wild, passionate sex on her bed, Takayuki doing his best to show her how much he truly loves her as he gives her the performance of his life, one that she will never forget. He engages her in vaginal sex until they both achieve their orgasms, and when they have finished, Hosokawa realizes that she has made the perfect choice in being Takayuki's boyfriend, and her fears that he will leave her for another, more endowed woman are put to rest. Several days later, they are shown sitting on her bed, with Takayuki asking her as to why she has gone back to stuffing her bra with the molds to give herself that massive bust once again. Hosokawa replies to him that she is worried about what her friends and other people might say to her if she was seen publicly without her fake bust-line that people have become accustom to. Turning to face him, she asks him as to how he knew that the two breast pumps would not work for her, looking intently at him as he continues to play his game on his PSP. Turning off his game, Takayuki stands up and pulls out his glass penis pump that he had purchased several years ago in a failed attempt to make his privates larger, holding it out so Hosokawa can see it. Unfazed, he lowers both his pants and boxers and hooks the pump onto his penis before rapidly pumping the pump to show her as to why pumps never work. Somewhat amused, she replies "I see...It doesn't work, huh?", watching as the pump fails to do anything to his genitals no matter how much he pumps it. He simply responds "No" to her, and thus the chapter ends.

Chapter Thirteen (Turbulent Breasts! Afterstory)

In this four page continuation and conclusion of the "Turbulent Breasts!" storyline, both Hosokawa and Takayuki are shown sitting down in front of her bedroom TV, playing games on her Nintendo Wii as they spend their day together. When he tries to make his moves upon her, a frustrated Hosokawa tells him that she does not feel like it, since she is busy playing her game at the moment. Frustrated that she seems to be more interested in playing her game than him, Takayuki grabs the Wii with one hand and rips the power cord free from the outlet with the other as a disappointed Hosokawa looks on in disbelief. Upset that he dared to treat her game system in such a crude manner, she engages him in a brief scuffle that leaves the confused Takayuki with a lump on his forehead and a fat lip from disturbing her gaming session. Realizing that he will not stop pestering her until he gets to toy with her breasts, she undoes her top and removes her bra, allowing him access to her breasts as he looks on with greedy eyes. Losing control of himself, he makes his move and for the rest of the chapter, they engage each other in another round of passionate sex, with Takayuki going all out to ensure that she will not be disappointed for allowing him to be her boyfriend.

Other Media

Maid Bride Chapter 13 (Turbulent Breasts! Afterstory)
Maid Bride Chapter 13 (Turbulent Breasts! Afterstory)

As of now, Hosokawa Hazuki has yet to appear in any media or content outside of the Maid Bride manga.

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Name: Hosokawa Hazuki
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Hosokawa
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